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Collector nullspace is looking for these pinball machines
nullspace wants to buy the following 6 games:

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manufacturergame namewanted bylocationcurr.project
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Chicago Coin (USA)ATTACK FROM MARS nullspaceRedmond, WA USAUSD  7500Looking for an LE
Williams (USA)FUNHOUSE nullspaceRedmond, WA USAUSD  4000
Stern (USA)STAR TREK ENTERPRISE LE nullspaceRedmond, WA USAUSD  7000
Williams (USA)THE GETAWAY: HIGH SPEED II nullspaceRedmond, WA USAUSD  3000
Midway (USA)TWILIGHT ZONE nullspaceRedmond, WA USAUSD  6500
Midway (USA)WORLD CUP SOCCER nullspaceRedmond, WA USAUSD  2500
If you have one of the above pinball machines for sale, please contact nullspace now!

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