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Code of Conduct
After more than four years since our website was first launched, our community has grown to the point that we feel it is necessary to publish a Code of Conduct that every member of our community must follow. Please read it carefully, and if you are in doubt about anything, just ask our webmaster who will be happy to help you.
Thanks for understanding!
  1. This website is a free service dedicated to passionate pinball Collectors and hobbyists. Use of this website for commercial purposes is not permitted! This includes, but is not limited to: using it solely to sell games, promoting a dealer or operator business, promoting a commercial website of any kind and, generally speaking, making a profit out of it. Starting September 1st, 2013, a limitation will be introduced that will allow a maximum of 4 pinballs to be simultaneously listed for sale at any given time.
  2. This website is about pinball machines. Please, do not add to your Collection barber chairs, video games or other odd stuff. We can tolerate one juke-box and a few EM arcade games (eg helicopter, bowlings, bingos...) but you must list mostly pinball machines in your Collection. Also, you cannot list spare parts for a pinball - only complete machines are accepted, as this website is not meant to be a classifieds site for spare parts.
  3. You must be the author of (or have written permission from the author for) all the pictures that you send to our database. Under no circumstances will we tolerate the upload of pictures taken from other websites. Please also refrain from uploading game flyers, as every game you add to your Collection will have a link to the IPDB where the flyer can be seen.
  4. You are not allowed to own more than one account. We run periodical checks and if you are caught using multiple accounts, we will disable all of them without further notice.
  5. Your e-mail address must be valid and working at all times, and should be able to receive website notifications (eg. new private messages). If you are using anti SPAM software, make sure our messages go through. We automatically disable those accounts which can't receive our email.
  6. Use the notes field appropriately. It is meant to describe the pinball machine's conditions and not for other purposes. Moreover, email addresses, phone numbers and links to external sites are not allowed and if you put any of them, your entire note will be cleared automatically by the system.
  7. Keep in mind that not all the games you find here are available for sale, so please be polite, and don't be insistent with other members about selling a pinball they don't want to. Use the internal message system appropriately; do not send messages that can be seen as SPAM or harassment by the recipients. Our webmaster is always happy to answer your usability questions. If in doubt, contact him.
  8. Our website does not take part in any way in transactions between registered users. If you decide to buy a game that is advertised for sale on this website, first verify that the seller actually owns the pinball machine he wants to sell, by asking him to send you pictures of some details of the game that you specify. If he refuses, do not buy. In any case be careful, as you would be in any transaction where you do not personally know the seller.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation!

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