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Stern (USA)AC/DC BACK IN BLACK LE lbhpinballBergen, NorwayNOK  90000Huo.If you have one for sale,for 9500 euro.Please contact me.
Stern (USA)AC/DC LET THERE BE ROCK LE lbhpinballBergen, NorwayNOK  90000Huo.I can pay 9500 euro,please contact me of you have one for sale.
Stern (USA)METALLICA MASTER OF PUPPETS LE lbhpinballBergen, NorwayNOK  85000Can trade a super nice met premium roadcase huo,and euro from me.Or bay it for 9000 euro
If you have one of the above pinball machines for sale, please contact lbhpinball now!

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