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Pinball Collection of ricker
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Member: ricker
From: Toronto, Canada (find on the map)
Specialty': First generation Solid-State
Member since: 07/11/2009
19 pinball machines
last updated: 02/27/2022
pinball nameDBmanufacturerconditionis it for sale?notespictures
ABRA CA DABRA Gottlieb (USA)Set up, needs some workNeverBeautiful playfield, nice backglass. Very fun game to play!  
ALIEN POKER Williams (USA)Set up, plays!NeverExcellent playfield, fantastic backglass, very good cab, crisp displays.
BARRACORA Williams (USA)Set up, plays!NeverVery nice backglass, good play field, love the artwork and very good cab. Works 100%, fully LED and is fun to play.
BIG HIT Gottlieb (USA)Set up, needs some workNeverFinally got a wedge back in the collection. A bit of cleaning and polish will make this baby shine!  
BLACK KNIGHT Williams (USA)Set up, plays!NeverLove the ramps and targets, very fast game, nice shape.
BLACKOUT Williams (USA)In storage, workingNever
CARD WHIZ Gottlieb (USA)Set up, needs some workMaybe  
CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND Gottlieb (USA)Set up, plays!NeverMy very first pin ! Works 100% and the ball moves fast.  
COSMIC GUNFIGHT Williams (USA)Set up, plays!Never  
COUNTERFORCE Gottlieb (USA)Set up, plays!NeverVery nice pin with a very nice play field! Great Gottlieb game, works 100% and I just love the targets!  
FAST DRAW Gottlieb (USA)Set up, needs some workNever  
FLASH Williams (USA)Set up, plays!NeverVery nice condition, great playfield. Mint backglass. Nicest Flash I have seen and fast!
FLIGHT 2000 Stern (USA)Set up, needs some workNever  
GORGAR Williams (USA)Set up, plays!NeverOne of the nicest Gorgars I have ever seen! Great fun game to play.  
SORCERER Williams (USA)Set up, plays!NeverVery good backglass, extremely nice clearcoated playfield. Will last a long time in this condition. Solid cab with only a few dings. Fun game!  
SPECTRUM Bally (USA)Set up, plays!NeverBackglass and cabinet are excellent! Playfield is very good and need to replace a few plastics. Great thinking shot maker pin. Love the colours and the LEDs make the machine so vibrant.
SURE SHOT Gottlieb (USA)In storage, workingNever  
TARGET ALPHA Gottlieb (USA)Set up, plays!NeverGreat 4 player game in very nice shape. Very clean, works perfectly and a great drop target game! Lots of fun to play
VOLLEY Gottlieb (USA)Set up, needs some workNeverPlayfield is simply fantastic, very impressed when I picked up this game! Backglass is in excellent condition and cab is good.
Pinball machines that ricker used to own in the past
(the following games are no longer part of ricker's collection)
pinball nameDBmanufactureris it for sale?notespictures
ABRA CA DABRA Gottlieb (USA)Sold   
BIG GUNS Williams (USA)Sold   
CIRCUS Gottlieb (USA)Sold Extremely nice backglass 9.5/10, very good playfield 8/10, nice cab 7.5/10
CLEOPATRA Gottlieb (USA)Sold BG is almost perfect, cab is average and pf is a player's field needing some touchups.  
DEFENDER Williams (USA)Sold This is a great RARE pin!  
DROP-A-CARD Gottlieb (USA)Sold   
EL DORADO Gottlieb (USA)Sold First mint original backglass with virtually no playfield wear.
EMBRYON Bally (USA)Sold 
FAST DRAW Gottlieb (USA)Sold Very good backglass, very nice playfield, great cabinet
FLASH Williams (USA)Sold This was my 2nd Flash  
FLIGHT 2000 Stern (USA)Sold Great looking game just want to replace a few plastics and good to go!
HIGH HAND Gottlieb (USA)Sold   
JOKER POKER Gottlieb (USA)Sold Excellent clearcoated playfield ! Best PF I have ever seen.
METEOR Stern (USA)Sold Good and fast! Great target action building up the bonus, a ton of fun to play.
PINBALL POOL Gottlieb (USA)Sold Average backglass, very nice playfield and average cab.  
PINBALL POOL Gottlieb (USA)Sold Excellent backglass & extremely good playfield. Cabinet is nice. Great condition System 1 pin.
PIONEER Gottlieb (USA)Sold Great condition, nicest Pioneer playfield I have seen in years 8.5/10. BG is a 7/10, Cab 7.5/10.
ROYAL FLUSH Gottlieb (USA)Sold An amazing playfield, with a very good backglass and nice cab. This is a fun EM to play!
STAR GAZER Stern (USA)Sold   
TIME FANTASY Williams (USA)Sold Excellent backglass with a very nice playfield, cabinet is solid!
TIME FANTASY Williams (USA)Sold Beautiful backglass! Cabinet in good shape, need to do some touch up PF ok, I am on lookout for almost new pf.
VOLLEY Gottlieb (USA)Sold This wedgehead is in incredible shape, backglass is 9/10, playfield is superb and cab is very good. Nice looking wedge!  
VOLLEY Gottlieb (USA)Sold Mint backglass, excellent playfield and cabinet, one of the nicest wedgeheads I have ever owned.
XENON Bally (USA)Sold Beautiful backglass, playfield has minor wear in 1 area, cabinet in great shape, last pic is all cleaned up LED lights - overall looks very good!
DISCLAIMER: This page shows the pinball machine Collection of PinballOwners member ricker from Toronto, Canada. The coin operated pinball machines listed above, including their images, were uploaded into our database by ricker himself; ricker is the sole responsible for the information contained in this page. The pinball machines shown above are not necessarily for sale! Please refer to the 4th column in the list to know whether a certain pinball is for sale or not. Most likely ricker's pinball machines are second-hand (used) pinballs that were once installed in bars and other public places; their value as a collectible largely depends on appearance and functionality of every single machine.
Comments left by other members of our website
 From surfchamp on 01-23-2017 17:50:
Both past and present a very nice lineup of games!
 From gorgar on 06-14-2016 13:59:
I like your collection. And very interesting what kind of amazing pins you already owned in the past. You should have never sold them....
Greetings from germany: Gorgar
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