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collector fromcountrynotes
1980s pinball   Sherwood parkCanadaBought a rough Buckaroo. Just started a full restore. If anyone has a decent playfield let me know.
collector fromcountrynotes
4starstout  AuroraCanadaAfter a 9 week restoration the game is finally done.At this point I am just waiting on a new back glass for it.This was the most extensive restoration I have ever done up to this point.Every piece and I mean every single piece was dismantled cleaned and reassembled.At times it was quite daunting
collector fromcountrynotes
5152abe Good thunder, MNUSASold, 4/4/13
collector fromcountrynotes
acerben33   Port aransas, TXUSAI've had this machine since the early 1970s and it still works great.
atpcfiaim  Browns point, WAUSARepainted cabinet to original. Very nice.
ats136  Finleyville, PAUSA
azpinhead  Tempe, AZUSA
collector fromcountrynotes
bad2dabon   Winchester, INUSA
bajajoe  East lake, FLUSAMint Condition totally shopped
ballystern  ValenceFranceextrait de pinballs le temps des flippers (2008) éditions cuvier .
bandekarts Upper black eddy, PAUSABefore The Who ever knew who the pinball wizard was I played this game when I was a teenager and just had to buy one. I just went over entire machine. Everything is in working order. Rebuilt flippers with new solenoids. All weak solenoids have been replaced. All rubber on play field has been replaced. The bulbs in this machine have been replaced with new LED bulbs. This machine plays great and the play field is in great condition. This machine is also for sale for the right price.
belaud guy BordeauxFrance
bribo13   Ortonville, MIUSAPicked up this beauty on 6/28/2013 Playfield is in great shape. no wear, Shiny and clean, Back glass is solid, some minor flaking in Horses head but very slight, BG animation looks great works as it should. cabinet is in very good shape, some fade, but solid and i9n nice condition, Game plays Perfect, love the large bell. A great find, as my streak of good finds continues. it will take a lot to get this baby out of the collection. Love Pinball.
burge2 London ontarioCanada Playfield is in very nice condition & backglass as well plays as it should
collector fromcountrynotes
campgames  Clifton, new jersey, NJUSAWhen I play my Buckaroo in my collection i get flashbacks to the time when i played this game in the candy store just 50ft my house on Summer Ave in Newark NJ back in the mid to late 1960's and 70's. In 1999 i traded a fully working Gottlieb High Hand and Free Fall plus cash for my Buckaroo.I stripped the playfield and rebuilt all flippers,pop bumpers, kickers, roto-target and must have near 80+ hours into my total restoration on this great player .The backglass,cabinet and playfield are in very good condition, but i am looking to up grade to a better Buckaroo in the future to match all of my other like factory new condition games in my collection.The games best feature is trying to make all seven numbers buy shooting at the roto spin targets and even the best EM players in the world find this difficult to accomplish,which makes this game challenging and frustrating most of the time. This game is not an easy game to beat for replays. The ball spends most of its game time at the lower section of the playfield and the main objective is to try to hit as many roto spin numbered targets as you can. This is one game that puts up a good fight against a player even when a player is trying very hard to compete against it. Here is a wedgehead that is extremely popular and is a must for any collectors who seeks Gotttlieb wedgeheads. Tough game to beat and not so player friendly. I remember playing this game on location back in the 1960’s and took a lot of quarters from me without giving back many replays. Good money maker for vendors because as a player the game would almost always get you close to beating it for replays which in turn made you want to play another game. An attractive backglass animation along with beautiful vibrant coloring throughout entire game. Another wedgehead that is a simple game to understand the rules. Making A B C D top arch rollovers lights center rollover for SPECIAL. Having the 5 point spin dead bumper at the center of the top arch makes it a little tricky to get the ball to go through the center rollover SPECIAL when lit, so a player must have good shaking skills which is a requirement with any EM game. The pop bumper arrangement isn't the greatest and doesn’t keep the ball in play in pop bumper area to long, especially having the left and right 10 point dead pop bumpers in the corners which seem to die the ball out a little . I still get a thrill though when I have the top arch center rollover lit for SPECIAL and get that center pop bumper to knock the ball up and down through the center top rollover SPECIAL (pop,pop). The games best feature is trying to make all seven numbers buy shooting at the roto spin targets and even the best EM players find this difficult to accomplish which makes this game challenging. I have this game in my collection and when i do play it, i know it will be for more than just one game unless i beat it bad on my first try. The ball spends most of its game time at the lower section of the playfield and the main objective is to try to hit as many roto spin numbered targets as you can. A player can win a replay for the (1,2,3,4) (2,3,4,5) (3,4,5,6) (4,5,6,7) or that almighty quadruple win for the sweet sounding pop,pop,pop,pop, when a player has the 1,2,3( )5,6,7 and makes the number 4 to complete the 1 thru 7 sequence. Every time i am finished playing this game the palms of my hands are red and sore from shaking the game so much trying to beat it by score or SPECIAL. This is one game that puts up a good fight against a player even when a player is trying very hard to compete against it. Mid 1960's Gottlieb classic animated wedgehead for sure! Totally restored all original.Basement gameroom location since 1999.
cantbfrank   Bedminster, NJUSA
cedric  AllexFrance
charle   GeraardsbergenBelgium
corral  AgnieresFrance
culik   ItuBrazil
cwinters0209   Rome, GAUSAplaying lots of fun !!!!
collector fromcountrynotes
darrt268  Trivoli, ILUSANice original condition
dgarrett0  Geneva, ILUSA$3400. Fully restored and looks factory new, museum collector quality. $3700
dirtflipper  Shakopee, MNUSAser# 04811 Rebuild started 6/26/13. Rebuild complete 8/10/13. Sold 8/30/13.
dirtflipper  Shakopee, MNUSAser# 6000
dirtflipper  Shakopee, MNUSAser# 04806 (just five away from my other I one had). Needs a new backglass and is going to take a lot of resto work, but it has good potential.
djs   NorwichUnited KingdomExcellent playfield and backglass.
dorian_adams   White bear lake, MNUSA
doug   Maidstone, kentUnited KingdomNew Webb backglass. Not for sale!
collector fromcountrynotes
faju78   ArnouvilleFranceEntièrement restauré mécanique et esthétique chromes neufs
fishbeadtwo   Federal way, WAUSA
flipout2000   BirminghamUnited Kingdom
frenchy  WinnipegCanada
frg   KirchheimGermany
collector fromcountrynotes
gannon   Faribault, MNUSA
gazellejockey   HaverhillUnited KingdomNow working great after sympathetic restoration, great original machine/cabinet
gloorch    thalwil / zurigoSwitzerland
golencup Reggio emiliaItalyGioca alla perfezione. eventuale scambio
goomba   TorontoCanada
gottguy  Hillsborough, NJUSAWhen I bought this game it was in sad shape. The entire cabinet was painted gloss black, the playfield was beyond filthy, rotted rubbers, cracked backglass, and barely started up. The cowboy wouldn't even spin when kicked. After trying everything I wound up getting most of the black off with a razor blade and strong duct tape (6 hours of my life I will never get back!) The playfield turned out to be AMAZING underneath the protective crud, practically no wear at all! Plays awesome, but a tough game to master.
gottliebnut  Fredericksburg, VAUSAOne of the finest examples in the Country. Professionally Restored, many up-grades, new play field switches, coils, spring kits, rebuilt roto-unit, plays better than new! Great Game!
grigou78   BrevalFrance
gs2019   Youngsville, NCUSA
collector fromcountrynotes
hilander   HenleySouth Africa
hotlivewire  Quincy, ILUSAVery nice find. Backglass animation, roto target what more could you ask for.
collector fromcountrynotes
incomer   HuddersfieldUnited Kingdom
collector fromcountrynotes
jaciam   Taos, NMUSA
jantequera   Madrid- spainSpainMy fourth pinball and my second EM. It´s fully restored, amazing machine!!
jimjob   Long island, NYUSAfor sale
joseallen  São mamede de infestaPortugal
jpsanders   Austin, TXUSAIncredible original condition. Low play count on the meter explains the perfect play field. Cabinet is excellent, backglass has some crazing but bearable. I bought a new one from Shay anyway though.
jufath  Arnouville les mantesFranceEntièrement restauré : mécanique et chromes refaits
juke99  San donà di piave (ve)ItalyQuesto flipper, penso che sia unico al mondo, e penso inoltre di non esagerare. Dopo anni di esperienza sono riuscito a eseguire un Super restauro come neanche negli U.S.A fanno. Visitate il forum di vecchi flipper al capitolo i vostri restauri / Super restauro Buckaroo. Il flipper è stato rifatto in ogni sua parte non c'è vite che non sia stata lucidata. Lo venderei solo al giusto prezzo, solo per intenditori e veri collezionisti.
collector fromcountrynotes
lenub  Oxford, PAUSA
lenub  Oxford, PAUSA
lostinthezone   Washington, DCUSA
collector fromcountrynotes
mainpin   Philadelphia, PAUSA
masked avenger  Georgetown, CAUSA
mediamaster  FerraraItaly
mhcovell   San antonio, TXUSACollectable original condition
mjhale22  Cambridge springs, PAUSAPurchased on 5/21/20 from the same collector in Clarion, PA that sold me our first machine, North Star and also Domino. Game is in beautiful shape. It came with Corral Roto Wheel; was able to drill and move the wipers into the correct position for Buckaroo. #1 on my wish list and proudest game in the collection.
mordario  MilanoItalyFlipper elettromeccanico totalmente revisionato. Meccanica, parti elettriche, cassa e piano di gioco in ottime condizioni. Vetro della testata del Rancho. Utilizzato per il campionato italiano di flipper classico 2014
musikman  Akron, OHUSA
collector fromcountrynotes
nelsonlrl Issaquah, WAUSAIn great working order, but a couple bumpers are dried out and also needs new key lock for coin box. Asking $2150, OBO.
collector fromcountrynotes
oldguypiddler   Humble, TXUSA
oldpinguy  Westfield, INUSA1965 EM, 1 p
olie77   MeauxFranceSOLD
olive00   EssonneFrance
onitama  TokyoJapan
ostanbro  VästeråsSweden1965
collector fromcountrynotes
packardbob1  PadburyUnited KingdomOriginal condition, always been in the UK
patpinball   LimogesFrance
pbal   BudapestHungaryBudapest Pinball Museum
peronr  QuimperFranceRecherche Information pièces et réglages. Notice pour réglages du Buckaroo
phillips88  Sewell, NJUSA
phillips88  Sewell, NJUSAHad 3 Buckaroo machines over the years. This one is my keeper. Outstanding original condition
phillips88  Sewell, NJUSASold to a very nice gentleman for his 60th birthday! Was the machine he played as a kid. These are the kind of moments that make this hobby so great!
picchio62 PortoferraioItalyrestauro conservativo
piersimone  RomaItaly
pin-boy  WinchesterUnited KingdomSERIAL NUMBER:05647 Last owner 30 years! A detailed service has just been completed (May 18) by Pinball Creative, Croydon. Every part of the machine has been checked over, cleaned and worn parts replaced where required. The playfield looks 100% and has not had the usual wear you would expect from a 50 plus year old machine...Pinball Creative go that extra mile to make sure everything is as it should be...not happy with the back glass (plastic) a new glass was imported from the states which where not available for the uk market. The cabinet and back box have original paint and the patina you would expect....Nice work P.C
pinballparlour   Ramsgate, kentUnited Kingdom
pinballprowess   Anaheim, CAUSA
pinballslave   LondonCzech Republic
pinfella   South plainfield, NJUSA
pinhead52  Southlake, TXUSABeautifull restoration by Bordens of PA
pinhead52 Southlake, TXUSANicely restored game
pm22  BarrieCanada
porsche993   CleethorpesUnited Kingdom
powdernoid   York, PAUSAPerfect playing and FUN game!!
collector fromcountrynotes
rarellan   VinhedoBrazil
rarellan  VinhedoBrazil
rloring  Cherry hill, NJUSAMint condition Buckaroo with 9,000 actual plays
rojo   LondonCanadaIN the Movies "Tommy" (played by Elton John), "Quadrophenia" and "American Graffiti"
rugbyprop   Bethlehem, PAUSA
collector fromcountrynotes
same player   NantesFrance
satanas   AllassacFrance
senpai   RomaItalyBeeello e funzionante, non pensavo che un giorno ne avrei avuto uno anch'io!!
sirgord   TiemstraCanada
special-when-lit  DerbyUnited KingdomI need a lower apron for this game, if anybody has one. Mine's been painted brown! Cab has also had an 'interesting' repaint with polka dots and cacti! Backglass and playfield are exellent tho, kind of plays, but roto target doesn't work. Now fully restored.
specialwhenlit  Green lane, PAUSARepainted cabinet with correct lacquer paint and webbing, and correctly stenciled. Playfield touched up and clearcoated. Reproduction baclglass. All new metal. Game is completely zero timed out. Nick Raschilla Restoration
stevie694   BlackpoolUnited KingdomWe have both machines in Cowpoke and Buckaroo we reckon the pair together in this condition is unique to pinball paradise?
stubbens  HallstahammarSwedenTotal restoration. NOS backglass installed. This game is imported from France.
surfchamp Clarion, PAUSAPicked this one up on 2-24-18. It had been sitting in the back of an antique store in Oil City,Pa. for the last 5 years gathering dust. I knew about it for about 4 years but knew it wasn't going anywhere with the price tag of $2000 dollars. About a year ago we saw the price had dropped to $1000 and it was getting shuffled farther back and more stuff piled around it. I walked in made them an offer and boy were they happy to get rid of it! Needs shopped and a coil in the 10's unit also the roto target needs work.....Update 2-25-18.....Played about 30 games on it this evening and it is working almost perfect. Need some adjustments on the roto yet but boy is she sweet. Now I see why Buckaroo is such a desirable game! The counter had 29,152 on it and it does work. The plating on the hardware inside the machine is in amazing condition and most of it looks factory fresh. Even the paper labels are still in good condition and still very white. The machine was located in Arizona until about 5 years ago and the dry desert air must have helped preserve it. Sold 5-21-20.
collector fromcountrynotes
tantor   PoitiersFrance
tbags  Pawtucket, RIUSA
texasnative   Fort worth, TXUSAStarted restoration 11-04-2011. It's been in storage for over 30yrs but In good shape. Will keep updating status.
themurf47  Mason, OHUSA
tomvila  Whittier, CAUSAJust picked her up from a nice family who had it HUO for the last 25 yrs. PF nice BG great shape. Cabinet will need repainting back to original as it has been stripped and stained a dark brown.
collector fromcountrynotes
webmaster ComoItalyNew rubbers, completely original and fully working.
woodrail   MollymookAustraliaThis is my all time favourite. Works well and is lots of fun to play.
collector fromcountrynotes
zcar  Savannah, GAUSAWorks good, Needs restored.
zilla  Anderson, SCUSAGreat unrestored machine. Only a few minor issues with some rollovers that don't score, but I'll be fixing all those issues very soon. Playfield, backglass, and cabinet are all 9.5 out of 10. It even has several wads of chewing gum that people had stuck to the underside of the cab, just like I would do when I played this machine in the arcades of the 60's and 70's!
znet  Voorhees, new jersey, NJUSASOLD.

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