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last updated: 03/29/2021
  Member: ac70
From: Toronto, Canada (find on the map)
Specialty': Electromechanicals from the 70's
Member since: 06/05/2011
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ac70 owns these 2 pinballs:

pinball nameDBmanufacturerconditionis it for sale?notespictures
SKY JUMP Gottlieb (USA)Set up, plays!NeverMy first game. As a newbie I took a chance buying this one off a guy who had it in his barn for last 15 years. It cleaned up well enough and only need a few electrical fixes and as such it was a good introduction to the EM world. After playing the game for the last 2 years I felt like this game deserved some better restoration than I was able to do as a newbie. As such, I gave the playing field the full tear down, clean, touch up and clear coat treatment. I re-adjusted and fixed all electrical contacts. Okay, the cabinet still needs some work, maybe a repaint and definitely a new coin door while the back glass could use some touch ups in the oranges but I will save that for the future as for now the game plays fantastic - smooth and fast. I absolutely love the rule set and layout of this game which is both fun and challenging. I never seem to tire of its allure. It is my favourite game!
SPIN OUT Gottlieb (USA)In storage, waiting for restorationNeverMy second Spin Out. Really missed this one after sold and have been looking ever since. An opportunity finally came around and ended up picking this one up in a trade. In worst shape then the first one, it will need fully restoration, CAB, PF and BG.  
Pinball machines that ac70 used to own in the past
(the following games are no longer part of ac70's collection)
pinball nameDBmanufactureris it for sale?notespictures
4 SQUARE Gottlieb (USA)Sold Varathane clear coat on PF, rear leg adjusters all the way out and high power coils on the 2" flippers gives a fast and challenging game. That said, every now and then when I complete the "4 square" to lite the special the replay knocker can get quite the workout. It is a fun game. PF touch ups came out great. BG looks great without power but lights show through where there was some flaking or touch ups. Cabinet show signs of heavy routing but is still very solid and coin door very decent. Sold to local fellow EM Wedge enthusiast.
ABRA CA DABRA Gottlieb (USA)Sold Very challenging to score a special replay on this one but nevertheless I do enjoy the longer target shots. The BG art work vacillates between very cool and a bit scary for me? Bought the machine with just under 100, 000 plays and after a couple of thousand plays in a friends basement yet another Gottlieb battleship logs past 100000 plays. Since getting the game back from my friend I decided to freshen up the play field with touch ups and a clear coat. I also decided to installed some high power flipper coils which makes for better accuracy with the long target shots. Changed the pop bumpers over to red along with the upper rollover lane guides as I thought it suited the PF better than the original green. Also replaced the bulls eye target with a joker I had lying around and put in a colour changing LED for the wizard eyes that light up upon game end. The PF now looks very sharp now and plays a bit smoother and faster. A fun, challenging and great game to play. Oh yeah, I also decided to interphase an IBM computer to play music upon a couple of PF contact inputs. This has music cycle through a song list upon advancing to next level of bonus or advancing to next ball. It was a fun little project but not as great as it seems as turning the music up too loud detracts from game play and turning it down to a suitable level makes it like some back ground elevator music. Moreover, as opposed to just triggering 2 second sound bites playing entire songs never really works as PF triggers have the song change too frequently to the point of being annoying in my opinion. So, I have disabled the PF triggers and have the songs only change on ball advance and just have it play as quite back ground music when I feel like it.
ASTRO Gottlieb (USA)Sold Bought this off a collector from upstate New York in as is condition based on BG and PF artwork which I just love. Put 20+ hours replacing parts, solenoids, EOS switches, soldiering contacts, and a plethora of other electrical fixes including DC bridge for pop bumpers and slingshots. Then another 30+ hours was invested on PF touch ups, polishing and clear coating. The smooth PF along with the high power flipper coils and extra DC umph keep this game fast and lively. Once the "STAR TREK" sequence is completed it is a pleasing challenging to try score maximum points off the pops while also trying to crack as many extra balls as you can. Open middle PF with a standard layout give decent game play. That said, the game could use some drop targets or some other alluring game play feature. Maybe the game play will grow on me? Anyways, I am still pleased with the overall results on this machine, especially the restored shine which brings the Gordon Morison graphics back to life on one of his earlier EM classics.
ATLANTIS Gottlieb (USA)Sold I have included some pictures of the play field restoration with this title. The pictures show the same section of PF undergoing the various stages of restoration. Namely: depopulated original state of PF, after magic erasure clean, after colour touch ups, during clear coat application, clear coat dried after 3 weeks (notice the orange peel effect), clear after sanding, then waxing, and finally all back together. The final shot really shows how the clear gives a wet mirror finish, especially on the darker colours.
BATTER UP Gottlieb (USA)Sold My first AAB game. Was a bit hesitant about the 2" flippers but adding high power coils totally changed the game and now allows full depression of the vary target and the accompanying home run bell ringer - the loudest sound I have heard coming from any pinball machine. The players lighting on corresponding places on the BG was a welcome surprise feature that I was unaware of until I started to work on the machine. The PF cleaned up well and the game plays fast. The AAB goes really well with the baseball theme. That said, I might need to adjust the reward points and runs as at times one can play for quite a long time. The BG is decent and the cabinet is solid but heavily scratched. Okay, so after looking at this cabinet for last couple of years I finally decided to repaint it. Before 1972 most Gottlieb cabinets did not really come with game theme based art but instead had some geometric pattern design. When I decided to repaint the cabinet I was a bit torn about whether to keep the original pattern (which I really did not like) or redesign something that would fit the period. As I frequently see this machine up for sale and trust that there are enough original copies around, I opted for the second. With that in mind, I designed and cut out some templates. I have posted some early pictures of the cabinet work which can now better match the condition of the PF and rest of the machine. So far I am pleased with the results and look forward to seeing the entire package back together as it should all compliment well.
BUCCANEER Gottlieb (USA)Sold Bought this machine a while ago and it has been sitting around while I have tending to other projects as I knew that it had several issues. Finally got around to looking at it the other day - approaching it from a total tear down and fix and reassembly method. This method usually takes care of most issues and this was the case with this machine. Ended up touching up and clear coat sealing both BG and PF. Along with a number of glaring switches and relays that needed replacing and adjusting there are still some small intermittent issues that have come up during some test and tune games. These will hopefully be traced down and fixed soon as the game has some nice features. The spin-n-spot works very well for an EM game that usually does not buffer such quick inputs. Unfortunately, I think Gottlieb tried to save some money on the alternating special by incorporating it inside the FX relay match unit instead of giving it a separate alternating relay as in previous years. This pairing makes for a very finicky adjustment that does not always work as smoothly as it did back in 1976 due to uncertain spring tension and several key parts that have worn over the years. After some 200 test and tune games this title is starting to become addictive which is strange as the game lacks drop targets and is not particulairly challenging. The spinner and upper pop bumper coral is energizing and keeps you wanting to shot it back up there. I was still not able to properly track down a phantom power issue on a couple of contacts but jumpered a wire fix that has the game very livable with only the occassional score motor run that sometimes gives a double kick for the drain hole to trough shooter alley circuit. Moving the machine to another location seems , and maybe more consistent voltage output, seems to have cured all electrical issues and the game now plays as it should.
CENTIGRADE 37 Gottlieb (USA)Sold Had one of these a couple of years ago. IMHO probably the funnest Wedge head ever made. Looking forward to working on this one and getting it back into working condition. Okay, so I finally started to work on this the other day. Really enjoying the work and the idea of getting this machine back to its former glory. And with over 300, 000 plays on its play meter it had a lot of glory (and must have made a lot of money). Finished assembling and tweaking C37 the other day and have been thoroughly enjoying re-living the glory days on this title. As this title is really too fun to keep all to one self, I lent it to a local bar for a while to fully re-live its intending purpose and provide pinball bliss to general public once again - if only for a short while. Well did it not rack up over a thousand more plays in the month it was there. She performed well and from all reports was a big hit that provided much pleasure. Really is a fun game. See a full write up on this title at under the EM section.
DIMENSION Gottlieb (USA)Sold Another AAB machine picked up on a Sunday drive through Western New York. Machine is complete and decent in many respects but will be a full project - including PF, BG and CAB. As a Gordon Morison fanatic it was one of the glaring Wedgeheads (his first title along with Galaxie and 2001) missing from my collection. Of the three version the art work and rule set are much more appealing to me on the AAB versions as compared with the replay 2001. A rebuilt and clear coated PF along with HP coils should liven up this often poorly set up and consequently poorly performing PF. Hard to believe with 20 drop targets and 4 slingshots but I have yet to play a well set up version of this table and as such have not yet been impressed despite all the talk and price (which I probably overpay for myself) of this title. But as it is Morison first, it was a necessary purchase, and I hope that the game play will live up to the fantastic BG and PF artwork. The cabinet art work was before the era of carrying the theme onto the cabinet and is nothing special to speak of but is still somewhat intriguing if not really hard to stencil out. The cabinet is in fact where I started in on this project. Some early pictures show my progress on the jagged blue and red stripping. I have now started in on the PF resto and am a bit overwhelmed by the tightness of all the switches under the PF. 20 targets, 4 slingshots, 4 rollovers, 5 kick out holes and 6 stand up targets all layed out on a single playfield requires some nimble fingers to manuever around. On the above side of the PF, the artwork cleaned up well and I was more or less able to match the colours in the usual wear spots. This PF has a ton of black lines separating the various colours which commands much concentration for my less than steady hands. Hopefully the colours do not change that much when I clear the PF later on this month. Will post any pictures worth sharing at that time. Game is finally back together and running 100%. Smooth PF along with tight rubbers and close tolerances and the arrangement of PF elements make this a fast and lively game. The ball really gets bounced around, especially in the upper slingshot pop bumper areas, a real "pinball" in the true sense on the word. This said, the game is a relatively low scoring as most elements are worth 10 or 500 points (100 point multiples) with the odd element being increased to 3000 points. It takes a good knowledge of the rule set to maximize points. Otherwise, the games just tends to focus too much on the 500 point (100 point multiple) reward which leads to an overly repeated (to the point of monotony) 100 point chime while at the same time misleading one to thinking they are racking up points when in fact they are not really advancing the score a lot. The glaring design flaw is the lack of illumination in the upper arch area. Even when one lights the kickout holes there is still not enough light in this area. The games saving grace is the excitement that builds fast once any two colours of targets are knocked down. This lights the corresponding WOW in the center group of stand up targets and it all gets a bit crazy as you try to rack up 3 or 4 or 5 added balls knowing that everything reset once the ball drains. The knocker often gets a good work out during this phase and a player can easily get addicted to such a sonic reward. One warning, however, is the high potential for the ball to head straight back down the middle after hitting any of these WOW bulls eye targets. SO, overall it is a fun game with great artwork that is moderately challenging. I am curious to see how the game grows on me after a playing it for a while?
DUOTRON Gottlieb (USA)Sold Vivid playing field colours and the robot theme back glass drew my attention to this game. I was also intrigued by the booster ball bonus feature and the ball save gate. The game need some electrical attention and new parts but was a great restoration candidate that cleaned up fantastically. Back glass is near mint and set into robot eyes attract mode on game over. The playing field has 3 pop bumpers and slingshots above the flippers to keep the ball somewhat lively. That said, the lack of drop targets and some tight ball travel areas does not give a lot of variety to the game play. The center kick out is the main feature one wants to use to maximize points but it is a bit close to easily attain on a regular basis. Okay, so the graphics are kool but yet another multi-player that will have a short life in my collection before moving on to be enjoyed by some one else.
EL DORADO Gottlieb (USA)Sold Love the western theme and art work. 4 flippers and 4 times the fun!
FAST DRAW Gottlieb (USA)Sold Bought off local collector who got it working and started to do some touch ups. Continued were he left off and added a clear coat to play field. Super smooth finish now allows game to live up to its name as it plays very "fast". As for the rest of the machine, it is very clean inside and out. Note-ably, this is the only 4 player (non-wedge) in collection. It is one heavy machine, especially the head. The flashing light for the gun shot on BG is a neat touch that lights up after the game is over and I guess serves as an early attract mode feature.
GOLDEN ARROW Gottlieb (USA)Sold Brought this one back from New York - yes another all nite drive chasing down pinballs? It was in great shaped (only 24, 283 original plays) and came with a mint NOS backglass. The PF cleaned up very well and the cabinet is still fairly white making this a true survivor. Probably the best condition machine in my collection. The same can not be said about game play on this one. After 50+ test and tune games it still has not appealed to me. The plastic spinners perform poorly compared with Gottlieb's earlier metal ones both in terms of function and feel. The layout seems to have little flow and sadly the game essentially ends once one has completed the numbered sequence as it does not reset. A good first ball and one just chases the special for the next 4 balls. The only redeeming feature is the gong that sounds when arrow and lit number correspond and score the player a whopping 10, 000 points. Okay, the Morison native American theme is stunning on this game, but even this might not be enough to give the game overall appeal for me?
HIGH HAND Gottlieb (USA)Sold PF needed lots of fixing/restoratio and the BG still needs some touch ups. Plays hot and cold and is the only game that routinely drains the ball without scoring a point. Must have been real money maker in the day, especially with the low side rails. I modified targets to reset after scoring a replay by special. After being at a friends house for the past year when I got this machine in my hands again, I decided to redo the PF again - this time properly finishing it off with a clear coat. As the PF was really poor to begin with I figured I had nothing to lose by trying a brush on application of the clear coat. It was winter time and I did not want to spray inside. Surprisingly the brush on clear (same product as spray) dries faster and harder then the spray. Bubbles are a more of a problem as is dripping when you brush it on thick - which is required to avoid bubbles and level smoothly. The final product is about the same but slightly thicker with fewer coats and seems harder? Anyways, the PF is now smooth and fast and although I though the game required high power coils they proved too powerful on the slicker PF and I went back to the regular coils. I tuned it up a bit better this time and the game now plays very well and is still as frustrating and/or challenging (depending on your point of view) as before. To see a full review of this title visit and look under EM section.
JACKS OPEN Gottlieb (USA)Sold Great shooter progression game. Very fun to play. My favourite back glass from the Morison era. The game has worked well over the past few years but as I had some time I decided to touch up the PF put on some clear coat and clean and adjust contacts. Game now plays very smooth. Unfortunately, for some reason the clear seems to have given the white cards a bit of an aged smoke stain yellow tint. This is not helped by the fact that they are surround by yellow. Anyways, still looks very good and now shinny and smooth.
JET SPIN Gottlieb (USA)Sold 
JUNGLE QUEEN Gottlieb (USA)Sold Had this sitting for a while and finally got around to doing the play field. From tear down to re-populate took about 1 year. My productivity has really slowed down lately. That said, the PF came out really nice. Was able to match colours fairly well and sanded it super smooth.
KING PIN Gottlieb (USA)Sold Picked up this machine near NYC as a non-working project that turned out to be more work then original thought. That said, the cosmetics of PF and BG cleaned up nicely and the CAB although there are obvious signs of moisture and wear it is still solid and decent enough. The electrical was not as straight forward and required a lot of wire tracing and probably 50+ soldiering points/wires. Some mechanical parts needed cleaning and adjusting to loosen up and a couple of coils needed to be replaced. Game play is lively with a good mixture of chime sounds. The game rules seems simple enough to achieve but prove more challenging than one might think. As an entire package (artwork and game play) this machine is moving its way up into my top 5. Passed machine on to fellow EM enthusiast to enjoy (or be frustrated) the 4 flipper spot target shooting challenge.
MUSTANG Gottlieb (USA)Sold One of my first machines, bought this as a learning project. Back glass had been taped but rest of the machine was in good condition. Playing field cleaned up well and restored the vivid pastel colours from the 70's era. Learned a lot about contacts, relays, solenoids, score motors, etc by tackling the internal mechanics to get this game functioning again. Game now enjoying second life in a friend of a friends basement.  
NEPTUNE Gottlieb (USA)Sold So there were only 270 of these machines ever built with who knows how many left alive in any condition. This particular project is an attempt at salvaging several peices to make one working machine. The cabinet/body is from one collector while the head/backbox is from another. Various other internal peices are going to be scavenged from parts machines. The project has a lot of cut/chewed wires and no scematics to help. It is going be be a small miracle if this machine gets back up and fully operational. That said, I would really like to be able to resurrect this frankenstien and get another rare machine into the pinball community. With fake digital score reels, painted blue cabinet and DC coils this machine is rather unique in the Gottlieb catalogue. Moreover, it is the second last single player Wedge Head title ever made. Okay, further to oringal information, the machine is now back together. It looks good and somewhat plays but there are still some major electrical issues that I need to look into. The AC/DC crossover is throwing me form a loop and I am have difficulty tracing some poor ground routing? As far as game play goes, it is quick with lots of pop from the DC coil. The chime sounds come frequently and vary enough between 10, 1000 and 10000 to keep it from being too quiet or too monotonous. Alright, with some help from the pinballowners community I was able to get the correct set up on a critical series relay. Bingo, the game is now operating properly. Okay, just a few more minor electrical fixes and this Neptune will be back to its former glory ready to challenge and entertain. All done now. Game is fast with tons of ball movement and lots of sound!
OUT OF SIGHT Gottlieb (USA)Sold Pick this one up from a farm house in Indiana. My only 2 player (non-wedge) in collection. Full rebuild on this one including BG & PF touch ups and 5 layers of clear on PF. This is one challenging game, maybe too challenging? It is a fine line between fun and frustration and right now my lack of playing skill is leaning on the frustration part. One really has to keep an eye out for where the moving dot is to score maximum points. This is complicated by the fact that it moves on every 100pt score and in alternate directions on either side of the PF. By the time I have caught the ball and am ready to aim for the spotted target, it has move to the other side of the PF and left me on the wrong flipper. That said, I can imagine a skilled player would really appreciate this game! The game play is fast and needs good timing to score big. Moreover, the ball save gates can extend ball play and allow one to capitalize on the all targets down double bonus option. The special is set to light on pre-detemined bonus counts and thus requires a player to go for the flipper alley on command without incurring any added bonus before doing so. Challenging, yes. Fun, still to be determined? Okay, further to previous comments, and after 3+ hours of playing the game the other night, I am starting to focus on the right places at the right times and slowly growing to enjoy the challenge.
PRO POOL Gottlieb (USA)Sold Picked this one up at Allentown in 2011. Ended up taking machine apart for rebuild. With respect to PF it was stripped, touched up and cleared PF. The back box was repainted and its BG kryloned. Cabinet had some electrical contact and rewiring needed and installed free play option switch.
PRO-FOOTBALL Gottlieb (USA)Sold Midnight run down to Indiana farm house to pick up this one. BG in really bad condition but PF looks good. When I finally got around to it, the game actually cleaned up fairly well and I am more of less pleased with the overall results. The PF just need some magic erasure work with minimal touch ups. Decided that it did not need a clear coat and finished it off with some Novus 2 and wax. The back glass, on the other hand, needed a lot of touch ups. It now looks decent enough but, of course, I only have the necessary lights for the ball counter, game over, tilt, and match numbers. The mechanics work 100% with all lights and features as originally intended which is somewhat surprising given the amount of features stuffed into this PF (vari-targets, slingshots, rollovers, star rollovers, spinner, ball advance unit, pop bumpers on alternate, standup targets, etc). Still getting use to the double flippers and have not yet formed a full opinion of the game but enjoying the ball launcher and spinner. Game seems to divide play between the upper and lower PF, each with their own characteristics and play strategies. After playing the game for a while, I decided it needed some HP flipper coils which has put the upper play field much more in play. The game is starting to grow on me.
QUICK DRAW Gottlieb (USA)Sold Working on this game for a friend. Initially appeared in decent shape but some well matched paint touch up were covering substantial wear and planking. It cleaned up decent enough and I was able to match touch up areas decent enough. Soaked up first coat of clear with a bit of grain raising as PF was so dry and with lots of planking. Looks like it will need several coats to flatten out inserts and slight bow in PF. Clear changed colours slightly but still decent. Ended up putting 7 coats of clear of this game. Sanded it down and buffed super smooth. Colours did change slightly but other than one or two places would have to be pointed out when playing under glass. PF looks sharp all back together with polished guides, rollover and other metal bits all shinning. Game plays smooth but really notice the upper/lower play field split in this game where player either spends time up top or on the targets below. Once mow targets down one is left shooting for black targets at 5000 each which can help rack up the points but does not increase bonus count. Need to complete A-B-C and put the ball up top for standup bullies targets to maximize extra bonus potential. Special only lights when complete A-B-C and have only one target bank down, if knock other side down to expose black 5000 targets if disappears. I do like the western graphics theme on this one but game play not the best.
SPIN OUT Gottlieb (USA)Sold Drove all night (500 miles one way) to pick this one up. I just love the colours and art work and 1960's motor sports theme. Game has a lot of pop and sling in its DNA comparable to other games on high tap. Game play stays interesting with the 3 separate ways (score, upper arch rollovers, and completing 4 numbers in a row) of cracking a special. All numbers on the roto-target appear several times expect for the 3 and 4 which only appear on time each. That makes the skill shot that much more important when either one of these numbers appear and especially that much more intense when the 4 appears as it is absolutely necessary to complete either the upper of lower 4 numbers in a row sequence. In fact, another neat features is that saving the 4 as the last number will crack 4 specials in a row as you have in fact now completed four 4 number sequences. Bonzai!
SPIN-A-CARD Gottlieb (USA)Sold Originally picked this game as a parts machine, but as I am becoming more aware of some recent technological innovations and getting feedback from local enthusiast about re-theming old games I started thinking if this might be a suitable candidate. With this in mind, I started to rebuild the cabinet with a theme that I hope suits the period and game play. Decided on a looney toons theme to complement the 10 rollover and stand up targets that one has to collect around the PF. The PF was stripped and a custom vinyl printed overlay was applied and sealed with 7 layers of clear. Custom graphics also appear on the plastics and back glass which use UV ink direct to medium printing. The electrical was meshed with modern technology with an MP3 sound trigger that really complements game play. The final product came out really nice and had most people at the Ottawa pinball show thinking that this was an actually machine that Gottlieb made back in 1969.
SURE SHOT Gottlieb (USA)Sold BG is very close to a 10. Love the classic western bar theme on this. PF is very clean and slick. Like the PF connection to the theme in that one has to pocket the ball in the back kick out to cash in on bonus points. Cabinet is rough but solid. One on the few bonus counter Wedgeheads.
TARGET ALPHA Gottlieb (USA)Sold Furnace repair man found this one in a basement. The original owner had it since 1978 and told him to take it away with the old furnace. Furnace guy flipped it to me for some quick cash. It was in good cosmetic shape all around. The cabinet was solid and paint decent. The playing field cleaned up well and look spectacular now. The internal mechanicals needed some attention but with under 7000 plays on the meter once tracked down the rest of the contacts functioned like new. Fun game that has neat extra ball feature that is good for multi-player competition. That said, I am more a single player game person do not see this machine staying in my collection for long.
VOLLEY Gottlieb (USA)Sold Nothing particularily notable. Nevertheless a fun target shooter game with a simple rule set that has lures you back time and again. Back glass is in good shape (8+) as is the PF and cabinet. An all around clean and fun machine.
DISCLAIMER: This page shows the pinball machine Collection of PinballOwners member ac70 from Toronto, Canada. The coin operated pinball machines listed above, including their images, were uploaded into our database by ac70 himself; ac70 is the sole responsible for the information contained in this page. The pinball machines shown above are not necessarily for sale! Please refer to the 4th column in the list to know whether a certain pinball is for sale or not. Most likely ac70's pinball machines are second-hand (used) pinballs that were once installed in bars and other public places; their value as a collectible largely depends on appearance and functionality of every single machine.
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 From froebull on 06-16-2021 15:50:
Amazing custom job on that old Spin A Card machine! I've had one since 1976, and it is getting to the point where it barely works anymore, and is showing a lot of wear and tear. I had not considered something unique for the refurb, until I saw yours! So cool, thank you for sharing it!
 From playmaster on 03-09-2017 22:25:
AMAZING, Jet Spin to Jetson's Conversion, Great Job.
 From bandwagon on 09-14-2012 17:13:
Very nice collection and its very interesting to see pis of the machines during their restoration! You made an excellent job!
 From webmaster on 05-20-2012 15:04:
I must second fanuminski1's comment - nice collection and one can clearly see from what you have written that you are really passionate about the hobby. Keep up the good work!!
 From fanuminski1 on 05-20-2012 14:56:
Some of the best descriptive game comments I have read! Great collection!
 From kangourou on 03-26-2012 12:30:
Wonderful 70' Gottlieb Collection !
 From 70corvette on 02-04-2012 18:11:
You sure have a fine collection of Gottlieb's that you've put together.
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