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Member: eddie
From: Monroe,NY USA (find on the map)
Specialty: no specialty
Member since: 08/11/2008
9 pinball machines
last updated: 01/29/2020
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DIAMOND LADY Gottlieb (USA)Set up, plays!Yes!
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Leds replaced all bulbs. Chrome trim added to some plastics and ramps. Pincab protectors(Cabinet and Legs) Rubber leg boots and sliders. The system 80B Ground mods have been done and a new remote battery installed. New Rottendog Powerdriver board. New Rubbers , New Playfield Glass and plastics.
FUNHOUSE Williams (USA)Set up, plays!NeverCompletely restored from Ground up with New parts, ramps etc Pinball Pro Speakers, Pincab Protectors ( Cabinet, Leg, Plungers), Coleman leg levelers, Custom Topper, Clearcoated Playfield, New Rubbers and shooter Rods and assemblies.New Cabinet and Back Box art. Remote battery Holder, New Lockdown Bar and Playfield Glass, Rubber Feet, Cliffy Protectors and post Sleeves new flipper assemblies, Leds replaced bulbs. reinforced VUK assembly, new Rudy Face, eyes, eyelids, jaw, head coils and sleeves pinbits eye protectors. Pinbits plastics protectors. Pinball Pro glass anti-rattle tape.Clear coated playfield, Wrong Crowd Productions Glare Guard. Best funhouse in the USA!
JOKERZ! Williams (USA)Set up, plays!Yes!
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LEDs Installed, New Improved Interconnect board, Remote Battery Holder, Pinball Pro Subwoofer and speaker upgrade, Coleman Zip Levelers, Leds replace bulbs, Rubber feet, All new GLM replacement Opto Boards and relay boards, All new rubbers , New Flipper assemblies and coils, Pincab Protectors, Chrome Ramp and backglass Trim, d, New Playfield Glass, with anti rattle tape, Coleman zip levelers, new legs and Cliffy Post Sleeves, Wrong Crowd Productions Glare Guard. Too many things to list were added as new replacements might be best Jokerz in the USA
ORBITOR 1  Stern (USA)Set up, plays!MaybeMachine has All New Plastics, Pincab Protectors, Coleman Leg levelers, All Boards are New ALLTEK boards. Holographic material installed on targets and spinner. All new Plastics mounting Hardware and Rubbers. new legs New Playfield Glass , coleman zip levelers.Wrong Crowd Productions Glare Guard.
PUNCHY THE CLOWN Alvin G. (USA)Set up, plays!Yes!
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Very Rare machine Only 100 made. It can be played as a regular Pinball game or as a 1 ball redemption game. PinCab Protectors( Leg, Cabinet) Coleman Leg Levelers, Rubber feet Boots and sliders Replaced all bulbs with LEDs, New Ticket Dispenser, New Coin Door , New Playfield Glass and Lock Down Bar, New Rubbers, New CPU/sound board, Chrome Piping.Wrong Crowd Productions Glare Guard. Best Punchy in the USA
REVENGE FROM MARS Bally (USA)Set up, plays!MaybeBill Ung UFO Mod, Cliffy Hole Protector, New Ball Trough with Great Lakes Modular Optics Board Upgrades and Pinball Wizard Trough Sleeve.Leds in Martian Eyes, Pin Cab Leg Protectors, Leg feet boots, Pro Sound Back box speakers and Sub Woofer, Mars Attacks Movie Action Figure (Ambassador), Custom topper in Progress. Treasure Cove drop Target Decals. Coleman Leg Levelers All new NOS Solenoids.Rubbers, FlipperAssemblies, Lamps, Martian Figures and Brackets.Flashers, Playfield Glass, Anti Rattle tape, Lockdown Bar, Side Rails, Saucers, Coin Door and Coin Mechs, Skip jump Ramp, Start and Fire Buttons, Flipper Buttons and Assemblies.Balls.Spares Spares and more Spares all NOS never used and a Wire Harness sleeve.All New Fuses and Mother Board Fan, New Power Supply, I wanted this machine to be as brand new as possible. Videos of game in action and Martian Eye Leds Can be seen on youtube search ( Finstersrc30 ) Leds have replaced all bulbs.Wrong Crowd Productions Glare Guard.
THE MACHINE BRIDE OF PINBOT  Williams (USA)Set up, plays!Yes!
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Enhancements Pincab Protectors(Leg, Cabinet, Plunger) Coleman legs levelers, Pinball Pro Speaker set, Flipper springs changed to Fliptronics style using Fliptronics pawls. LEDs replace all bulbs. New Playfield Glass with anti Rattle tape, rubbers, New Shooter Rod and assemblies, New Coin door, New pop bumper Assemblies, New Ramps and Bride Helmet, Cliffy ramp protectors and post sleeves.Remote battery Holder. Wrong Crowd Productions Glare Guard.
THE WIZARD OF OZ EMERALD CITY LE Jersey Jack (USA)Set up, plays!Never
WHITE WATER Williams (USA)Set up, plays!MaybeMany Enhancements, Cliffy Protectors, Pinball Pro speakers, Leds replace all bulbs and Led strip in the Mountains, Mantis steel upkicker weldment, Pincab Protectors ( Cabinet, Leg, Plunger), Coleman leg levelers, GLM Flipper Optos. Remote Battery Holder, New Rubbers, Playfield glass, Anti Rattle Tape , Whirlpool and Bigfoot Ramp. New coil Sleeves new post sleeves and Flasher domes.New Plastics. New Target Stickers new flipper assemblies and Coils. All new Rubbers New Shooter Rod and assemblies. Bigfoot Spotlight Mod, Kayak MOD, New Coindoor. Custom Price and instruction cards. New topper Plexi cover. Anti rattle tape on Playfield Glass. Rubber feet boots and sliders.Wrong Crowd Productions Glare Guard.
DISCLAIMER: This page shows the pinball machine Collection of PinballOwners member eddie from Monroe, NY, USA. The coin operated pinball machines listed above, including their images, were uploaded into our database by eddie himself; eddie is the sole responsible for the information contained in this page. The pinball machines shown above are not necessarily for sale! Please refer to the 4th column in the list to know whether a certain pinball is for sale or not. Most likely eddie's pinball machines are second-hand (used) pinballs that were once installed in bars and other public places; their value as a collectible largely depends on appearance and functionality of every single machine.
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 From jp78 on 07-09-2015 18:11:
Amazing collection you have
Amazing collector you are
 From paul bachtel on 05-09-2014 16:41:
 From miamiheatseeker on 12-26-2013 22:11:
Great collection-Williams machines are my favorite-love Funhouse, Arabian Nights and Bride of Pinbot
 From patblote on 11-28-2013 05:07:
Nice collection Brooklyn dude, excellent photos and documentation. Really good to see a collector that values quality over quantity…thanks for sharing.
 From adie161265 on 08-16-2013 00:48:
Your attention to detail is amazing, stunning machines
 From stablehj on 01-19-2013 07:43:
seriously sick collection.
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