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collector fromcountrynotes
70corvette   Westminster, MDUSAAn awesome drop target pinball machine.
70ronald   Palm beach gardens, fl, FLUSARestored as "New York Yankees". One of a kind. $20000
collector fromcountrynotes
ac70  TorontoCanadaLove the western theme and art work. 4 flippers and 4 times the fun!
andrealucchesi   MilanoItaly
collector fromcountrynotes
ballystic  FontainebleauFrance
bicyclenut  Fresno, CAUSANew backglass, new plastics, new legs, new coin door. Totally shopped out.
black panther FeucherollesFrancefaire proposition............ (vendu, sold)
bonelesschicken  OviedoSpain
borper   AlkmaarNetherlands
burge2  London ontarioCanadaNice original condition play-field good shape cabinet shows well
collector fromcountrynotes
cacara  MessinaItaly
campgames  Clifton, new jersey, NJUSAFound my very nice "All Original Condition" El Dorado in a basement here in N.J. The game had a vending sticker on the card tray that said R & Y Amusements(located in Newark NJ). My father and i bought my first game ever back in 1968 called Sweet Hearts from R & Y which made the El Dorado find all the more sweeter 30 years later.Not much to dislike about this beautiful looking and playing Gottlieb wedgehead. Nice artwork throughout for a 1970's western theme pin and fantastic playfield layout.The game is hard to beat by score and even the top EM players have trouble getting over a 150,000 points consitantly or ever breaking 200,000 points,but lighting SPECIAL is easier to make for sure.I really enjoy the competition of trying to beat this game by score and this is what makes me want to play it over and over again. The four flipper arrangement is awesome and gives a player a whack at the ball from a different angle especially the top playfield flippers which are just close enough to the top arch drop targets to get a quick skill flipper shot every once in a while if the ball is played correctly by the player. A player must be observant constantly looking around the playfield to find the correct flipper shot etc...because of the yellow and white moving 5000 point when lit drop targets and rollovers and much more too.Basement gameroom location 2014. Record Book High Score:(1-02)144,710
corral  AgnieresFrance
cruiser1   NewcastleAustralia
cycoticta Fontana, CAUSAFor sale. All glass is good, original documents still in case. Works great. Just put new rubber on it.
collector fromcountrynotes
daddybear   West midlandsUnited Kingdompersonal collection
dafroeh Crestwood, KYUSAWill not ship. Local pickup only
daniald   Milbank, SDUSAJust added this one to my collection
darrt268  Trivoli, ILUSABase is engineering sample no. 1 - serial 01001 S. Unfortunately, even though the head matches the rest of the game perfectly, it has a different serial no. stamped on top of it.
darrt268 Trivoli, ILUSAThe game plays through a game (5 balls) but doesn't go to game over. It needs restored/shopped. Nice backglass with some minor flaking in the reds that I touched-up after using Tripple-thick. Nice playfield with some graining/minor planking mostly on the left side that needs touched-up. Plastics are good with no cracks. Drop target is missing and will need replaced but I have a spare to match that goes with the game.
dgonz5   San antonio, TXUSA
dirtflipper  Shakopee, MNUSAser# 06886
dirtflipper  Shakopee, MNUSAser# 05951 Sold 7/2013
dirtflipper  Shakopee, MNUSAser# 06341. Very nice playfield.
dirtflipper  Shakopee, MNUSAser# 01094 S (sample game). Neat example of this title, with lots of original paperwork (including sample schematic). Just fixing it up for a friend of mine though. Rebuild completed 11/04/14.
djhp1   Lombard, ILUSA
dmdiego   Salento (sa)Italycontattatemi se interessati
drano  TorontoCanadaI scored this game in late 2012 from a collector in MN. It is in great overall condition and plays beautifully. Inside it is probably one of the cleanest EMs I have ever seen. About 40,000 plays on it. Backglass has a bit of flaking but the game is otherwise in top shape.
collector fromcountrynotes
eb   NewcastleAustraliaFirst in the resto que.
el dorado   Hollister, CAUSA
enzo  TarnFrance
enzo  TarnFrance
eromilly   Independence, OHUSA
collector fromcountrynotes
faju78   ArnouvilleFranceEntièrement restauré mécanique et esthétique chromes neufs
fanuminski1   Circle pines, MNUSA
flashman   WinnipegCanadaI always enjoyed playing this game in my teens. A classic Gottlieb wedgehead with lots of drop targets and 4 flippers as well. It’s got a great western theme and the art on this game is real nice. Happy to find in great shape and with virtually no wear to the playfield. Glad to have one in my collection.
flipper-one   MercenascoItalySoooooooooo kind
flipperpro   ParisFrancea vendre
flippinout   York, PAUSA
framejias   SantiagoChile
frg  KirchheimGermany
fumbleflippers   Memphis, TNUSA
collector fromcountrynotes
genudoc   Nyc, NYUSApicked up on this site- Needs some repairs
gnance   Spokane valley, WAUSA
goodolddays  SydneyAustraliaNew BResto backglass installed . Need to redo cab because some idiot painted over the original artwork in the wrong colours .. DOH! Full mechanical overhaul completed . Playfield stripped and cleaned. New plastic set ,all new posts and rubbers installed. All inserts removed and relevelled
gosepin   Champaign, ILUSA
collector fromcountrynotes
hammerhead   MelbourneCanadaSold for $2000 CAD 11/06/2019
hidravi  VillenaSpain
hotlivewire  Quincy, ILUSAEstate auction buy. 15 hours of work into it and it play 100%.
collector fromcountrynotes
integ194 Taylors beachAustraliaPurchased US 30 May 14. Machine now fully restored & plays superbly.
iure   Rio de janeiroBrazil
collector fromcountrynotes
jeffh1658   Westfield, ILUSABest machine ever. Finally got one.
jeramyl   San diego, CAUSAshopped and playing. Continuing to clean up a bit at a time. Great game
jufath  Arnouville les mantesFranceEntièrement restauré : mécanique et chromes refaits
collector fromcountrynotes
kangourou  LyonFranceSample version
kingpinman  San leandro, CAUSA
kiwipin   AucklandNew Zealand
kse-23   Mountain view, CAUSAPurchased for $500.00 at Pin-a-go-go show on May 20, 2017. One owner! PP repairing June 2017.
collector fromcountrynotes
lee   Pittsburgh, PAUSANice El Dorado. Backglass, playfield, and cabinet are all in nice condition.
lenub  Oxford, PAUSA
lenub  Oxford, PAUSAneeds to be cleaned and shopped.
lolo  ChellesFrance
collector fromcountrynotes
magniez christop   DuclairFrance
manitouguy   VancouverCanada
marksalas   Cleveland, OHUSA
mikeo   Overland park, KSUSA
mnpin66   Faribault, MNUSA
mnpinball  Cokato, MNUSANew backglass and plastics
mojonitro   Sanford, NCUSAShopped out and LEDs added.
mratlantis   Boston, MAUSA
mumu47 AgenFrance
collector fromcountrynotes
ndcollector  Bismarck, NDUSA
nedi   KangasalaFinland
collector fromcountrynotes
o1zak2  Lakewood, OHUSA
odirob   MoissellesFrance
oldcarz  Holland, PAUSAFull professional restoration. Excellent
onemoretime   Inuyama aichiJapan
ottogd  BramptonCanada
collector fromcountrynotes
paparufus   TorontoCanadaBeautiful original condition. Plays as new. Previously owned and refurbished mechanically by AC70.
paragon07   Longmont, COUSA
petaco   GijónSpain
phillips88  Sewell, NJUSAThis was the dirtiest machine I ever saw. Cleaned up nicely though.
phillips88   Sewell, NJUSA
phillips88  Sewell, NJUSAJune 6 2018. Just finished the playfield swap....WOW!
pinballcreative   LondonUnited Kingdom
pinballdan   San rafael, CAUSA
pinballfundi   JohannesburgSouth Africawell restored
pinballpa   Twin cities, MNUSA
pinballplanet   Media, pa, PAUSAMy first game, purchased in 1991
pinballrestore   Norton, MAUSA
pinballtom   Salem, ORUSA
pinbit23 TorontoCanadaPurchased from Rogers Arkansas. One of the most coveted titles. Fast and a lot of fun to play. Game sold June 2013
pinfella   South plainfield, NJUSA
pinfix18  Farmville, VAUSAPerfect backglass and playfield cabinet needs partial repaint. Plays great my favorite game i own
pingpingping  San jose, CAUSA
pinhead52  Southlake, TXUSA
pinsforfun   Bethlehem, PAUSA
collector fromcountrynotes
ramarapins   RamaraCanada
ricker  TorontoCanadaFirst mint original backglass with virtually no playfield wear.
rloring  Cherry hill, NJUSARecently installed a Wade Krause perfect reproduction playfield.
ruspin2   Roseland, NJUSA
rvalkenburg  Cinnaminson, NJUSA
collector fromcountrynotes
seven   MissionCanada
snapperjoe   Perth australiaAustralia
sremag   Spokane, WAUSABought in 1981. This game is just about perfect, except for some pen writing on the back head for a high score from Stephanie dated in 1979 when it was on route back in the day. Other than that, perfect.
stashyboy  High falls, NYUSAwill post pics as it progresses. Never even got to play this game much before being sold! All the bells and whistles on this one.
stubbens  HallstahammarSwedenRepro backglass installed. New droptargets and plastics.
superphiljr   Wilmington, NCUSAacquired from online auction 11-6-19. backglass excellent, playfield very good, cabinet good, 5 bank drop targets not resetting at startup. happy with purchase of very nice pin.
sylvain42   St chamondFrance
szabo   York regionCanadaBest Wedge head. New repro backglass silkscreen . new plastics/targets. Just received a Wade Clause NEW playfield.
collector fromcountrynotes
tandem2   Gibsonia, PAUSAGreat asymetrical layout, tough when set up on 3-ball games. Fantastic art and gameplay. Fond memories of playing this when it first came out in the local arcade.
tantor   PoitiersFrance
tbags  Pawtucket, RIUSA
tengle93  Jackson, NJUSAWould be willing to trade for Gottlieb woodrail or Atlantis.
timmyvee   Elmhurst, ILUSA
collector fromcountrynotes
vista   FontainebleauFrance
collector fromcountrynotes
wennieboy   Mount albert, ontarioCanada
collector fromcountrynotes
xtraball  TorontoCanadaBought it Feb 18, 2015. All plastics (drop targets, flippers, etc...!) & rubbers have been replaced. Thoroughly cleaned, replaced the metal back and the 4 metal legs. Everything works well, no issues.

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