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Got a good reputation on eBay? Associate it to your profile here
We have often been asked to add a feedback system to our site, something like the one in use by eBay that would allow each user to have a feedback score to indicate his reputation. Unfortunately, our website does not take part in any transaction between our members and therefore has no way to ensure that a transaction ever really happened, let alone assign any feedback score to anyone.

However, we have seen that many of our most active members are also very active on eBay, and decided to introduce the possibility to link a member's profile on this website to a member profile on eBay. This is an optional feature that can be very useful if you want other people to verify your good reputation, especially if you buy/sell/trade pinballs a lot here.

If you decide to link your profile here to your eBay profile, a verified user icon and message will appear on your Collection page, together with a link to your feedback page on eBay - to see a live example, please visit our webmaster's page by clicking here.

Due to the work involved with the procedure described below, linking your profile has a small one-time fee of 7 US$ (5 EURO) that you should pay using PayPal. Here are the steps you must follow to associate your profile here with your eBay profile and become a verified user:
  • Log in to your eBay account and send us a message using eBay's internal messageboard. Our eBay id is "pinball_owners", for your convenience here is the link to the contact page. VERY IMPORTANT: be sure to include your PinballOwners user-id in the message body! (no need to include your password). When we will receive your message on eBay we will have verified that you actually own that eBay account.
  • Send us a PayPal payment of US$7 or EUR 5 (again, this is a one-time fee). To do that, log in to PayPal and send money to - make sure to include in the PayPal message your PinballOwners user-id, this will help us find your payment faster.
  • As soon as your fee is received, and normally within 24 hours your profile will be linked to eBay - you will see the verified user icon in your Collection page. From now on, any visitor of our website will be able to easily access your feedback on eBay to ensure you are a good guy to deal with :-)
  • The above procedure is not mandatory. It is a completely optional feature, but if you sell, buy or trade a lot here, it can really help others trust you.

For more info, feel free to contact our webmaster.

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