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collector fromcountrynotes
1976j   St etienneFranceBonjour nouveau détenteur du Royal flush de 1976 j'espère qques conseils pour réglages et entretien...Merci
collector fromcountrynotes
57chevy   KincardineCanadaThinking of restoreing?needs major cleaning inside contacts etc./outer paint.
collector fromcountrynotes
adm1476   Sanford, NCUSA
alix22   ChabeuilFrance
allo-jeux MulhouseFrance
antti   HelsinkiFinland
arcadetech   Tucson, AZUSARestored years ago. NOS plastics.
argail_le_sage  PloudalmezeauFrance
arkuz  Champaign, ILUSAOne of about 6 classic 70s Gottliebs every collections should have.
arniesan New york, NYUSAIm looking to upgrade to pristine Royal Flush! as close to "as new never used" as I can. Im also interested in a full restoration, play field and all elements. please inquire if you can recommend a dealer. thanx
astro  Naples, FLUSACompletely restored, with clear coated NOS play field and nearly everything new to match.
axelle   BordeauxFrance
axl   NesoddtangenNorway
collector fromcountrynotes
badbilly   MorinvilleCanada
balky92 Neuilly sur seineFrance
ballyclown   YvetotFrance
ballycollector   Den boschNetherlands
ballystern   ValenceFrance
bdssun   Dayton, MNUSAAuction purchase with Travel Time $460 total
bernarda   ParisFranceEtat collection
bernie35  VancouverCanadaMy first pinball purchase. My wife still reminds me of how choked she was when I picked this one up in Maple Ridge. I didn’t have a clue what I was getting myself into and spent the next several months researching and getting the game to work properly. From then on I was hooked. Good shape, blackglass yellow area seems to have been repainted. One of the favourites with friends.
bigwhitedogsal   Bend, ORUSA
bjmckenz   Murrieta, CAUSA
blizzworx  NicosiaCyprus
blownfuse   Castro valley, CAUSA
bob_e   Milford, MIUSA
bonelesschicken  OviedoSpain
bribo13   Ortonville, MIUSAGood player, Back Glass is in poor shape, but play field and cabinet are great, Machine functions perfectly. Got this machine in a trade. Not a personal favorite, but a keeper.
briechert  GimbsheimGermany
brunocail59   CaudryFrance
bumpercarman   Orlando, FLUSA
collector fromcountrynotes
calguynsac   Sacramento, CAUSA
camilleguy  Collonges au mont d'orFrance
candr2112  Holton, MIUSAThis was another project machine of mine. I bought the Playfield at Clay Harrell's VFW pin show in 2014 for $60, and built a machine around it with spare parts: A Magnotron cabinet & Motor Board, a Capt. Card Light Box, and Dimension Light Box guts. The result is a Royal Flush, add-a-ball, single player, wedge head, and i've named it "Gottlieb Presents". I made the backglass like a menu, and the items on the menu are the different components from the different machines. I've always wanted a "Royal Flush, and now i've got an AAB version. I've got it set to award an extra ball at 60,000, 100,000, and 140,000.
cburnett11   Louisville, KYUSA
choco   BexSwitzerlandrecherche informations de dépannage pour novice.Merci d'avance
chou  ContesFrance
christianpr  KielGermany
christophem  BeurnevesinSwitzerlandbonus count troubles, but in progress to solve it
chuckwebster1964   Wakefield, MAUSA
cinnabar   VejbyDenmark
clearlakecasey  Clearlake, CAUSA
clifton   KnysnaSouth Africa
coinopcarl   Mesa, AZUSA
congo 42   Saint-etienneFrance
cryhav0c   Vidalia, LAUSAJust got it. Had a few issues. Read up and learned to clean & check and now all works great!
cupinwiz   Champaign, ILUSA1976 Nice all-around condition
cyberpat59   VredFrance
czekin   Chelsea, MIUSA
collector fromcountrynotes
daaron   Limestone, PAUSAThis is actually my second game I bought. I love the game play, artwork, and the targets.
daddy   Plestin 22310FranceFlipper ayant parfaitement fonctionné avant d'être stocké depuis une dizaine d'année,me contacter par mail pour echange sur valeur de vente
daveku   Shamong, NJUSA
davidsandy   St. joseph, MOUSAThis machine is a part of my secret "Chambre de Mystere" room in my home.
dchristie  Centreville, VAUSA
decospin   Somerset, MAUSALooking for backglass and playfield.
demido   KolhamNetherlandsbeautiful game
denisn72  East broughton stationCanadaThis Royal Flush was manufactured in April 1976. Its designer, Ed Krynski, prefered assymetrical playfieds because they were more flexible and gave him more possible configurations. According to him, it is the game he prefers the most among all the games he has designed. I bought this one in March 2019. My 6th pinball. Total play meter: 108 000.
denisn72 East broughton stationCanada(Bought in April 2022 / Sold in July 2022) My 20th pinball.
dens40 PeyrehoradeFranceRestauré a 100%
dgpinball   AbbotsfordCanada
dirtflipper  Shakopee, MNUSAser# 11762
dirtflipper  Shakopee, MNUSAser# 02882 (body); 05773 head. Got as part of bundle and just moved along.
dkressinpb   Chelmsford, MAUSA
dom996   Le tremblay sur mauldreFrance
dorian_adams   White bear lake, MNUSA
doritz  åmålSweden
dr.boely  VölklingenGermanyi owned this Machine since 1983 !
dragsto555   VezonBelgium
drenngur  MojaSpainMy first pinball machine. A nice specimen with a good gameplay. Gone to a new home in Barcelona.
duckkillerclyde   Molalla, ORUSA
dutchcollector   TilburgNetherlands
dzedo   Chantilly, VAUSANot set up to take coins.
collector fromcountrynotes
electrojeux   SaxonSwitzerland
em-fan  HerrenbergGermanyMachine is in pristine shape: complete and with a fabulous playfield. Complete with manuals, coin slots and box. Also got a new, non-reflective playfield glas. Working on getting it fully functional again. Overhauled quite some units, fixed many flaws and added a load of new parts - from targets to "hidden targets", pop bumper caps, flipper fingers and mechanics, rubbers, bulbs, balls, tilt, ...
empined   Livingston, LAUSANice player in great shape.
entroforce Weston, FLUSA
enzo  TarnFrance
eodchief Felton, DEUSA10 Pics Here and More on Google Drive. Cabinet is in bad shape. Make offer.
epb0   LardyFrance
exator  LathenGermany
collector fromcountrynotes
f5mbm   NancyFranceCherche plateau de jeu en bon état sans usure, même sans mécanismes et décors
fafa34   AgdeFrance
fafa34   AgdeFrance
fafa34   AgdeFrance
faju78   ArnouvilleFranceEntièrement restauré mécanique et esthétique chromes neufs
fibus78   BleuryFrance
filax62   Reinach agSwitzerland
flibustino   AngersFrance
flip57  TarnosFranceRecherche docs d'origine et pièces détachées pour futures réparation
fliperfan  EmmerichGermany
flipperheinz  ErfurtGermany
flusher   Fargo, NDUSA
footer  Stillwater, MNUSAAcquired 03/2019, Sold 05/2021.
fox_ch   Saint-imierSwitzerland
franckb78  HouillesFranceRemplacement U,Q,R par des A-16980 Bonne couche de crasse et de rouilles enlevée sur les relais, les compteurs.... Cibles AKQJ10 remplacées (Steve Youngs). Plots jaunissants remplacés (Steve Youngs). Customisé full LED. Flash jeu de lumière avec 5 LEDs et attiny85 derrière Royal Flush. Effet garanti. Retouches peinture plateau (peut mieux faire). Vinyle sur le plateau (essai) Backglass pas trop mal rattrapée (à coup d'aérographe).
franckenstein   78France
frank   DoetinchemNetherlands
fred in the box   ChapetFrance
fredjuni   LyonFrance
frz199   Boullay-les-trouxFrance
funkycoucou  PanexSwitzerlandvery good condition
collector fromcountrynotes
gbmfken  Entiat, WAUSAPlayed this game as a teenager loved it and had to have it always looking for extra parts to have on hand to keep it up and running
gide  ParisFrance
gilles89   Clamecy 58500Francevery good and original game
giv7090  BolognaItaly
glas claes   LerumSweden
glasser   Mansfield, OHUSA
glen28462  Louisville, KYUSA
gnance Spokane valley, WAUSA
gorgar  GifhornGermanyAnother machine which impressed me because of the very beautiful card game design. Although it was build in very large numbers it is seen seldom. And believe me...i am getting around within the scene... Happy to own it now. Gottlieb-EM-Classic from their late EM-Days.
gorgar  GifhornGermanyHad the chance to get my second "Royal Flush". Bought it from "Badebär" - a good guy near-by. Great classic. Great design. Great gameplay. Gottlieb EM at its best! Had to put in a Chime Unit which was missing - as usual in germany!
gpo sarl   ReimsFrance
graytiga   MelbourneAustraliagone to Western Australia in beaut condition they made over 12000 of these the one i had was the 8th last one made
greenacarina   Arlington, WAUSA
grusom   BergenNorwayVery nice with almost no wear.
guigui58   ImphyFrance
guitarxman   FegersheimFranceun système additionnel remonte les cibles en cours de partie
collector fromcountrynotes
hall76   BoxholmSwedenSold
heyrocker   Portland, WAUSA
hlw32   Beltsville, MDUSA
houd   TretsFranceJe vends ce flipper 5000€
hurl   VéringesFrance
collector fromcountrynotes
iamgizmo  Sicklerville, NJUSA
collector fromcountrynotes
jackettd   Minneapolis, MNUSAExcellent cabinet and mechanicals. Credit button installed.
janneboy   Neuss, DEUSA
jerry1957  ParisFrance1976 model
jetcom1121  Navarre beach, FLUSAPicked this one up in Baton Rouge,LA. Waiting for me to shop out and service,Playfield and backglass are excellent, Cabinet has some scuffs and scratches.
jfryc  Jackson, NJUSASpanish version of Royal Flush. Beatiful game, restored cabinet, great PF, all artwork is printed under a plexi cover, so no wear on pf.
jipeg  Mirebeau-sur-bezeFranceNum : 3351 - Il est magnifique Bille neuve, élastiques neufs Plateau nettoyé, avec un xylo...
jmsvero Vero beach, FLUSA
jokerpoker  NowraAustraliaHerb Silvers restoration,New back-glass,new drop-targets,new fixed targets,new bumper assemblies,new flipper assemblies,new playfield plastic.Full chrome package,Legs,top apron,side rails and coin door.Magnificent.....Sold to make way for Xenon
jtreft   Cincinnati, OHUSAlooking for a game over relay
judoratt  Edmonds, WAUSAIt has been a home use machine since 1980 and is exceptionally clean
jufath   Arnouville les mantesFranceRestauré esthétique et mécanique
collector fromcountrynotes
kangourou  LyonFrance
karl   OsloNorway
katoenlr   CahorsFrance
kaukopoika   KarviaFinlandMy opinion ,this is one of the best EM-era Gottlieb's ,nice artwork ,lot a droptargets !
klauerpower   Oshkosh, WIUSA
kloggmonkey   Shawnee, KSUSARestored
kodokigk   Kennett square, PAUSAvery nice original condition
kurt971   Baie mahaultFrance
collector fromcountrynotes
lachaux  ParisFrance
larsa68   LindomeSweden
latini  ChandolasFrance
le chat  LanildutFrance
leo81000   Saint loupFrance
lovetarget  CherengFrance
lspro301   Atwater, CAUSA
lucky winner   KastellaunGermany
luckydan   West tisbury, MAUSAMy favorite Game. I would like to aquire others in exellent condition.
luis1923  MatosinhosPortugalComplete machine 100% Functional Original condition With xylophone and coin operated
lwest   Springdale, UTUSA
collector fromcountrynotes
macgyver UlestratenNetherlands
manelle  St-legierSwitzerland
marco1384  TarasconFranceUn peu mangé par les vers, mais ça me va (des protéines en réserve ^^ )
markand   Los angeles, CAUSAMachine works, but need to install restored playfield. Machine was broken down by cutting all the wires between the head and the body of the pinball. I spliced back all the wires using the morse code wire twist splice, soldered, then covered each wire with shrink wrap. Game is in process...
markdw   TorontoCanada
marty22   LoudeacFrance
max135   TicinoSwitzerland
mayalabeille   St etienneFrance
mayday27   StaynerCanada
mdr14  Moline, ILUSA$600 bucks will take it. before i change my mind
mezik   CracowPoland
mezik   CracowPoland
mfalme  WarsawPoland
mistertwang   Gujan-mestrasFrance
mitsu 24  MensignacFrance
mjhale22  Cambridge springs, PAUSAPicked up in Warren, Ohio from a collector in exchange for work on 10/8/21. This the "final" game to complete the den collection of Gottlieb 4-Players. Fun game.
mnpin66  Faribault, MNUSA
moe90002   HamiltonCanada
monkeyman   Davenport, IAUSAHas been in climate controlled home use since 1978. Some wear on the playfield around extra ball indicator. Looking for suggestions for touching up playfields.
monsonb  Johnston, IAUSA
motard81   AlbiFranceBack of gamebox ruined by wetness... And gameboxélightbox repainted using dreadful pink/orange housewall paint. Otherwise wonderful, pristine backgass, plastic set and playfield.
mrg   Hillarys perthAustralia
msh   KorsbergaSweden
collector fromcountrynotes
nedi  KangasalaFinland1500 €
nickpin  Elm, NJUSA Original in very good condition
nihonmasa   Le crêtSwitzerland
northstar  Minneapolis, MNUSA
collector fromcountrynotes
olivier69   BrulliolesFrance
olivier7   AncenisFranceGood condition Nice backglass
orangecrateart  BrisbaneAustraliaNice condition very original machine, formerly installed at Luna Park in Sydney.
oscarspa   JaénSpain
ottogd  BramptonCanada
outhole  NrwGermany
collector fromcountrynotes
pabo61   SolothurnSwitzerland
pake67  RimforsaSweden
patpinball   LimogesFrance
patrickb  TalenceFrance
paulin68   MulhouseFrance
paulsenkblei   GörgeshausenGermany
pezjohnson   Centennial, COUSA
pgondot  LanildutFrance
philkeller   ViglainFrance
pinball3  Gipf-oberfrickSwitzerland
pinballark   KalmarSweden
pinballfan  VaughanCanada
pinballmuseum   CracowPoland
pinball_dude   MaxvilleCanada
pinbhallman  Tampa, FLUSAThanks Ken!
pinhead52   Southlake, TXUSAfor sale
pinmadinsa   GautengSouth AfricaStarted restoration but never completed
playmaster  Hawesville, KYUSA
plb524   Alabaster, ALUSAMy Holy Grail Pin
pm22  BarrieCanada
collector fromcountrynotes
ralfredo   OberhausenGermany
ray78   MünchensteinSwitzerland
rdoolin   Water valley, MSUSA95% restored
redknight   Riverside, CAUSA
remicks   Marietta, GAUSApinball machine newbie attempting to restore an old favorite!
remidumas   GigeanFranceJe souhaite repeindre la caisse, si vous avez des conseils, je suis preneur Il reste bloqué sur le 1er joueur, pareil pour les conseils Si vous souhaitez donner des pieces, decors etc... je suis preneur (frais de port à ma charge bien sur)
renaud54  NancyFrance
rhcp   OttawaCanada
ricker  TorontoCanadaAn amazing playfield, with a very good backglass and nice cab. This is a fun EM to play!
rmcdonald   TorontoCanadaCard return is a little dodgy. Looking for advice and help. AND - I lost the stupid cabinet key. Doh!! Luckily the front panel was unlocked.
rocar   ApplesSwitzerland
rocar   ApplesSwitzerland
rock 1448  BrétignyFranceRestauration complète, y compris la caisse.
rockdude233   Oviedo, FLUSA
rockstar1226   Croydon, PAUSAit's all pretty good. i might trade it for a jacks open.
roland paris  LimogesFrance
romarflip   PerpignanFrance
rossignols  Saint denis de pileFrance
rosto   BalanFrance
roxbra 4436 oberdorfSwitzerland
royal flush   Ablon sur seineFrance
rudy1951   Norman, OKUSA
rusman   Springfield, MOUSA
collector fromcountrynotes
s.velja   NisSerbia-Montenegro
same player   NantesFrance
schi2   NewcastleAustralia
schnuffl   Karlsdorf-neuthardGermany
schudel5   Kalamazoo, MIUSA
scrambler   NiederweningenSwitzerland
screenpl  TucholaPoland
screenpl   TucholaPoland
sealawyer   Mclean, VAUSA
seedy   Halls headAustraliaI swapped this Pinball Machine for a Carton of BEER in the year of 1989, at the time BEER was worth just under $20 Australian dollars. The only work I have done is rewind coil wire on both Flipper solinoids and reset, measure and make adjustment on quite a few read switches as it was used as storage for some Children's toys. But other than that the Machine is in very good condition and still remains the same to this day.
sigraeic  SurbourgFranceÉchange possible svt proposition
skeebwilcox   Fairmont, WVUSANICE example of this fun pin...
smcbrien   BrisbaneAustralia
smepelle  BollnäsSweden
spanishsilver   Litchfield, NHUSA
spanishsilver   Litchfield, NHUSA
srtx  Le faouFrance
stan75   Paris 03FranceVendu
steev   BarnsleyUnited Kingdommy favourite
stemma   Montauban de bretagneFrance
strangeways   MelbourneAustralia
superemmanuel   TorcyFranceBEL ETAT
swissplus   ZürichSwitzerland
sylvain28  Sorel-mousselFrance
sylvanus  SylvainFranceComplet
collector fromcountrynotes
takodani   Hugo, MNUSA
tandem2   Gibsonia, PAUSAAnother great classic from the 70's
tantor PoitiersFranceAcheté en Octobre 2021 à l'Isle-Jourdain (Vienne 86), restauré et vendu Mai 2021 à mon oncle
tap455   Georges mills, NHUSASold to DECOSPIN. Have fun! His first pin!
tap455 Georges mills, NHUSAPlayfield deep cleaned, paint touched up, waxed. New Shay backglass, new legs, new plastics, drop targets and glass. Looks and plays great. Cabinet cleaned and waxed, but not repainted so shows some bruises from age, still good enough for most living rooms. Yes, my second time with this title!
tbags  Pawtucket, RIUSA
thejudge   HeathcoteAustraliaMy first Pin, probably paid too much for it but it gets a lot of play so worth it
thooper   CourtenayCanada
timmyvee   Elmhurst, ILUSA
timr720 Lafayette, COUSA
tinu232   WorbSwitzerland
tlang   Lakeway, TXUSA
todd   OshawaCanada
tomvila   Whittier, CAUSA
tophe28   BaigneauxFrance
transcards   Varennes sur allierFrance
troyb825   Salisbury, MDUSA
collector fromcountrynotes
upscomic   Seattle, WAUSAmy first pin. sold from one family to another. looking for other local EM owners to trade repair tips with.
collector fromcountrynotes
vampire   FredrikstadNorway
viking1   Hobe sound, FLUSAThis is my favorite game of all time! I remember playing it frequently when I was a kid. I am currently restoring this classic 1976 EM machine. Paid just $100 for this machine. It does have some water damage to front (coin door) panel and the rear cabinet panel. Does anybody have these panels available for sale or trade? Playfield is in very good condition. Backglass is somewhat faded, but I do have a replacement, more colorful backglass for it already. I plan to frame the extra backglass for display.
collector fromcountrynotes
wadeg   VictoriaCanadaLooking for a copy of the schematics.Please contact me if you have them. Thank you
wagonaire   East greenville, PAUSA
collector fromcountrynotes
yarrenrut   White lake, MIUSA
yed33   BordeauxFranceJe recherche décor gauche du slingshot gauche.
yoyo72   NantesFrance
collector fromcountrynotes
zesurfer  Saint-jean-de-luzFrance
zim57  SarregueminesFrancesold !
zim57  SarregueminesFrance

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