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Pinball Collection of ksibln
3 pinball machines
last updated: 11/11/2012
  Member: ksibln
From: Berlin, Germany
Specialty': no specialty
Member since: 11/11/2012
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ksibln owns these 3 pinballs:

pinball nameDBmanufacturerconditionis it for sale?notespictures
NIP-IT Bally (USA)Set up, plays!NeverMy pinball at the age 16 :-)  
TARGET ALPHA Gottlieb (USA)Set up, needs some workMaybeA present from Goldene Krone in Darmstadt where I was so lucky to care of the machines in the museum while I was studying in this town.  
WIZARD Bally (USA)In storage, waiting for restorationMaybeBackdoor missing  
Pinball machines that ksibln used to own in the past
(the following games are no longer part of ksibln's collection)
pinball nameDBmanufactureris it for sale?notespictures
BAND WAGON Bally (USA)Sold Goldene Krone Darmstadt. It were about 7 machines. Playfield and Backglass in German language.  
BIG CHIEF Williams (USA)Sold   
BIG DAY Bally (USA)Sold   
BIG VALLEY Bally (USA)Sold Goldene Krone Darmstadt. German Edition. We had 2 machines.  
BLUE RIBBON Bally (USA)Sold Goldene Krone Darmstadt. German Edition. Restauration was hard work, as all cables to playfield were cut and the cabinet was broken..  
CAPERSVILLE Bally (USA)Sold Goldene Krone Darmstadt. German Edition. In the age of about 8 years this machine had been one of the pins that started my fascination for pinball :-)  
CHECK MATE Recel (Spain)Sold   
COSMOS Bally (USA)Sold Goldene Krone Darmstadt. German Edition. Animated Backglass with rotating Planet.  
CRITERIUM 75 Recel (Spain)Sold   
DISCOTHEK  Bally (USA)Sold Game was a little boring to me..  
DOLLY PARTON Bally (USA)Sold I always hated the picture on the backglass, but enjoyed the intersting game :-)  
FAN-TAS-TIC Williams (USA)Sold I didn't like it too much because of the locations of the flippers... even the design is nice.  
FIREBALL Bally (USA)Sold Goldene Krone Darmstadt. German Edition. A very beautiful machine with a lot of intersting features: Multiball, spinner, captured ball, zipper flipper, One of my favourite machines!  
FIREPOWER Williams (USA)Sold   
FOUR MILLION BC  Bally (USA)Sold Goldene Krone Darmstadt. German Edition. It was a little bit tricky adjusting the angle for shooting off the ball so it could enter the skill lane...  
HERCULES Atari (USA)Sold Goldene Krone Darmstadt. The largest pin I ever saw. The ball was a white billard ball. Mechanics had to be repaired through bottom doors lying on the floor. A very nasty work.. We had 2 of them.  
HONEY Williams (USA)Sold I liked beautiful design of this pin very much! And I enjoyed the power of the 5 (!) bumpers. One of my favorite machines. First played it in Belgium Oostduinkerke, aged 14.. :-)  
MARDI GRAS Williams (USA)Sold My first own pin ever. Golden Backglass. Lamps for 1000pts. I had added a selfmade relay for adding an extra ball feature at a special wheel position..  
MYSTIC Bally (USA)Sold I liked the game quite a lot.  
OH BOY Williams (USA)Sold   
ROCKMAKERS Bally (USA)Sold Goldene Krone Darmstadt. Nice Game with Zipper Flippers and intersting playing. German Edition.  
SEE-SAW Bally (USA)Sold Goldene Krone Darmstadt. German Edition. A very beautiful machine. I liked the design very much.  
SIX STICKS Bally (USA)Sold Goldene Krone Darmstadt. German Edition. For 6 players!  
SQUARE HEAD Gottlieb (USA)Sold   
SWEET HEARTS Gottlieb (USA)Sold   
THE WIGGLER  Bally (USA)Sold In 1975 when I was 15 I had 2 machines of this, German version. Nice game.  
WHOOPEE Williams (USA)Sold   
WORLD FAIR Gottlieb (USA)Sold A very beautiful machine. I think often about it :-)  
DISCLAIMER: This page shows the pinball machine Collection of PinballOwners member ksibln from Berlin, Germany. The coin operated pinball machines listed above, including their images, were uploaded into our database by ksibln himself; ksibln is the sole responsible for the information contained in this page. The pinball machines shown above are not necessarily for sale! Please refer to the 4th column in the list to know whether a certain pinball is for sale or not. Most likely ksibln's pinball machines are second-hand (used) pinballs that were once installed in bars and other public places; their value as a collectible largely depends on appearance and functionality of every single machine.
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