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Pinball Collection of mark9
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Member: mark9
From: Lincoln, United Kingdom (find on the map)
Specialty: Dot-Matrix Solid-State
Member since: 08/18/2013
Website: mark9
18 pinball machines
last updated: 10/21/2020
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pinball nameDBmanufacturerconditionis it for sale?notespictures
AC/DC PREMIUM Stern (USA)Set up, plays!NeverLuci Vault edition  
ATTACK FROM MARS Bally (USA)Set up, plays!NeverRemake LE, awesome topper and ufo led show.  
BATMAN Stern (USA)Set up, plays!NeverIt's all about the multipliers, master that super skill shot for triple joker jackpots and you're laughing.  
BRAM STOKER'S DRACULA Williams (USA)Set up, plays!NeverOne of the very best Williams/Bally games IMHO, stacking triple multiball to collect 30 million shots is a rush. Lightning flippers makes this game hard as nails, not for the casual player!  
FISH TALES Williams (USA)Set up, plays!NeverMy first game, purchased in '93. One of the family now, can't see me ever selling. And a great game too, very challenging, achieving super jackpots is uber-satisfying!  
MEDIEVAL MADNESS Williams (USA)Set up, plays!NeverLE Remake Edition with black trim. Colour display is amazing.  
PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN Stern (USA)Set up, plays!Yes!
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PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN Stern (USA)Set up, plays!Yes!
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STAR TREK VENGEANCE PREMIUM Stern (USA)Set up, plays!NeverAwesome game, one of Stern's best.  
STAR WARS LE  Stern (USA)Set up, plays!Never  
THE LORD OF THE RINGS Stern (USA)Set up, plays!NeverLovely condition HUO, late run UK model without skill posts. A Stern classic, sound, animations and rules are all superb.  
THE SIMPSONS PINBALL PARTY Stern (USA)Set up, plays!NeverCabinet has been redecalled with improved artwork. Cab now looks more colourful and vibrant than it was when new. Another Stern classic, so much depth to the rules, some modes I will never see!  
THE WALKING DEAD LE Stern (USA)Set up, plays!NeverIntense game, really sucks you in. The rules are awesome on the latest code, making this one of Stern's best. Shame there are no call-outs from the show, the redneck voice gets annoying fast. But that was easily rectified with custom code, Cleland's version is highly recommended.  
TRON: LEGACY Stern (USA)Set up, plays!NeverModded pro. Fast and highly addictive game with awesome sound and lights. Top 5 stern.  
TWILIGHT ZONE Bally (USA)Set up, plays!NeverI love this game, it has everything. The best Bally Williams game ever IMO.  
WHITE WATER Williams (USA)Set up, plays!NeverA Williams classic, rules were ahead of it's time, a true player's game, not very many nice ones left out there (this one's not too bad, with original topper).  
Pinball machines that mark9 used to own in the past
(the following games are no longer part of mark9's collection)
pinball nameDBmanufactureris it for sale?notespictures
AC/DC PREMIUM Stern (USA)Sold   
AVATAR Stern (USA)Sold Nice example.
BIG BUCK HUNTER PRO Stern (USA)Sold Very nice condition, full LED's, shaker motor, colour changing speaker LED mod.
DIRTY HARRY Williams (USA)Sold Underrated pin. One of the better 90's titles, deserves more recognition. Nice example. Was at last 2 NLP shows. Very nice condition. Has insert leds fitted.  
GHOSTBUSTERS  Stern (USA)Sold HUO Premium in excellent condition.  
GUNS N' ROSES Data East (USA)Sold   
INDIANAPOLIS 500 Bally (USA)Sold   
IRON MAN Stern (USA)Sold HUO Vault Edition. Great game, very challenging. Looks awesome with a Color DMD in.  
JOHNNY MNEMONIC Williams (USA)Sold Never played a game so fast where you can continuously combo ramps and orbits without risk of airball. Love the sound and the overall quirkiness of the game. The key is to go for spinner millions then collect bonus and hold bonus for big points! The glove is neat but too slow unfortunately.  
JUDGE DREDD Midway (USA)Sold   
METALLICA Stern (USA)Sold Very good condition pro, full leds (flashers, GI and inserts) and interactive led kit. 4750.  
NO GOOD GOFERS Williams (USA)Sold   
SPIDER-MAN Stern (USA)Sold   
STAR WARS  Data East (USA)Sold 2300. See pinball info listing for more info and pics. Collection only please (or use Martin the Deliveryman)  
THE HOBBIT SMAUG EDITION  Jersey Jack (USA)Sold Huo 550 plays. 5800. Collection only please (or use Martin the Deliveryman)  
THE SHADOW Williams (USA)Sold   
THE WIZARD OF OZ EMERALD CITY LE Jersey Jack (USA)Sold 75th Anniversary Ruby Red Edition  
TNA  Spooky Pinball (USA)Sold   
DISCLAIMER: This page shows the pinball machine Collection of PinballOwners member mark9 from Lincoln, United Kingdom. The coin operated pinball machines listed above, including their images, were uploaded into our database by mark9 himself; mark9 is the sole responsible for the information contained in this page. The pinball machines shown above are not necessarily for sale! Please refer to the 4th column in the list to know whether a certain pinball is for sale or not. Most likely mark9's pinball machines are second-hand (used) pinballs that were once installed in bars and other public places; their value as a collectible largely depends on appearance and functionality of every single machine.
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