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Pinball Collection of rockola
31 pinball machines
last updated: 10/25/2022
Member: rockola
From: Gent, Belgium (find on the map)
Specialty': Electromechanicals from all ages
Member since: 07/21/2007
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rockola owns these 31 pinballs:

pinball nameDBmanufacturerconditionis it for sale?notespictures
BALLYHOO  Bally (USA)Set up, plays!Never1932 Table top.
BUMPER Bally (USA)Parts machineNeverLooking for missing parts.  
COW POKE Gottlieb (USA)In storage, workingNeverNeeds some cosmetic work, but plays fine.  
DAISY MAY Gottlieb (USA)Set up, plays!NeverN.O.S. Playfield installed. Great game and artwork, one of my all time favourites
FAN-TAS-TIC Williams (USA)Set up, plays!Never1972. A long time in the family. Second and better backglass found  
FOUR CORNERS Williams (USA)In storage, waiting for restorationMaybeDid pick up a second one  
FOUR CORNERS Williams (USA)In storage, waiting for restorationNeverGreat artwork and great original condition. Mix of pinball and bingo
FOUR MILLION B.C. Bally (USA)Set up, plays!NeverEnglish text (also have a spare 'German' backglass)  
FOUR ROSES Genco (USA)In storage, waiting for restorationNeverNice original condition. Great history: it came together with American soldiers to The Netherlands during WWII. The soldiers left the machine in a Dutch farmhouse where it stood untouched for decades, until it was discovered by the previous owner.  
FRESHIE Williams (USA)In storage, waiting for restorationNever1949. Nice original condition  
HI-DIVER Gottlieb (USA)In storage, waiting for restorationNever1959. Export cabinet and plexy backglass.  
HI-LO Genco (USA)Set up, plays!Never1938. Very rare and beautiful machine. Picked-up in London area, comes originally from Southend-on-Sea (Pier) in England  
JUNGLE Williams (USA)In storage, waiting for restorationNeverA rough diamond that needs TLC. An international story: bought from a nice Belgian guy living in Portugal... at a fair in Holland ... where he had an Italian help at his stand... the machine comes from Quito in Ecuador! ... Have repro plastics and other parts from Australia ... as well as repro backglass from the US!  
KINGS & QUEENS Gottlieb (USA)Set up, plays!NeverExport Model. Very nice original condition  
LADY ROBIN HOOD Gottlieb (USA)Set up, needs some workNeverSecond game after Humpty Dumpty with flippers (1/1948). Great artwork. Repro backglass installed, otherwise great original condition
MAJORETTES Gottlieb (USA)In storage, workingNeverMaybe my all time favourite wedge-head.
MOROCCO  Exhibit (USA)In storage, workingNever1948  
PARADISE Gottlieb (USA)Set up, plays!NeverGreat game and artwork. Export model with plexy backglass
PLAYBOY Bally (USA)Set up, plays!Never  
QUEEN OF HEARTS Gottlieb (USA)Set up, needs some workNeverIn the meantime new backglass and plastics installed.
ROYAL FLUSH Gottlieb (USA)In storage, waiting for restorationMaybe  
SEVEN SEAS Gottlieb (USA)Parts machineNeverHead Only. Nice original backglass  
SLICK CHICK Gottlieb (USA)In storage, waiting for restorationNever  
STAR-JET Bally (USA)In storage, waiting for restorationNeverLooking for instruction cards  
SUPERMAN Atari (USA)In storage, workingNever  
SURF QUEENS Bally (USA)Set up, needs some workNever1946. Simple layout without flippers, but beautiful looks. And some late art deco patterns
TAXI Williams (USA)Set up, plays!NeverMarilyn version ("oooh Taxi")  
WINGS Rock-ola (USA)Set up, needs some workNever  
WIZARD Bally (USA)Set up, plays!Never1975. One of my first pinballs.
WONDERLAND Williams (USA)In storage, workingNever1955. Was exported in fifties to Hamburg, were I did pick it up from previous owner
WORLD'S SERIES Rock-ola (USA)Set up, plays!Never1933.
Pinball machines that rockola used to own in the past
(the following games are no longer part of rockola's collection)
pinball nameDBmanufactureris it for sale?notespictures
ATLAS Gottlieb (USA)Sold Traded with a Belgian collector  
BIG TOP Gottlieb (USA)Sold Traded with a Belgian collector  
CAPT. FANTASTIC AND THE BROWN DIRT COWBOY Bally (USA)Sold Prod. Number 16.000; went to a family member  
DRACULA Stern (USA)Sold Traded with a Belgian collector  
FAST DRAW Gottlieb (USA)Sold Traded with a Belgian collector  
FIREBALL Bally (USA)Sold In Need of some TLC. Went to collector from The Netherlands  
FLIPPER PARADE Gottlieb (USA)Sold Traded with a Belgian colleague  
KING OF DIAMONDS Gottlieb (USA)Sold Traded with a Belgian colleague, who - as he told me - sold to The Pinball Museum in Budapest, Hungary  
MOULIN ROUGE Williams (USA)Sold Nice Original condition. Via a Belgian colleague it went to a French collector  
QUEEN OF DIAMONDS Gottlieb (USA)Sold Sold to a collector from Italy  
RAMONA United (USA)Sold Nice original condition. Went to Italy  
ROYAL GUARD Gottlieb (USA)Sold Nice original condition. Export machine. Traded for export to Spain  
SHANGRI-LA Williams (USA)Sold 1967.  
SHERIFF Gottlieb (USA)Sold Went to a Family Friend  
SUPER SOCCER Gottlieb (USA)Sold Traded with a Belgian collector  
WINNER Williams (USA)Sold Traded with a Belgian colleague  
DISCLAIMER: This page shows the pinball machine Collection of PinballOwners member rockola from Gent, Belgium. The coin operated pinball machines listed above, including their images, were uploaded into our database by rockola himself; rockola is the sole responsible for the information contained in this page. The pinball machines shown above are not necessarily for sale! Please refer to the 4th column in the list to know whether a certain pinball is for sale or not. Most likely rockola's pinball machines are second-hand (used) pinballs that were once installed in bars and other public places; their value as a collectible largely depends on appearance and functionality of every single machine.
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 From klokkie on 12-08-2019 19:07:
Very nice collection , beautiful machines.
 From piersimone on 06-05-2019 18:17:
Great collection !!! Wow
 From integ194 on 10-28-2018 07:55:
A great collection you have there!
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