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Williams MILLIONAIRE pinball machine
from terminator's Collection
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This pinball has been sold on December, 2011 and is no longer part of terminator's Collection.

This is a coin operated Williams MILLIONAIRE pinball machine from the private Pinball Collection of's member terminator. The MILLIONAIRE pinball machine shown above is not necessarily for sale! For further information on the above pictured MILLIONAIRE pinball machine feel free to contact the Collector, terminator, thru our website dedicated to the hobby of collecting coin operated pinball machines, On our website you can also search for used pinball machines available in your area and for other owners of a MILLIONAIRE pinball machine like the one above.

terminator's notes about this game:
"Fair condition. Repaired speaker display, some broken plastics and some minor wear on playfield. But shopped recently with new rubbers (not on the pictures. Pictures taken before shopped)"

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