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Pinball Collection of bay78
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Member: bay78
From: Winnipeg, Canada (find on the map)
Specialty': Dot-Matrix Solid-State
Member since: 06/13/2010
23 pinball machines
last updated: 10/18/2022
pinball nameDBmanufacturerconditionis it for sale?notespictures
AZTEC Williams (USA)In storage, waiting for restorationNeverLooking for Sling Shot plastics. If you have please let me know.  
BLACK KNIGHT SWORD OF RAGE PRO Stern (USA)Set up, plays!Never  
FLIGHT 2000 Stern (USA)In storage, waiting for restorationNeverVery bad playfield condition Flight 2000! I found a much better original I'm going to touch up and clear. I've got a new weebly cpu board for it and should setup and play now.
FUNHOUSE Williams (USA)Set up, plays!NeverMy favorite machine by a mile. Completely Shopped out. Has Cointaker Led's frosted 44/47 cool white for GI and most inserts have color matching cointaker LED's. Plays excellent!
GAME OF THRONES PRO Stern (USA)Set up, plays!Never  
HOOK Data East (USA)Set up, plays!NeverI bought this game 7 years ago and sold it shortly after that. I've missed it ever since and finally got one back. And not just anyone my old exact one! Good condition game. Just some super light wear around a couple inserts and running the new 5.00 code as well. Looks and plays great.
IRON MAN Stern (USA)Set up, plays!NeverNever put on route. My newest Stern pin in my collection, bought 06/18/12. Super nice shape. Changed that terrible black rubber and put beautiful White rubber. Added pinbits plastic protectors and it is completely LED'ed out! Going to add ColorDMD for it asap. Excited to check that out!
LIGHTNING Stern (USA)Set up, needs some workYes!
contact me
Nice looking Stern Lightning. Has been completely taken apart but it doesn't look like it will need much.
MEDIEVAL MADNESS Williams (USA)Set up, plays!NeverCancelled my pre-order of MMR because of the opportunity to buy this original Medieval Madness. It has a new Mirco playfield (2nd version with the right colors) fully shopped with white rubbers and mantis protectors. Also has the ColorDMD. New decals and looks and plays great.
MONSTER BASH Williams (USA)Set up, plays!NeverJust finished the MASSIVE restoration on this one (03/22/2014). Did the complete job, decals, playfield, power coat, etc. It has a color DMD in it as well. Looks and plays wonderful.
POWER PLAY Bally (USA)Set up, plays!Maybe  
ROBO-WAR Gottlieb (USA)In storage, waiting for restorationNever  
SAFE CRACKER Bally (USA)Set up, plays!Yes!
contact me
I've been looking for one of these for a long time. Very nice condition. I have the wings and topper and spare rope light not installed. PIN2DMD LED installed and looks beautiful. Completely LED'd out and looks and plas great.
SPACE SHUTTLE Williams (USA)Set up, plays!NeverFinally got an older Williams game back. Great game that plays well can just use some TLC. Have all the broken plastics and a better condition playfield to swap later.
SPLIT SECOND Stern (USA)Set up, plays!Yes!
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Very cool game! I can't wait to shop it out and finish getting it to 100%! Has speech and 3 ball multiball. What more can you ask from a game in 1981? Only thing this game is missing is a constant background music.
STAR TREK VENGEANCE PREMIUM Stern (USA)Set up, plays!Never  
STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION Williams (USA)Set up, plays!NeverWOW! Finally found one. COMPLETELY shopped with new ramps, rubbers, LED's etc. Finished my first ever playfield swap. It turned out well. I did have a friend who has done it before help get me started on how to mark everything and swap over the wiring harness (my nightmare about the swap). Looks AWESOME now. Now I don't just have a STTNG , I have a REALLY nice one!
THE ADDAMS FAMILY Williams (USA)Set up, plays!NeverPlayers Addams Family that I will be restoring. I have a fully restored original playfield and most of the other new pieces I need to do the restore. I'm excited to see this game come alive with the new look later this year!
THE GETAWAY: HIGH SPEED II Williams (USA)Set up, plays!NeverVery nice playfield on this game. But on the left side of the cabinet someone decided to rip off the cabinet decal. Havenít seen that before.  
THE HOBBIT SMAUG GOLD SE Jersey Jack (USA)Set up, plays!Never  
TWILIGHT ZONE Bally (USA)Set up, plays!NeverComplete Restore complete! New Cabinet Decals all the way around. New Mirco Highclass pinballs playfield installed. Flipper Fidelity complete speaker set. And completely shopped and looks WONDERFUL. A REALLY nice Twilight Zone now!
VIKING Bally (USA)Set up, needs some workNever  
WHIRLWIND Williams (USA)Set up, plays!Never  
Pinball machines that bay78 used to own in the past
(the following games are no longer part of bay78's collection)
pinball nameDBmanufactureris it for sale?notespictures
AIRBORNE Capcom (USA)Sold Great game! Different than any other game I've had. Great modes and EXCELLENT SOUND! Looking for a good used coin door and a cabinet head lock. If you have any Capcom parts let me know
ATTACK FROM MARS Bally (USA)Sold Fully shopped out. Looks and plays MUCH better then before. Night and day actually. Really fast and full of power. Excellent game. Now that I own one I see what all the fuzz is about! I will REALLY miss this one but had to let it go to pave the way for MMR to land here.
AZTEC Williams (USA)Sold The 2nd machine I had and sold. I wasn't going to sell it but a guy at worked bugged me and we made a deal! Fun machine.  
BACK TO THE FUTURE Data East (USA)Sold My 2nd pinball! Oldest one in my current collection. FANTASTIC game. Love the music. Great multiball and Jackpots!
BACK TO THE FUTURE Data East (USA)Sold The second Pinball machine I owned. And now the exact same one I sold is Back! I've always missed this game since selling it and welcome it back in my collection as the only Data East game I own.
BANZAI RUN Williams (USA)Sold WOW! Can't believe I found one. And in Canada no doubt! I'm going to miss this one but ultimately I'm getting what I've REALLY been looking for.
BAZAAR Bally (USA)Sold   
BLACK KNIGHT 2000 Williams (USA)Sold HUO BK2K. Really nice shape with a cabinet like I have never seen from a game this old.
BLACKOUT Williams (USA)Sold Pretty decent Blackout. I've modified the flippers to be WPC style with WPC parts. Just needs a few minor adjustments and a shop. Problem with one pop number blowing a fuse. Will have to look into that one.
CHECKPOINT Data East (USA)Sold Great game! Has a couple of weird issues with the sound board. It plays no speech at all and is missing a few sounds but 95% + of the sounds are there. Decent playfield and all LEDíd backbox and playfield inserts.  
COMET Williams (USA)Sold Good condition Comet. Although the cabinet has had some interested things changed on it. I will work on fixing those cabinet issues as they should all be fixable. Other than that little wear no big wear spots. Does have a good chunk of mylar on the playfield.  
CRESCENDO Gottlieb (USA)Sold Nice shape Crescendo. First Gottlieb game to have drop targets! Needs some work, it doesn't play. Let's find out how much work and fix it!
CYCLONE Williams (USA)Sold Very good game. In above average shape. Rebuilt display, shopped and plays nice. Do have the mantis protectors just need to install them and also the ball gate wire for the middle ramp.  
DEMOLITION MAN Williams (USA)Sold Good condition Demo Man. Needs a few cosmetic things to be really nice. Has a few broken plastics and some switch adjustments. If you have any plastics you can spare let me know.
EARTHSHAKER Williams (USA)Sold Another Pat Lawlor game added to the collection. And my first Shaker motor game! Shopped out and LED's throughout game. Looks and plays great.
FIRE! Williams (USA)Sold **IRQ FAILURE** need help now! Just shopped! Plays 100% and ready to go. Very nice machine.
FISH TALES Williams (USA)Sold Great game. I have been looking for one for a while now. Glad to finally bring one home. Fully shopped and has tons of Led's and looks and plays great!
FORCE II Gottlieb (USA)Sold 
GALAXY Stern (USA)Sold bought as a project. Game boots and plays. Just will need to put it back together.
GHOSTBUSTERS PREMIUM Stern (USA)Sold My first official NIB! Now that the basement is done it's time to sit back and enjoy Ghostbusters. Has Cliffy shooter lane protectors before 1st game was played installed. Also ball drain Cliffy and I have the Scoleri Brothers Cliffy's not installed yet. Also has Stern official topper and side art and shooter rod. Also running newest code 1.13LE
GOLD WINGS Gottlieb (USA)Sold Great game. Love the siren and the music and sounds. Underrated game for sure. Weird how the gold areas of the playfield seem to be more asseptable to wear  
HAUNTED HOUSE Gottlieb (USA)Sold Really nice Haunted House. Has a good portion of the playfield covered in mylar. There are a couple of really small wear spots nothing crazy. Wasn't working when I got it but now it works 100%! Did the pop bumper driver board mod for the upkicker and will add speech at some point and maybe just maybe multiball as well.
HIGH SPEED Williams (USA)Sold Just Shopped! Replaced plastics with brand new CPR re-runs. Added some LED's and will add more to come. Changed 4th player display and plays FANTASTIC now! Great game
HOOK Data East (USA)Sold Just Shopped. Looks and plays Fantastic. EXCELLENT GAME
HURRICANE Williams (USA)Sold Really nice hurricane!  
JOKER POKER Gottlieb (USA)Sold Needs a lot of work! Looking to sell this one now.
JUDGE DREDD Bally (USA)Sold New Deadworld mod and fresh shop! Top row of pics are before and bottom are after.
JUNK YARD Williams (USA)Sold Fully shopped and 100% working. Plays really nice. First Midnight Madness game
LETHAL WEAPON 3 Data East (USA)Sold Just shopped out and added LED's throughout. Looks and plays AWESOME. One of the nicest LW3's around I think. Usually these games are pretty beat.
MAVERICK Data East (USA)Sold Nice Maverick! The game is a lot of fun with some great music and 4 ball multiball. Needs some LED's and that's about it.
NIGHT RIDER Bally (USA)Sold WOW! What a machine, looks really nice. I have been wanting a nice older Bally game and I found one!
NO FEAR: DANGEROUS SPORTS Williams (USA)Sold Really nice condition No Fear.
NO GOOD GOFERS Williams (USA)Sold Just picked up. In pretty good shape. Mostly LED'ed out now.
OPERATION: THUNDER Gottlieb (USA)Sold Excellent condition. Plays 100% just need to completely LED and shop out the game!
PHOENIX Williams (USA)Sold Really nice condition Phoenix. Needs some work to get back to 100%. Shouldn't take long. Open to trades or offers. Let me know what you have.
PIN*BOT Williams (USA)Sold Sold to a really nice guy!
PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN Stern (USA)Sold Most likely sold already but it is in VERY nice condition.
RESCUE 911 Gottlieb (USA)Sold   
REVENGE FROM MARS Bally (USA)Sold Well this was my second container game and I couldn't be happier with how it turned out. It is now completely shopped out with white rubber, LED's and new pop bumper wafers, ramp flap, and looks and plays fantastic!
REVENGE FROM MARS Bally (USA)Sold This is a Playfield only. I can swap playfields and play the game on my Star Wars Episode 1 cabinet. I now have Nucore to swap between games easily.
RIPLEY'S BELIEVE IT OR NOT Stern (USA)Sold Fully Shopped and looks HUO now! Very happy with how it turned out.
ROAD KINGS Williams (USA)Sold Really nice RK I picked up from a great friend of mine! He did a great job bringing this game not only back to life but playing great and looking great!  
ROBOCOP Data East (USA)Sold   
SECRET SERVICE Data East (USA)Sold Has an issue with the ball grabber on the right of the playfield.  
SHAQ ATTAQ Gottlieb (USA)Sold This game looks GREAT now! Still has a few broken plastics but hardly noticable. Much better game then people think.
SOLAR FIRE Williams (USA)Sold Pretty decent shape Solar Fire. Has the awesome NW7 board from pinball dreams in it!  
SORCERER Williams (USA)Sold 3rd Pinball. By far the nicest shape of the 3. And my first Williams machine!
STAR WARS EPISODE I Williams (USA)Sold My 2nd newest Pinball 1999. Its completely LEDed out now! Looks AWESOME. A keeper forsure
STAR WARS TRILOGY Sega (USA)Sold Nice condition game. No wear on playfield. Has traditional wear around flipper buttons on cabinet. Looks and plays well! Bought at Vancouver Flip Out 2017
STARGATE Gottlieb (USA)Sold Completely Shopped out! Looks and plays AWESOME!
SUPER MARIO BROS. Gottlieb (USA)Sold My first travel pin! Works and plays very well now. I only have a few minor light issues to fix now!
TAXI Williams (USA)Sold   
TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES Data East (USA)Sold Plays 100%. Just needs a shop
TERMINATOR 2: JUDGMENT DAY Williams (USA)Sold Nice condition T2.
THE ADDAMS FAMILY Bally (USA)Sold Completely Shopped out! Looks very good. I have the mansion decal installed, looks AWESOME now! Has nice cointaker and some Pinball Life LED's and I really like the look of the pop bumper 5 LED's. Looks great Check it out.
THE GETAWAY: HIGH SPEED II Williams (USA)Sold Completely shopped with Cliffy protector and Pinbits new ramp flaps!
THE LORD OF THE RINGS Stern (USA)Sold LE version of LOTR. Nice shape. Currently have ColorDMD in it. Just needs to be shopped. Very important for this game to be level. Will have a bunch of minor issues if it's not level.
THE MACHINE: BRIDE OF PIN*BOT Williams (USA)Sold Project Bride. NO BOARDS at all except display board. Also missing some other parts. Lets see what I can make this look like
TIME MACHINE Data East (USA)Sold Very fun game. I played one at Expo 2012 and managed to pick one up that is in decent shape at a good price. Now it is completely shopped and looks pretty good and plays well too!
TIME ZONE Bally (USA)Sold Was my first Pinball machine. I do miss it sometimes. Fun EM machine.
TRON: LEGACY Stern (USA)Sold Just picked up on the maaca forums. Its in SUPER nice shape. Pretty much right out of the box.
WHIRLWIND Williams (USA)Sold This was a game I'm VERY disappointed to sell! It was a beaut! Just had to have something else though and this had to go to fund it.
WHITE WATER Williams (USA)Sold Completely shopped out White Water! Looks and plays awesome. Some dings on the cabinet but it is not faded. Almost completely LED'ed out. Super fun game.
X-MEN WOLVERINE LE Stern (USA)Sold My first NIB! X-Men Wolverine #232. As mint as you would expect from new. Have Cliffy scoop protector on the way and will change ugly black rubber to white asap!
DISCLAIMER: This page shows the pinball machine Collection of PinballOwners member bay78 from Winnipeg, Canada. The coin operated pinball machines listed above, including their images, were uploaded into our database by bay78 himself; bay78 is the sole responsible for the information contained in this page. The pinball machines shown above are not necessarily for sale! Please refer to the 4th column in the list to know whether a certain pinball is for sale or not. Most likely bay78's pinball machines are second-hand (used) pinballs that were once installed in bars and other public places; their value as a collectible largely depends on appearance and functionality of every single machine.
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