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844 ATTACK FROM MARS (AFM) pinballs found in database
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collector fromcountrynotes
.cri   OlotSpain
collector fromcountrynotes
185joker   SeregnoItaly
collector fromcountrynotes
4eyes   OttawaCanadaNice but will be restored
collector fromcountrynotes
50996   RösrathGermany
5701pin   ViennaAustria
collector fromcountrynotes
80s90s   HarlingenNetherlands
80sphoenix  LondonUnited Kingdom
85txaggie   Port orchard, WAUSAAFMr LE
collector fromcountrynotes
abukede  Paços de ferreiraPortugal
abys   VersaillesFrance
adamper  AvestaSwedenSold
adamper   AvestaSweden
adolfo_2   MadridSpainWaiting delivery.
aeon  HaldenNorwayExcellent condition. New playfield. New cabinet decals (from Illinois PinBall Inc). Mods: Bill Ung Mini-Saucer LED Kit including Expansion Kit, Lit Backboard Decal, some insert LEDs, ColorDMD, complete plastic protection kit, hole protectors, Ball Trough Magnetic Jam Protector, Pinballpro Speaker Kit with Premium High Energy Subwoofer, Red Cabinet Light Mod, Mirror Blades, red Super-bands flipper rubbers, red Super-Bands Pin-Butts for leg levelers, colored sleeves and mini-posts rubber, Transparent Rubber Kit, green LED in Saucer hole, blue LED in Award hole, Powershield Decal, AFM UV decal set with blue light unit, 4 new Mirror-Glazed pinballs, WPC MPU Power Fix circuit board installed, PDI Optical anti-glare playfield glass. PinSound Soundboard with 2.1 stereo kit with customized high quality music and sound (currently a great sound pack from the movie Mars Attacks that fits the machine perfectly). Fine-tuned for maximum fun.
again MontelimarFrance100% fonctionnel. Electronique saine. Caisse délavée. Prix 4200€ possibilité de mettre sur palette. Equipe en led sous inserts.
agvp   Melrose park, ILUSA
airiq   BriveFrance
akltm1  BremenGermanyNice condition! Completely cleaned, playfield protector, clear plastic protectors, black mirror blades, playfield + backboard leds, Mini-Saucer-Mod, new cabinet decals, Visaton subwoofer, invisible playfield glass and LCD ColorDMD
akront   MontelimarFranceRestauration fini, bientôt les photos !
ak_tilt   Anchorage, AKUSA
aladinice  NiceFranceattack from mars caisse délavée mais un game play qui donne toujours envie d'y revenir il fonctionne tres bien meme s'il a des heures de routes ! j'y tiens beaucoup !
alemot MilanoItalyTOTALLY RESTORED IN MINT CONDITIONS. New cabinet decals, sideboard decals set, superchrome set, pimped up with leds, convolux green plastics, clearcoated playfield. 100% full working. dmd color option.
alexve  VeneziaItalyrestauro completato...funzionante al 100%!!!!
algrande  CalgaryCanadaJust completed the Radcals ....Absolutely beautiful! Shaker motor
alucinoff   MadridSpain
amg   WissenGermany
andronicos   EngomiCyprusIn working condition just needs minor touch ups
andy70   LilleFrance
andydn   KentUnited Kingdom
andymac   RomaItalyPrototipo.
anejo68  TerniItaly
anothertoy4me   LondonCanadaChicago Gaming. AFM LE remake. Love it! HUO
antoines RoncqFrance
antonioparri  SienaItaly
antonioparri   SienaItaly
anve  HakadalNorway
aperigo61   ArgentanFrance
apscarpelli   Spokane, WAUSA
aralso   ArzonFrance
arcadehd  Oklahoma city, OKUSAMajor restoration, Looks and Plays like new. The attack is on, get it or get left behind.
arcaderehab   Oradell, NJUSACompletely restored, new cabinet decals and original low use playfield. Nice example!
armani   TeixeiraBrazil
arnaud78   EponeFrance
arrow67   SaverneFranceentièrement restauré (caisse, plateau)presque toute les pièces sont neuves (rampes, vis, soucoupes, cibles, manchette,dot, decals de caisse, pieds, switch etc.
asp1310   LjubljanaSlovenia
attack   GöteborgSweden
attackfrommars   San jose, CAUSASweet!
attilak   Lumberton, NJUSA
autobox   CsongrádHungary
avo   SiegenGermanyright now it´s under restoration. Will be ready end 2023. New Cab, new playfield, stripped to parts and cleaned. Please ask not before end 2023 for a price!
collector fromcountrynotes
ballycollector   Den boschNetherlands
baltes  Crepy en valoisFrance
baltes Crepy en valoisFrancea vendre tres beau attack 5000€
baltes  Crepy en valoisFranceAFM a restaurer plateau usé 4000€
bananajoe ZürichSwitzerland9000.- Topper/LED Fotos können per Whats app gesendet werden.
bananajoe ZürichSwitzerland
bananajoe  ZürichSwitzerland
barry609   OldhamUnited Kingdom
baseball1970   Rochester, NYUSA
bay78 WinnipegCanadaFully shopped out. Looks and plays MUCH better then before. Night and day actually. Really fast and full of power. Excellent game. Now that I own one I see what all the fuzz is about! I will REALLY miss this one but had to let it go to pave the way for MMR to land here.
baz999  NottinghamUnited Kingdom
beelzeboob   East hanover, NJUSA
ben91  EvryFrancele p'tit frère du medieval, j'adore ..
benj2208   St laurent du varFrance
benygraff   La rochelleFranceRefait a neuf intégralement decal,plateau,led,shaker,pinsound, pack chrome...
bghenson23   Sterling, VAUSA
bhemming   BramptonCanada
bidur54   HerserangeFranceplateau neuf, playfield protector, décals neufs, miroirs, rampes neuves, cibles, plastiques, éjecteurs, pieds et contacts neufs. Etat collector
bilko1340  ChelmsfordUnited KingdomComplete restoration including new playfield.
bindorius  LivornoItaly
binos  PlaisirFrance4300e vendu
binos PlaisirFranceAttack from mars black custom, all are new, with new cabinet decals, new siderail black, black leggs and lockbarr. New playfield New decor set, red ramps, mods bi coulor led in big saucer, and mods kit led mini saucer... 100% led and black mirror blades, apron custom martian mods... dmd color. One of the most beautiful attack from mars.
binos PlaisirFranceflipper démonté, restauré et revisé, 100% ok, New cabinet décals, ramps ok,strobo ok, apron custom, Playfield without wear, but mylar. Price 5000e or trade with Monster bash or Medieval
binos  PlaisirFranceFull resto état collector. Dmd color new playfield, all new.
bioba  BrisbaneAustraliaNew playfield, new rubbers, new decals, new flipper assembly, full led kit, mirror blades, shaker motor, premium speaker system, Cliffy protectors, red led eye alien mod, new red legs and protectors, chrome side rails and lock down bar, saucer led mod. Strobe light upgrade. Silicone post sleves and flipper rubbers. A collectors dream machine.$12500 will swap
birdman  HalifaxCanadaLE #550, Convolux plastic protectors, mirror blades, topper
bk2k  ChalabreFranceBlackout & shaker Motor, ColorDMD
bkfiv   Chesterton, INUSAAFM Remake LE Green bought NIB
boaz   Saint-jean-de-luzFranceFully refurbished by 2Niro...Full led, 3D translite with led, Cliffy’s,
bodukehazzard01   EpernayFrance
bop-martin  AalenGermanyA fantastic game .....
borgonovi  Sao jose do rio pretoBrazil
borgonovi   Sao jose do rio pretoBrazil
bos007   WevelgemBelgium
bottlecul   Saint maur des fossésFrance
bouda  MagescqFranceAFM phoenix - demonté , nettoyé , kit décors plastiques neufs , secoupes neuves , full leds ( insert GI fronton flash), miroirs latéraux , kit batteurs neufs , elastiques transparents, chrome neuf (lockbar siderails)
bouda MagescqFranceAFM totalement restauré état collection : plateau mirco neuf , caisse neuve ( repeinte décales neufs etc) , décores neufs , full chrome ( toutes pieces metalliques chromés) ,secoupes chrome, mirroir latéraux , colordmd , mods ,vrai backglass mirroir , vitre anti reflets, etc… exemplaire original refais a neuf plus beau qu'un remake exemplaire collection
bouli   Luxeuil les bainsFrance
bprijs27   GeerdijkNetherlandsRestored like new
brett2280   NewcastleAustralia
buba   MilanoItalyGrazie Gabriele!
buenorj  RjBrazil
butch35712 Saint-eustacheCanadafull moded with colot dmd 3d lighted topper clearcoated playfield
collector fromcountrynotes
cactus   ReigoldswilSwitzerland
cactusxav EpernayFranceDécal neuf et partiellement led. plateau vernis au bi*composant a vendre 4300€
cactusxav   EpernayFrance
cafesix   ParisFrance
caholopes   Porto alegreBrazil
caiopaiola   FlorianópolisBrazil
cajoeter   BredaNetherlands
calagan44  NantesFrance
caleb   BrugesBelgium
calvin12   Bolingbrook, ILUSA
cami   ParisFrance
camorato   Santo andreBrazil
captainronaldo   Long beach, CAUSA
capt_bud   Cheyenne, WYUSAThe family's absolute favorite!
cbz   NyköpingSweden
cece034 MarsillarguesFrancesuper flip d'origine, avec un plateau sans mylar ! vernis en super état 2NIRO,mods soucoupe de couleur verte et rouge, artside, kit convulux, led, decals de cibles, caisse refaite, DOT PIN2DMD EVO avec colorisation, consommables neuf ( billes plots elastiques) le flipper joue super bien, système batteurs, bobines, nettoyer, régler à la perfection, changé si problème, un régal à jouer, chrome en parfait état, rampes ok, stromboscope ok, pas contre un échange contre un flip équivalent dossier photos videos etc sur whatsapp possible expédition possible sur palette avec emballage hyper soigné possible
ced41   BloisFrance
ced54  BultFranceL'AFM fait partie de mes favoris, restauré méticuleusement par mes soins (caisse et plateau avec vernis céramique + Playfield Protector V2), il est magnifique. Full chrome. Collector.
ced54  BultFranceX2
charon   HuyBelgium
cheese_wizardpq  North hatleyCanadaVery good / Excellent condition. All leds, new main saucer, 2 new toppers combined, lighting backboard, Pingraffix Apron, cliffys everwhere, mirror pinblades, ColorDMD. Green light flipper buttons. Green undercab lights. PDI glass from Pinball decals. Red leds in alien banks. Green leds in stroke of luck. Green LED Speaker Light Kit. Red starpost lights in slings. Strip led under apron. Plays flawlessly. Collector piece
chester_pete   UkUnited KingdomSaid never, but money talks!
cholm  GothenburgSwedenCabinet has been completely restored to mint condition with new Cabinet Decals. New Playfield, Plastic kit, Targets, Coils, Coin Door, Powder Coated Black Legs, Siderails, and Lockdown Bar. Addons: ColorDMD, Saucer GozMod, Mini Saucer LED Kit (UFO Pinball), Mini Saucer Expansion Kit (UFO Pinball), Pinbits Shaker Motor Kit, Pinbits Blackout mod, Saucer light kit, Noflix LED Plus kit, NoFlix Dimmed LED GI and Backbox, Target Decal Set, PlexiGlass Custom Backboard, Interactive LED Light Kit for Plexiglass Backboard, Martian Figure with Red LED Eyes, Red Martian Mothership Upgrade Kit, Scoop Hole Green LED Kit, PinGraffix PinBlades, PinGraffix Custom Apron, Cointaker LED Flipper Buttons (Red), Red Transparent Flipper Bats, White Super-Bands, Flipper Fidelity Speaker Upgrade kit, Speaker Light kit, Speaker Acrylics, Non Glare Glass. Selling price 11000€
chris15  WeyerFrance
chris8  AntibesFrancejust arrived at home
chris911 EvryFrance
chrismo1   LeverkusenGermanyVery good Condition
christian35 MernelFranceBonjour, Le flipper étant vendu...Je me sépare des deux mod’s (neufs jamais montés, encore en carton Facture de 1200€ ) à savoir: Attack From Mars Flying Saucer Kit + Attack From Mars Illuminated Bracket, le tout 1000€ Port en sus Merci, Christian
chrysos1411   Limassol ( cyprus)GreeceOne of the best.Nuff said...
ciaoturbo  RovigoItaly
claudio.sp  São pauloBrazilFully restored. New cabinet´s decals. Clearcoated Playfield. 100% Led lighting. 100% working without errors. Mint condition.
claudius   WeinsbergGermany- Cabinet and Backbox restored, New Decals - New Siderails - New Ramps - New Legs - New Rubbers - New Plastics - Playfield restored and clearcoated - ColorDMD - UFO Pinball Saucer Mod - Full LED
clonem   São pauloBrazil
coaster33   VancouverCanada  LimeiraBraziltudo 100% como nova! LimeiraBraziltinha 2, 1 vendida!
craigc   Elmhurst, ILUSA
crapou   MendeFrance
cudabee   BorgercompagnieNetherlandsNeeds cabinet decals,and to make it perfect a new playfield.Good player as is..
culik   ItuBrazilmaquina muito bem restaurada
cw  GothenburgSwedenThis game is very unique as it has a brand new playfield installed costing £500. Playfield: All plastic parts and rampschanged to new onesMetal fasteners tumbledBall guides polished to a mirror finishBumper jets replacedAll playfield mechanisms stripped and cleanedFlippers rebuiltHarness and lamps boards cleanedStroke of luck scoop replacedStroke of luck hole comes with an inner protector Cabinet: Cabinet fully sanded, filled and primedBlack areas resprayedNew front side and backboard decals appliedCabinet insides sandedLock down bar, ramp guides and side rails polished to a mirror finishNew legsNew display ( vishay ) Det jag kompletterat med är plastic protectors från OrbitPinball inc., samt backboarddekalen från TreasureCove Spelet kommer komplett med nycklar, myntsil och manual .Inga felkoder-- (OBS: Förra ägarens beskrivning)
cyberdome25  WeertNetherlandsNeeds to be restored. Boards/prints are already restored. Gozmod is installed (new suarcer and board). Comes with: new decals, new and clearcoated playfield, new ramps, new plastic set, led, new stand-up targets, new stroke of luck scoop, saucer lightning mod, etc. Would trade against LOTR, LOTR LE or WOZ any edition. Make me an offer!
collector fromcountrynotes
dabomb1  MundareCanadaHave a new playfield and set of cabinet decals.
dandrimontp WasquehalFranceSuper Flipper en super Etat. 100% fonctionnel.
daniele345  BergamoItaly
danielz dnlz   Sao pauloBrazilworking on the Play field
dannyelmonarca   Phoenix, AZUSA
dany67flip  WasselonneFranceachat 11/ passion a été plus forte que la raison!04/20 restauration complète,vernissage plateau,décals de caisse,peinture des parties métal en vert,customisation des soucoupes,bracket by 2niro,full leds,convolux,side décors,apron custom,dmd color.
darthvad  AthensGreeceClearcoated, all lamps have been replaced with LED's . The cabinet has new decals and is in perfect condition . For sure a collector 's pinball. Is sells for 4.200 euros. I can also trade for a medieval madness with some money from me.
dave  BergamoItalyL'ambientazione non e' una delle mie preferite,pero' il fatto che sia molto veloce come gioco lo rende avvincente ed intrigante...
davethetrain   SudburyUnited Kingdom
dave_s10s   Barrie onCanada
davidgarcia   MéruFrance
davidspins   Sherman oaks, CAUSAMy favorite game currently. So much fun.
dax909 NantesFranceTrès belle exemplaire avec de nombreux mods ( soucoupe 2niro, piste led 2niro, blade, bâtiment, autocollants cible... )
dbishop1982   SidcupUnited KingdomAttack From Mars!!
dcbpinball   Kansas city, MOUSA
degen   UmeåSweden
degen   UmeåSweden
demeire OrangeFranceBonjour Je met en vente mon AFM. Refait a neuf Électronique RAS,plateau nikel,trou repris (photo sur demande), vernis au 2k brillant (8 couches)puis Playfield protector après 3 mois de séchage (pour éviter la moindre usure lol),black personnalisé sur plexi avec rétro éclairage,Side mirror, Cliffy protector, Decals de caisse neuf,peinture epoxy sur les pieds,lock,sides.Consommables et led neuves Vend ou echange contre flipper de meme niveau sur une base de 9450€ Je suis de Orange,vaucluse. Envoi possible.Merci
derv   LannionFrance
deviliann  LédenonFrance
dg  Miranda do corvoPortugalNew Playfield. New Cabinet decals. Amazing condition. Perfect Machine. ;)
dgarrett0   Geneva, ILUSA$8000 Great Condition with SOL protector. Martian eyes light up, new Saucer plate , new CPU board
dgarrett0   Geneva, ILUSANewly restored PF, Cabinet, parts and boards.
diecirobi   QuaregnonBelgium
diecirobi  QuaregnonBelgiumnew playfield / new decals / new rubbers / full LED / DOT pin2dmd pinball in perfect condition 100% works price 6300
diegotech Botticino seraItalyDopo lunga attesa è arrivato, quasi pari al nuovo
dieterm   Avon, OHUSA
difo  BudapestHungary:D
digital_live   MunichGermanyin good condition
dino5   MontrealCanadaGood overall player`s condition
djs   NorwichUnited Kingdom
dlsmith   TorontoCanada
dmode   AlborayaSpain
doctor pinball  BucharestRomania
doghouse  Gibsonton, FLUSANice example with Bill Ung saucers, minimal fade on cabinet and subwoofer that works better than a shaker.
dom78   78 yvelinesFrancemerci Steph
dom78  78 yvelinesFranceCibles tombantes ok, batteurs et strobo ok, plateau mylar,. secoupe neuve Leds sous inserts. Decals décoloés.
doodbird  Wellford, SCUSA
dos.reboot   TecumsehCanada
dp  SkopjeMacedonia
drano  TorontoCanada
drinkduffbeer  PrestonUnited Kingdom
drnutbush   WertachGermany
druidaa   SalamancaSpainFuncional 100%
druidaa  SalamancaSpainPlayfield very good condition, cliffy, decal end of playfield. Cabinet good colour but scratches in buttons area. Possible trade with MB or another pin + cash.
dsaintos   Downtown, MAUSAPerfect Machine
dsf   Banja lukaBosnia-Herzegovina
dutchcollector   TilburgNetherlands
duty007  YoGermany
dwozz  Schaumburg, ALUSA
collector fromcountrynotes
eas   UddevallaSweden
eaterpinball   TorontoCanadaClearcoated,chromed in and out! no glare glass.
ebjimmyg  West chester, PAUSArefurbed by gameroom collectibles. leds, color dmd, topper, spaceship mod, etc etc... $12000 is the lowest i will take... dont ask me about it unless you want to spend that much.
edii23   EmpoliItaly
edmost   Vienna, VAUSA
ego   KalmarSweden
ejts12   CuritibaBrazil
el topo   RavensburgGermany
electricman1   BernSwitzerland
electricman1  BernSwitzerland
electricman1  BernSwitzerland5100e. collector's quality
electrojeux   SaxonSwitzerland
eli2  LilleFrance
eli2  LilleFrancefull original 4700€. obviously in great shape.request pics or video. fully restored
elmax75  BléhariesBelgiumAttack Remake LE green body armor
elwood   AuroraCanada
elwoodbe   CourcellesBelgium
emy760  ArtenaItalyper questo un ringraziamento ai miei cari amici Enrico e Claudio
eneatoluzzo PeregoItalySpettacolare Attack From Mars Piano laccato con satinatura semi opaca Decals nuove cassone Pulizia ad ultrasuoni e tumbler Funzionante al 100% Smontaggio in ogni sua parte Una sensazione unica provare un bel flipper con un piano strepitoso Chiedete all'acquirente soddisfatto!!! No led.. all like old style! VENDUTO AL MIO CARO AMICO PHILLIP
enkaho   SouthFranceFully functional with shaker and pinsound, but playfield needs to be restored
enzopasciuti VareseItalyAttack from Mars full restored with clearcoated playfield, new original decals, new sources, new plastics and ramps, color DMD and more more.... 10k euro plus shipping in all Europe
epok  TarragonaSpain
ericlebaron   Mareil le guyonFranceSeems NEW - light apron - dmd color - Tim Burton's martians installed! - many other mods
ericlebaron Mareil le guyonFranceFull re-creation from scratch of pinball ATTACK FROM MARS, this is a reproduction similar to original (NOT a remake) Pinball like new, everything almost is NEW (cabinet/Mirco playfield/wirings/trafo/plastics parts/metal parts/switchs/ targets/ bumpers/saucers/martians/plastic ramps,...) Customized lighting mod for big saucers (8 choices), special US mod for running leds in small saucers and lane under big saucer. Leds stroboscope. All electronic boards new, pinsound+, color led DMD with colorization files, siderails/lockbar/hinges/legs/inside mirrors CHROME, light custom apron, non reflective glass, leds, light slingshot posts. For sale Price 11k€ Pinball near Paris, shipping possible but direct test/play/removal prefered
ericmf91   Saint etienneFrance
ericmf91   Saint etienneFrance
error777   Sao pauloBrazil
etta   ComoItaly
eugene00009  Los angeles, CAUSANo dent or wear in cabinet this game work perfectly, available to go now for $4500 you can reach me through or just a text at Three two one-Two seven zero-One two one five
collector fromcountrynotes
fab31   ToulouseFrancele flip est en état collector,plateau neuf,plastiques neufs,full leds,decals side interrieur..
fairplay72   RostockGermany
falaip77   CuneoItalyRestauro TOP, piano nuovo Mirco ,decal nuove australiane, full crome siderali lockbar staffe rotazione testa gambe specchi laterali interni ecc...... elettronica perfetta, interno cassone pulito e sterilizzato, DMDCOLOR, luce su sfondo piano e sotto cassone, led nolfix plus, versione prototipo n52, manuali presenti, installato kit crome button protector con logo attack from Mars, topper con astronave e un'icona della vecchia Bally/williams come nuovo.
falcao RomaItaly
falcao   RomaItaly
fana1313   SiraultBelgium
fandeflip  ToulouseFrance
fantasygoat   TorontoCanada
fastrmacr Denver, COUSA
faudas  San mango piemonteItalyAttack From Mars completamente restaurato,bellissimo!!
faust EnschedeNetherlandsRestored in absolute collectors conditions with all possible mods such as UFO led kit, bill ung expansion kit. 7000 euros asking price
fgdn31   CugnauxFrance
fightcox  SavonnieresFrancePartait état de fonctionnement, caisse et plateau à restaurer.
fishbulb  Weston-super-mareUnited Kingdomfully restored - new playfield, LED's, decals, plastics, ramps, translight, etc. Colour DMD
fitzroy   JönköpingSweden
fjn   GothenburgSweden
flip69   LyonFrance
flip77   VillemarechalFrance
flipheure  ParisFranceFlipper Attack From Mars original entièrement restauré. Pièces neuves : Carte CPU Rottendog, Plateau, Décals de caisse, rampes, lock bar et siderails, set d'elastiques, Dot Color DMD, Apron lumineux, carte son PinSound, miroirs latéraux, convolux, miroir, pieds, cliffy, speaker panel... Nombreux mods: 2 petites soucoupes, 2 reines, figurines au fond du flipper, Bandes d’éclairage LED multi couleurs et multi effets, soucoupes custom avec éclairages. Apron lumineux custom. Mod sur HP, Mod soucoupe centrale avec éclairage en dessous, Flash dans yeux martiens y compris sur les décors de côté. Full LED. Une vraie pièce de collection! Vente ou échange. Dossier photos sur demande (les photos sur ce site sont compressées donc rendent moins bien qu'en réalité)
flipout2000   BirminghamUnited Kingdom
flipper-jukebox  GuidoniaItalySolo piano di gioco in ottime cindizioni originale Bally 1995 Only playfield in nice condition . Orignal 1995 1000€ Exl shipm.
flipper-one BiellaItalySell or trade. I accept many option. Feel free to ask. Original, not remake. Chromed . Led. New decals. Makrolon 2° gen. Color dmd LCD high resolution. Rotterdog board. Pinsound board. Pinsound speakers. Speakers LED bright. Translite 3D. Lobster mod. Saucers led mod. Expansion kit led mod. Guide under the big saucer with logo and LED. Martians with led eyes. Button protector with logo. Hinger of backbox with logo. Lightning apron with logo. Lightning topper with logo. Mirror blades. Remote controller for test , credits , volume with the coindoor closed .
flipper50  AarauSwitzerlandNew playfield, new ramps and targets etc., new cabinet decals, CHF 8'500.-
flippest   LilleFrance
flocar21  MaubeugeFranceMon flip préféré !!! Caisse complétement refaite, nouveaux décals, laquage noir brillant sur les parties inox qui va si bien à l'AFM, kit Ultimate Pinsound + shaker, plateau restauré et rampes neuves, carte strobo Homepin, revu de A à Z par un pro qui a fait un excellent boulot. Pas prêt de quitter la game-room car on est tous accro à la maison
fodcsab   FodorHungary
foneit  FucecchioItaly
forbes256  Florence, KYUSAProfessionally restored and gorgeous! Clearcloated playfield, new cabinet and decals, full LEDs... PDI glass, Bill Ung kit on had painted saucers, shaker motor. A real gem!
forever  PaleyFrance
fr3ak   FriedrichsthalGermany
franck81  ArthesFrance
franckie   RonnebySweden
francois87   LimogesFrance
frankie898   Willoughby hills, OHUSA
fred33  MacauFrance
freddy   Cisterna di latina (lt)ItalyIN RESTAURO...
fredflip   La teste-de-buchFrance
fredo62   62France2 exemplaires 1 with new playfield
froesius   LemgoGermany
frosty   MelbourneAustralia
fulham1972   RösrathGermanyNow I am finally the ruler of the universe
fuza  SmolenskRussiaOne more pinball was fully restored. Condition was not bad, but too much small things to fix. Playfield have few spots where image was scratched until wood. As result this pin was repainted, new decals on it. Everything in this machine was cleaned. Fully restored playfield, this is original playfield back from 1996 :) New color dmd. All rubbers was replaced, everywhere put LED. So as result this game got new life after 21 years from moment of release.
collector fromcountrynotes
g94   GentBelgium
gabrielo  MadridSpainPERFECT. full restored.
games  MunichGermanyOriginal Attack from mars pinball machine for sale. 3700e sipping in pallet or pick up
gandalf le gris  LilleFrance
garbinator   OsloNorwayThis is the Chicago Gaming remake, Attack from Mars LE. Installed target decals and cliffy protectors. Bought NIB.
garfieldje   ZwijndrechtBelgium
garyd56   North attleboro, MAUSA
gastoon  CabrisFrance
gator  PartilleSwedenVery nice condition
gedge  Yucaipa, CAUSA
general lee   BierbeekBelgium
generalgman   CalgaryCanadaNice clean base machine. Color DMD. Bill Ung saucer kit. New Micro playfield and all new ramps. Pictures soon!
geoninja  FontainebleauFrance
geoninja FontainebleauFranceRestauration decals cabinet, new full révision,100%
germain  Canary island/euSpainen venta en españa dispuesto a enviar contacto para detalles y precio (4300€)
ghiandalf MilanoItalyI sell my Attack from Mars it's perfect, no signs or defects and I'm available to trade it. I look for a Indiana Jones Williams restored or not but I want a perfect playfield and Metallica LE or recent pinball ciao New parts list: Original Australian decal Playfield Screws and bolts targets leds Monitor Speaker Panel Translite and profile lift trim set New original backbox light electrical system Internal case painted black 3 ramps Sticker set Plastic set Little Saucers Large Saucers Legs Siderail Lockbar End stop glass glass switches Bumpers Flippers Rubber set balls Mods: Cointaker set led Makrolon Light targets Red Convolux protector Chromes Legs Chromed Lockbar Chromed Siderails Target decal Premium carbon balls Chromed little saucers Large saucer Light bumpers Supermirrored blade Red Superbands Silicone red rubber set
ghigos MilanoItalypiano laccato, cassone laccato, tutto perfetto vendo 8k
gilbi ThionvilleFranceBeautiful collector state AFM (electronic, playfield, decals), Full LED, Martian LED Eyes MOD, Colored green/red/silver Saucers, Convolux, Mirror blades, Back panel decal, Cliffy, LCD ColorDMD, Custom translite (original translite available), Custom flippers toppers (laser cut and engraved), Original manual and schematics, Anti-reflective glass, cabinet leg protectors, keychain
giobbi  ItapetiningaBrazilGreat shape, just minor scratches on the playfield. Needs some minor repairs, but fully playable!
giorgio86   00049 velletri ( roma )Italy
gipo   RomaItaly
gis81   ValdurenqueFrance
giwi04  HönigsbergAustriaAAAAAAAAARGGGG - WOMAN !!!!!!!!
gizmonic   Albany, NYUSA
gjtorres  São carlosBrazil
gnatty23   East aurora, NYUSA
gold   WellingtonNew ZealandGreat thanks juan
golden   ParisFranceÉchangé contre un beau Lord.
goldenbear   Santa ana, CAUSA
gosepin   Champaign, ILUSA
gregbenz  LondonCanadaFully Restored, MINT MINT MINT
groba   ZürichSwitzerland
grosmono  Houplin-ancoisneFrance
groupbands   WinterwijkNetherlands
grs57  Petit-rederchingFranceFull restored. Mirror blades; sound sytem, LED, Custom Illuminated Apron, light posts.....
gt44   Saint michel chef chefFrance
guillaumix  La baule-escoublacFranceNew decals set, Full led, New plastics set and plastics protectors, Cliffy set, Topper led flying saucer, Target Decal Set, Decal door, Side decals, Shaker motor Kit, Mods ( Leds saucers, Led martians and martian led flying saucer), Full Chrome: Highly polished chrome Legs set - Side rail set - Backbox hinge set - lockdown bar - Door - Buttons (start, launch bar)
guizmo35   Brains sur les marchesFrance
gun001   Den helderNetherlandsNo errors. great shape! pick up at Den H also willing to ship. 4400euro perfect condition
gust79   KinnaSweden
collector fromcountrynotes
hack-tarus AmenucourtFranceattack from mars restauré a neuf plateau neuf rampes neuves decors neufs ball, élastique premium, éjecteur , cibles leds, mods ( legers )...etc tout est neuf. Lane et pieces mettalique polies, playfield protector, side mirror, decals de caisse neuf. il est juste magnifique! a vendre 7000e, possibilité d 'echange partiel avec ,TOTAN, MM, MB,TZ,STTNG,IJ,SS... Attack from mars restored new playfield new ball ramps new decors premium elastic ejector target LEDs, mods etc ... everything is new. Lane and parts mettalique polished, playfield protector, side mirror, decals set new. it is just beautiful! sale 7000e, possibility of partial exchange with TOTAN, MM, MB, TZ, STTNG, IJ, SS ...
hall76  BoxholmSwedenWorking condition
hamburgerman   Houston, TXUSA
hammerhead   MelbourneCanadaCQ restored by Treasure Cove
hansh  HerrljungaSweden
happy jo  Neunkirchen 66538Germany03.2017. New Playfield, black mirror blades, green UFO`s, convolus plastic protectors in red, Backboard lightning kit, LED`s, Color LED, new black legs and decals on Cabinet (little wrinkle on side) and backbox. Own decals on VUK and targetbank, "Eat at eddys" building.
harni  KasselGermanyCompletely restored in 2020. Alternate Brian Allen Translite.
harold  ChristchurchNew Zealand
harold   ChristchurchNew Zealand
harryvi  VilleperrotFrancePlateau vernis posts visserie recal de caisses decors ponts de couloir leds vvp elastiques translucide billes secoupes neuves mods 2 couleurs grandes secoupes cible fixe neuve batteurs rampes neuves Dot Fini
harta_1  LindesbergSweden
heckler  ValenciaSpain
heizhoernchen   KölnGermany
hensteeth2go GlasgowUnited Kingdom1996(February) Has remained original and unrefurbished with exception to the (all) saucer light Mod. Plays perfectly. The light mod is awsome and an important part of the pin. Now fitted with colour display and mirror blades which gives this pintable a whole new dimension. Now cosmetically complete. Plays as good as it looks......... Just brilliant. RESERVED payment/Collection in person only.
herve ParisFranceFor sale, New cabinet decals, full led, cliffy protector, full playfield with mylar, no error, dmd perfect, new set decor, leg no rust, 4400€
herve ParisFranceFully restored !! Much better than new!!! 6800€
hidravi   VillenaSpain
hiesicheesy   GelsenkirchenGermanyLooking for a trade with TSPP or maybe CV!
hocuspocus   Aix en provenceFranceNew playfield, new cabinet decals, saucers with leds. Very beautiful
hopper   CracowPoland
hornisse69   CologneGermanyFully Restored. Many Extras. Colour DMD
hornisse69  CologneGermanyAFM Remake LE Green New in Box ! Up for Sale ...
hp   HedaredSwedenRestored
hporto  CampinasBrazilFixing on it's way ...
hunico   HunicoSpain
hunterman80   LyonFrance5000 euro - HEP clearcoated PF - Color DMD - Both Bill Ung Kits - Lighted Acrylic Backboard from Pinball Decals - Pinball Pro speaker upgrade - Full LEDs - Cabinet and playfield are extremely nice with no dings, scratches or wear anywhere. - I have Cliffy protector for Mothership that will be installed (no wear there but just to be safe!! pictures on request
hydrobio  WervikFranceAttack from mars restoré,tout est nouveau.... plateau,plastics, decals , apron pinball dreams, DMD color, black mirror,led bi color grande soucoupe, rampes rouges edition limitée, martiens custom imprimante 3d, full led etc etc etc.....
collector fromcountrynotes
ice 7485   Saint- aunesFrance
ilcolosso FrosinoneItalyflipper acquistato e restaurato immediatamente con ricambi originali. trasformato completamente a led! un gioiello unico!! il piano è perfetto e sono stati inseriti inserti trasparenti per evitarne l'usura nel tempo. Scede originali, mai riparate! Lo vendo a chi viene a vederlo e capisce davvero il suo valore e lo stato incredibile del restauro.
imeh   Virginia beach, VAUSAHEP 2014
ink   BoråsSweden
inmarin   Mill valley, CAUSA
integra2004  BruchsalGermany23.09.2023 AFMR LE. Eat at Eddys from Mezel Mods and Display Cover.
iure   Rio de janeiroBrazilRestored. New rebuild kits and Martians. Upgraded UFO Led's and red ships from Pinball Bay. 100% leds from Pinball Life and Cointaker. BG control lights and Shaker from Pinbits. New customized topper!
ivancicognani   ForlìItaly
collector fromcountrynotes
jack pote   MetzFranceTop, le meilleur de sa génération.
jackpotjoe  Fairfax, VAUSA
jagman  Stratford on avonUnited Kingdomnew playfield, alternative decals, mint
jak   Pittsburgh, PAUSA
jar155   Centerville, UTUSA
jaras_pl  ElblagPolandcolor lcd ,invicible glass, sideblades ,new radcalls and more .
jblbusta   Castro urdialesSpain
jdubbbs   South side detroit, MIUSAAlmost done
jeffbarrett   NapoliItalyTroppo bello...mi sa che non lo restaurerò mai visto che ci gioco sempre. Grazie Tiziano.
jeffc   Alexandria, VAUSA
jeffdavid59   HazebrouckFrancePlateau d'origine en excellent état protégé par un PP. Caisse sérigraphiée comme l'original (pas de décal de caisse), shaker, Convolux, Mods Martiens, Siderail et lockbar chromé, Pinsound, color DMD, Mod immeuble Donuts World.
jeffreynero   EpinalFrance
jets BeauvaisFranceFull restoration, new playfield clearcoated, metal parts polished and many, many new parts.
jgagnon   ChicoutimiCanada
jimjob   Long island, NYUSAHEP
jimwilks   Carlisle, ontarioCanada
jk2171   Chicago, ILUSA
jmn   SundsvallSweden
joao_sto _andre   Santo andreBrazilColorDMD Display,Cliff Protectors ,Ultra Bright Leds (playfield,G.I.,Backbox),Blackout MOD ,Shaker Motor,new plastic set,new ramps,UFO LED KIT+ UFO Expansion LED KIT!Need some work in the playfield!
joe1   JohanneshovSweden2007
joemagiera   Evanston, ILUSA
joffrey EstairesFrance5500
johaneriksson   TäbySweden
johnbonobo  CaenFrance
johnvorwerk   New ulm, MNUSACouldn't be in much better shape. Bought new by small town pizza joint and never was moved from it's location.
jokern   AvestaSweden
jokern   AvestaSweden
jokerpoker  NowraAustraliaHUO AFMRLE #293 Aaaaataaaack! Wow what can I say about this LE. CGC knocked it out of the park in my opinion. Picked this little beauty up from a mate, 74 total plays and only 2 months new out of box. Clearcoat is very impressive on this game. This game came with the 3D translite which are really amazing to see up close. Pix definitely don’t do it justice. Has the Pingraffix power blades, again a fantastic mod. The original equipment spec is really good, upgraded sound is awesome, large colour DMD is a very nice touch. Don’t get me started on that topper, it is dare I say.......out of this world. I’ve played some very very nice fully restored originals and I would go out on a limb and say this is better, way better. Love all the extra adjustments in the CGC sub menu. Not much more I can add. A modern classic or a classic made modern!! Sold to make way for Deadpool LE
jokerpoker  NowraAustraliaHUO AFMRLE #960. Yes I know I’ve already owned one, I just sold it way too soon. Best topper in pinball. Looks great next to BKLE! I had the mirrored backglass from CPR ready and waiting before the game arrived this time. Looks fantastic, it’s an LE after all and deserves the full treatment. Fitted Mr Tantrums custom coindoor decal, flipper toppers and Vuk building cover mod. He even did a custom sign, “Harry’s cafe de Wheels” It’s an Aussie thing. Light up shooter housing from Beatmaster. Chrome legbolts, coindoor bezels and shooter housing from Chris at HRA. Great build these CGC games and having owned all three I’d say this is the best to date, for me anyway. PDI glass to finish it off. No dimples lol. Aaaaaaaaataaaaaaack!! Sold again and miss it already. :)
jorgeslk Povoa de varzimPortugalGreat machine.
josefranklim   PortoPortugalvendido por reno 66, pessoa cordial e simpatica,obrigado Moreno. jan 2014
jozo   CiovoCroatia
jukeboxjanne   DösjebroSwedenOne game is in operating at Bollhuset in Lund
jukeboxjanne   DösjebroSwedenThis game is in operating on interpool in Malmö
julien42   Saint etienneFrance
jump   LuzernSwitzerlandCompletely restored in 2012. Now in a "like new" condition
jumpytnt  MilanoItalybello , full led … mio preferito .
jura   TrollhättanSweden
jussisai   TuusulaFinland
collector fromcountrynotes
karl   OsloNorwayNice condition. Pinball Pro speakers, color dmd, non-glare glass. More to come :)
karl   OsloNorwayThe NEW SE with mirror blades and green plastic protectors
karlos   GüssingAustria
kbclauss  BergenNorwayGood condition, some minor work and it will be more or less perfect with only a few signs of wear!
kenshiro90   VelletriItalyGrazie marcolino per lo scambio con il tuo cactus, forse troppa differnza ma va bene cosi alla prossima
kenshiro90   VelletriItalySupremo!
kguenther6   Burlington, KYUSA
kidchrisso   High ridge, MOUSABlack LE
kingpinman   San leandro, CAUSAAttack From Mars LE
kleberbiotipo  Santo andréBrazilthe last one that i bought.
kletmarjet AlostBelgium
kletmarjet  AlostBelgium
kletmarjet  AlostBelgium
koluda   GørlevDenmark
krazy bastard   Tampa, FLUSAPerfect playfield. Needs new cabinet decals.
ksultana Hoevenen, belgieMalta
kulovuori   LahtFinlandChigago gaming ramake classic versio good player game
collector fromcountrynotes
lafante31   ToulouseFrance
larsa68  LindomeSwedenFrom UK. Well used game complete working. Will be restored with new mirko playfield,and new cabinet decals during this winter 2013/2014. Playfield restored with paint and clearcoating by Magnus V.
larsbert   UlmGermanyA++ condition. Color-DMD
lash   BocholtGermany
laurent0722   Chaumont en vexinFranceGrosse restoration en approche… Objectif… NOS … ou presque 😋
lchouky  Paris idfFrance
leadercorp  Charleville-mézièresFranceplateau, décals, rampes et décors neufs, playfield protector, DMD color,carte pinsound
leberry   ElcheSpain
leberry   ElcheSpain
ledman62   South bend, INUSA
lee  Pittsburgh, PAUSARestored w/ new pf and new cab art. Color DMD. Lit mini saucers and hallway mod. Beautiful game.
lee   Pittsburgh, PAUSA
leeriley   LeedsUnited Kingdomnew le version
leeus   Greenville, SCUSARemake. LE
legacy   Houston, TXUSA
legui  Le cannetFrance
leigh MelbourneAustralia
leof  Rio de janeiroBrazil
liga-kueste   Bremen / niedersachsenGermanyLuigi
lin   AlicanteSpain
liti  BudakalászHungary
loanguy7171973   Central il, ILUSAGame is in pretty good shape. Plays 100%. Most likely I will be restoring and adding mods.
loizel  VillevêqueFrance
loki9  Syosset, NYUSANice condition. Expensive. Might take a TOTAN in partial trade.
lolo2976   RouenFrance
lopez MionsFrance
lou   RedmondUSANew playfield, side art, plastics, etc.
lpeters82   Platteville, WIUSA
lucavr  VeronaItaly11-01-2024 Nuova sede a Verona dove ho sistemato i flipper, se può interessare vedere il flipper acceso ho il video su youtube, se richiesto mando il link, ciao Ora il flipper è perfettamente funzionante, rimontato completamente, con laccatura del piano, le foto si riferiscono al lavoro di smontaggio del piano e laccatura, è stato un lavoro certosino....lungo. Lunghissimo....Soddisfattissimo. Flipper bellissimo e di grande giocabilità e divertimento.
lucky1   EttlingenGermany
luckypin   NijverdalNetherlandsAbsolutely better than new. With lot of mods and original NOS new playfield! After restoration, maximum 20 games played
luigi_ccnb   GanderkeseeGermany
lunicajd  SostanjSlovenia
luxbigmac   LuxembourgLuxembourgReceived on 15.05.2021. A beautifully restored AFM and gone away on 23.03.24 to a very nice Belgian guy.
luxury  San giovanni la puntaItaly
collector fromcountrynotes
mac  KristianstadSwedenPerfect condition!
macchia70   VeronaItalyPeccato ... è stato con me pochissimo !!!
macdaddy1974   Sherwood parkCanadaLE
macetienne  DommartemontFranceA VENDRE 4100€ COLLECTION ENTIERE A VENDRE CAUSE MALADIE INCURABLE 2 Scratches on the playfield!!! I have the 2 overlays... and many new pieces for playfield... Photos by WhatsApp please Pinball regards
maglar   Kuna, IDUSA
magoo  São pauloBrazil
makkello  MontalengheItalyArrivato quasi completamente smontato,un'utente del Forum lo sta restaurando avendo visto i suoi lavori precedenti verrà come nuovo!
malibu ss  WinnipegCanadaSo far...LEDS and Flipper Fidelity Speakers and Sub,Color Dmd,3D Backglass
malonsopinball   MadridSpainIpd No 3781
malu FrosinoneItalyRevisionato perfettamente funzionante piano laccato completamente a led
manu1214  ThiaisFrance
manu95  VaurealFranceRefait entièrement a neuf
manube68 ArlonBelgiumPerfect playfield (mirco),- Cliffy's protection ramps (Not installed for stroke of luck but given away) - Cabinet and backbox decals OK - New plastics set + Plastics protectors - Lockbar and siderails « Spigelglass » Highclasspinball - Trim metal « Spiegelglass » - Backboard decal and sideboard decals - 10" subwoofer for great bass - Chaser led mod on the saucer path - Full leds (playfield and backbox) - DMD OK - Super bands rubber, translucent flipper buttons..- Anti-reflective glass Pin was fully renoved in 2015, but look like new ! Sold to Pascal
mara74  MikkeliFinland
mara74   MikkeliFinlandNew playfield, decals, plastics, flippers, legs, ramps, etc.
mara74   MikkeliFinland
mara74  MikkeliFinland
mara74  MikkeliFinland
mara74   MikkeliFinland
marcelopix   PinhaisBrazilbeatiful
marcinkg   KolobrzegPoland
marcinkg   KolobrzegPoland
marcinkg   KolobrzegPoland
marcinkg   KolobrzegPoland
marcinkg   KolobrzegPoland
marcobzh  GuipavasFranceÉchange (prêt) contre modèle similaire sur la région.
mark9   LincolnUnited Kingdom
markdw   TorontoCanada
marks-pinball   Cincinnati, OHUSA
markt  KristianstadSweden
marlboroman  MontrealCanadaBeauty!.. LED package installed on the mini saucers,full LED, cointaker LED backbox art kit,cabinet art mod,afm target bank decal, plexy cityscape backer mod,Pinball decals target decals, rechromed the lock down bar...beautiful pin.
marsien   RepentignyCanadacolor dmd sideblade leg and and sideblade powder coated
maserati  West derehamUnited Kingdom
massa92117   San diego, CAUSA
massa92117   San diego, CAUSABryan Kelly Restoration
matej  PozegaCroatiaI HAVE 2 ATTACK FROM MARS FOR SELL.PRICE IS 4500 AND 5000
matrix88  MalagaSpain
matt76  Heugleville-sur-scieFranceRecherche plateau neuf ou restauré
mattb   North fort myers, FLUSA
matth-matth  NantesFrance
maugio68  Montecatini termeItalyEsemplare UNICO!
maxbusan  PožegaCroatiaPrice is 4500.I have more Atack From MArs
maxrpm   Chicago, ILUSAExcellent condition. No fade cabinet. Clearcoated playfield. Full Bill Ung mods. Subwoofer.
maxx PožegaCroatia
mayuh   GrazAustria
mb   MalmöSweden
mcanongia   Rio de janeiroBrazil
mcbutch   LuxembourgLuxembourg
mcflybravo  Landsberg am lechGermanyFully restorated
mcr   GeldropNetherlands
megablast229  MerseburgGermany
memphis777   Atoka, TNUSA
metroider  BarcelonaSpain
mgraves   Milton, onCanada
mharjo   Seattle, WAUSA
miguelon   Palma de mallorcaSpain
mikeo   Overland park, KSUSA
mission65   KentUnited Kingdom
mlbarreira LisboaPortugal"Mayhem, Madness and Destruction Were Never so Much Fun!" Great game. Restored to excellent condition. New Mirco playfield. New original cabinet decals. Hinge pivot set "Attack from Mars". ColorDMD. Pinsound. Limited edition red ramps set. Lighting kit from PinballBulbs. Blackout mod. Red martian mothership upgrade kit. Mini-Saucer led kit red. Red eye plastics kit. Stroke of luck hole light. Target bank light kit. Undercab light Red. Cliffy set protector. Cliffy switches slot protectors. Topper. Nvram. Game Rom1.13 Home(G11).Super fast and unforgiven.
mmt  PixboSwedenSuper nice, 100% original! Would like to trade for Metallica or Game of Thrones +/- cash depending on model
mnpinball   Cokato, MNUSA
monkeyboypaul RiccallUnited KingdomFull totally OCD restoration....
monsterbash   CascaisPortugalMint... new playfield! Part of my WPC collection.
monsterbash1   Grand island, NYUSAReally nice all original ARM.
mooseman1   RuncornUnited KingdomLooks stunning. Saving for a colour dmd
morango   Haren groningenNetherlandsas playfield...pinsound..shaker inside..
mordario  MilanoItalyPiano nuovo completamente laccato. Illuminazione a led. Nuove decal cassa (australiane). Side rail, gambe e lockbar verniciate a polvere verde. Alcune mod aggiunte.
mosh   BavariaGermany
most71  BergamoItalyVenduto all amico Christian ,mi è spiaciuto venderlo ma sono contento che sia nelle tue mani
most71   BergamoItalyvenduto a Ivan
mpbola  PetrópolisBrazilLed Kit
mr mic  LidköpingSweden
mr tilt   MelbourneAustralia
mr.worf   Groß-gerauGermanySchöner original Zustand, Full LED, Silikon Gummis, grüne Convolux, Skyline Backboard   SalernoItaly
mrcleanhead   Cleveland, OHUSAHUO
mrkegflex   Beavercreek, OHUSA
mrlee DurhamUnited KingdomNeeds lots of work but it is functional. £3350
mrtenn   GustafsSweden
ms  AlingsåsSweden
mse   FreisingGermany
mssony  São pauloBrazil
mtaboada São pauloBrazil
mtlpin   MontrealCanada
mufcmufc  The middleUnited KingdomRestored with new playfield, targets, plastics, scoop, legs, DMD + loads more
mufcmufc   The middleUnited Kingdom
mufcmufc   The middleUnited Kingdom
mufcmufc   The middleUnited Kingdom
multiballsminden   MindenGermanyOne of the first AFM in Germany 12/95
murph74   Saint louis, MOUSA
mv1313   BoråsSweden
mv8ball  CaterhamUnited Kingdom
mv8ball CaterhamUnited KingdomColour DMD, Bill Ung saucer kit + expansion kit, black out mod, red powder coated legs, recently serviced with new rubbers and waxed.
mzuccon  São pauloBrazil1995 - Led Kit
collector fromcountrynotes
nabil  Gif sur yvetteFranceEN TRES BONNE ETAT,A VENDRE 5000EUROS
naldkydo   Chaumont en vexinFranceun flow de folie, une ambiance génial et un plaisir immédiat a chaque partie qu'on n'y est jamais joué où qu'on le connaisse par coeur
napayno  San jose, CAUSAFully restored, new playfield, new cabinet art, etc.
nappis  MonninkyläFinlandNew cabinet and backbox decals, new legs, new display, red display plex, new playfield, Cliffy protectors including ramp protectors, new plastic ramps, new mother saucer with red and green leds, new plastics, new chrome plate on wire ramps, illuminating plastic protectors, Pinbits blackout mod, leds in inserts and backbox, NVRAM installed, Color display
nathanp   Lenexa, KSUSA
nedi   KangasalaFinlandNew playfield
nedi  KangasalaFinland4900 €
nedi KangasalaFinlandNew playfield, good cabinet, price 6200 € + freight from Finland. We pack well! We can organize transport also.
nerino   San marinoItaly
new york pinball   Wantagh, NYUSAHigh End Restoration
newtonu   Sâo pauloBrazil
nick   StenungsundSweden
nickb4141   BromleyUnited Kingdom
nico10 StrasbourgFrance
nico51   ReimsFrance
nico51  ReimsFrance
nicolas dl   ReimsFrance
nicolas du 33  Saint-médard-en-jallesFrance
nicolas du 33  Saint-médard-en-jallesFranceChange
nicolas du 33  Saint-médard-en-jallesFranceVery Beautifull Change
nicolas du 33  Saint-médard-en-jallesFrancevery good playfield Change
nicolas du 33 Saint-médard-en-jallesFranceVery good playfield
nicolas du 33 Saint-médard-en-jallesFranceEchange contre un stern ou vente 3450€. Fonctionnel entièrement strobo neuf, reviser, et nettoyer. Tous les inserts sont en très bonne état sauf un celui du stroke of luke Caisse décolorer, et petite usure au niveau la sortie de l injecteur et du bateur droit.
nicolas du 33   Saint-médard-en-jallesFranceVente ou echange
nicolas du 33   Saint-médard-en-jallesFranceRéserver J-M
nilesoverly   Columbus, OHUSAKeller complete restoration
nofear   PátyHungary
nolan   ParisFranceFull restored full full full chrome Playfield new Topper
nolan  ParisFrance
nolan ParisFranceSale or trade only récent stern More picture wassap
nolan   ParisFrance
nollan   FouesnantFrance
nullspace   Redmond, WAUSARemake SE
collector fromcountrynotes
o-from-do  DortmundGermany
oilrat  Westminster, CAUSARestored,
oku MetzFrancePrix ATFM est de 4600euro échange avec -Walking Dead premium -Addams Family -White water
ola  GoteborgSwedenIn good condition!
oliver recsei   SiófokHungary
omo   TrondheimNorwayEarly version; white main UFO dome, some different insert colors and text compared to main production run
onemoretime   Inuyama aichiJapan
onepunchman   ParisFrance
orf   OtterupDenmark
oscarspa   JaénSpain
outhole  NrwGermany
outlander   MünchenGermanyNew Playfield, full LEDS, black mirror blades, green UFO`s, and big sliver main Ufo, reds convolux plastic protectors, Backboard lightning kit, LED`s, Color LED, new black legs and decals on Cabinet and backbox. Decals on VUK and targetbank, "Eat at eddys" building, 3D-Translite.
overkilll   LisbonPortugal
overkilll  LisbonPortugalNew playfield All mettalic parts galvanized Full leds Any broken plastics 7500 €
collector fromcountrynotes
p o c  RoveretoItalyAttack from mars, il numero uno per me! Quando si gioca e' come essere in guerra, adrenalina pura! Restaurato completamente, piano ORIGINALE laccato, decal Australiane, cassone come nuovo, parti metalliche lucidate. Makrolon, protezione buca, elastici nuovi, full led. Spettacolo!!!
p.personale  TeramoItalyPerfettamente funzionante ,ma da restaurare. Aprile 2015,dopo un paio di anni e' finito il restauro ed il rimontaggio del piano
p.personale TeramoItalyfunzionante ma da restaurare
p.personale  TeramoItalyC'e un bel po' di lavoro da fare. Funziona ,ma L uscita buca e' distrutta. Anche il cassone non se la passa bene,si e' aperto .... Un flipper cosi necessita x forza di essere restaurato. Dopo quasi 2 anni ho finito di restaurare e laccare il piano(con l aiuto di amici pittori) il cassone x il momento lo lascio cosi.aggiunti i led
paf_prod Neauphle-le-vieuxFranceFull leds plateau et fronton. Décals de caisse neufs. Strombe ok avec ampoule flash neuve. Monnayeur euro. Serrures présentent. Pieds ok. Dot ok.
paf_prod   Neauphle-le-vieuxFranceNikel de chez nikel !!
pale   UmeåSwedenAttack from Mars #1
pale UmeåSwedenB: 2013-02-28: //\\ (Like New) Attack from Mars #2 New parts: Sideart, Siderails, Lockdownbar, Coindoor, Legs, Ramps, DMD, Playfield plastics, Protector at targetbank, Protector inside "ship", Protector both front and back Stroke of Luck, Protectors on all ramps, Original renovated and lacquered playfield. Led Inserts, LED GI, LED Backbox. ColorDMD. // S: 2013-10
papa90   NetherlandsNetherlandsI wonna sale my attack from mars. the pinball is original and excellent condition and shape.I brought it from the US in 2015. have only been used at home. The price is 4500 euros contact me for more details
papaber  StyriaAustria
papeur   NimesFrance
pat01   RepentignyCanada
paul PadovaItaly
paulob  Marrazes - leiriaPortugalN.º 1 in the world --for sale - 4500 euros
paws  GroenloNetherlandstop quality. fully restored. ship possible
payne  BrunoyFrancerestoration is finished with DMD color. shaker and leds must be installed
peaceplant  Johnson, MIUSA
peaceplant   Johnson, MIUSA
pedrojunkie   Stamford, CTUSA
pejts91   MysłowicePoland
pellew   UmeåSweden
per1968   StockholmSweden
perjim   MjölbySweden
peron   FalunSweden
pershing3110   Oestrich-winkelGermany
petaco  GijónSpainMINT condition
peter1968   KaisserslauternGermanyHello, here is an excellent Attack from mar pinball machine for sale. i mean perfect condition and i am not in a hurry to sale. The price is 5,500 euros still very new Pick up at US Military base Germany I am willing to ship Contact for more info
philip van beirs PuursBelgiumNice attack from mars. Plays very fast and no errors. No broken plastics or ramps, saucer with strobe works perfect!!! (video on demand) New side decalls; black matt leggs and side trims; traded with Who2 collector.
philip van beirs  PuursBelgiumTraded with Marco; thanks.
philip van beirs  PuursBelgiumOriginal Attack from Mars; without any mods or leds. Only new decals. Went to Netherlands Dennis
philip van beirs  PuursBelgiumOriginal AFM in very good condition; Original playfield and decals. Full led.
philip12   Saint-affrique 12400Franceplateau neuf
philormerod   DarwenUnited Kingdom
pianock   NeuwittenbekGermany
pic  ParisFrance
piersimone   RomaItaly
pimpmyflip  Bosc-le-hardFrancepinball AFM complete restore full painting green Custom Metallic with blue nacre (foot door + decal, inches, window glass, side rail, lock bar) full LED 100% + full flash restoration, the ramps are news and all plastics as well, glass anti-glare, dmd color, body mirror, topper personal interactive saucer apron illuminate, illuminated green plot throughout the flip, PINSOUND card, MOD martian red Eyse and many MOD
pin up girl   Victoria bcCanadagood condition
pin up girl   Victoria bcCanadanib, le, martian green, remake
pin-head  Crestview, FLUSAOriginal
pinball-mania   BaicoiRomaniaWPC n°38 - play - need full restore (2K playfield ready for swapping)
pinball-mania   BaicoiRomaniaWPC n°38   ZagrebCroatia
pinball3  Gipf-oberfrickSwitzerlandTopper: Alien Abduction Lamp
pinball3   Gipf-oberfrickSwitzerland
pinballbart   LichterveldeBelgium
pinballch   WinterthurSwitzerland
pinballcollector   AntwerpBelgium
pinballmaaseik   NeeroeterenBelgium
pinballmaniabh   Belo horizonteBrazilWith ColorDMD
pinballmuseum   CracowPoland
pinballwiz59   Lancaster, PAUSAI bought this game from Greg Topf. This game is in amazing condition.
pinballwizardius  SittardNetherlandsNew playfield, ramps, decals etc...
pinbar75   Miami, FLUSA
pinbertpinball   AlmereNetherlandsMint Condition
pinbitch   WarendorfGermany
pinbot17  Muskegon, MIUSAHas several Mods on the game, New Cabinet art, and new Subwoofer with twetters
pincycle   VöcklabruckAustria
pincycle VöcklabruckAustria
pinflip  CalgaryCanadaPremium Remake
pingod CalgaryCanadaMint,all Bill Ung mods,full LEDs,all chrome hardware,Including coin door. ColorDMD,PDI glass,led Martians New playfield,new decals. Limitied Edition topper 1 of 75 made. Pinblades and Apron, custom launch button. Shaker motor. Tons of chrome inside cabinet as well.
pinlawyer   Phoenix, AZUSACleared pf, chrome-pimped(incl coin door and apron), LEDs under inserts and in pf GI, custom sound system, Frysztak topper (integrated into gameplay), Liberace black on inside of cab, Ung saucers, translucent "cityscape" backboard, pincabs, gorgeous cabinet, plastic protectors, Kerry hole protector, target decals, shaker motor mod from Pinbits
pinmeister   Cherry hills village, COUSAHUO machine, perfect
pinobsessed   LondonUnited Kingdom
pintiger   Broek op langedijkNetherlands
pintracen   HoofddorpNetherlands
pinwiz   SydneyAustraliaNew playfield and decals
pin_-_k  Lakeside, TXUSAGame plays 100%, all 5 Decals have severe fade, will come with a NOS B/W AFM PF that has been Clear-Coated by Bill Davis, comes with a full set of New Silk-Screened Cabinet Decals from Phoenix Arcade [Darin Jacobs]. Asking $6750 USD.
pissou Saint aunesFrancebonjour je mets en vente mon flipper attack from mars dans un etat collector plateau vernis(vernis d origine) avec 12 couches , pieds neufs , le motif au fond du plateau est peint , tout est 100% fonctionnel (stroboscope inclus ),side rail chromé ,elastiques, ampoules et billes sont neufs le flipper se trouve à coté de montpellier , mais possibilité d envoi pour 90 euros dans toute la france et un peu plus pour l etran ger (à definir selon le pays) Si vous voulez des photos complémentaires n hesitez pas , je reste également disponible si vous voulez l essayer sur place merci eric prix 5400 euros
pitpinball   GnieznoPolandWery nice, oryginall conditions. Playfield very good.
pittfall   FrankfurtGermany
planeta9999  ValenciaSpain
plgraves  Columbus, OHUSA
plowpusher   Yutan, NEUSANIB Purchase
plusdebrol   CasteauBelgium
poissonrouge  Bray-en-valFrance
pool shark   WatchetUnited Kingdom
powr   StockholmSweden
prato  ParisFranceMachine à flipper originale. demande de prix. je suis prêt à expédier en europe. Photos disponibles
preeacher   ToulouseFrance
printimus  BytomPolandThe machine is a part of my "now for sale collection". Price: EUR 11.000,00 5% discount at min. 10 machines bought in one transaction. Preferred collection method: personal pickup. The closest airport - KTW. All my machines are under constant maintenance of the experienced technician. They may have some wears and other imperfections associated with their age, but they work well and with no mechanical flaws. I am ready to sell my machines as I would like to free some of the space they now take. I would prefer to sell the entire collection in one transaction. Price EXW. Packaging, palletting, spedition, insurance to be discussed. If you want to know more, please do not hesitate to contact me.
printis   Houston, TXUSAadded saucer LED mod. shaker motor
puckhead pinman   Blaine, MNUSA
pugi   FlensburgGermany
collector fromcountrynotes
quatermass   TorontoCanada
quiet earp   Stroudsburg, PAUSAColor DMD and New Decals. LED lamps. Plays amazing. Has Stroke of Luck Wear.
collector fromcountrynotes
ragnor   Eden prairie, MNUSA
rapido   Lorez le bocageFrance
rapzilch   Plainfield, ILUSA
rarellan  VinhedoBrazil
raysco   BrisbaneAustralia
rcscoringpro   Elm grove (milwaukee), WIUSAVery nice condition, a real collectors item. Bill Ung saucer mod
rdalla   BarueriBrazilComprada do Culik, restaurada pelo Belluzzo. Playfield Novo Playfield! Vendida para o Frajola em 15/01/2023 em troca de uma Attack From Mars SE Remake Chicago Gaming.
recon  BudapestHungaryCabinet faded, playfield good
redknight Riverside, CAUSA
regis  CaruaruBrazil
rein64   HornAustria
remicafe   BeynesFrance
reno66  BolognaItalyFlipper restaurato a nuovo dal maestro Nicola,piano di gioco bellissimo e non laccato,decal sostituite con quelle Australiane next generation,veloce come gioco ma secondo il mio modesto parere un po' monotono,completo di manuali e schede elettroniche perfette !
rentall911   Brunswick, GAUSA
rhaferl   GänserndorfAustria
ricardo.spassos   PeruibeBrazil
rick12345   Den haagNetherlands
rickvillers   MonthyonFranceExcellent titre. Je l’ai lâchement abandonné pour un Tales of The Arabian Nights.
rjsoeps  KatwijkNetherlands
rmkipker9  Vinemont, ALUSAMy Attack From Mars LE, is Mint Condition, 2nd owner, I purchased from my Best Mate who had purchased NIB. Low Plays and Mint Condition. I own AFM, LE, MB LE, and CCr remake special... all could be for sale
roadrunner_82 Ebnat-kappelSwitzerland
rob knapp  Colorado springs, COUSAHUO , Mint . $12,500.00 . Please leave valid phone number and first and last name . Will only sell after talking to buyer over phone or in person .
robo1   LuzernSwitzerlandRestored, new playfield, cabinet decals, black powder coated rails/lockdown/legs,ramps, plastics, all parts tumbled, everything like new..... Bill Ung saucer kit, leds, mirror blades, chrome door and glass receiver, color dmd, pinsound system with flipper fidelity speakers.... and other stuff like illuminated flipper buttons, speaker panels..... pretty much anything which would make it as nice as possible...
rodneyolsen   Seattle, WAUSA
rom82   ArcadeItalyPiano con 3 insert decal da sostituire e decal sbiadite
rossz   LilleFrance
rrb   Sao pauloBrazilcom Color DMD
rubberfist   QuesnelCanadaThis is AFM the remake by Chicago Gaming.
ruben  KarlskogaSwedenExcellent condition and fully restored, new playfield and side arts. Looks as brand new.
rvdv   Corona, CAUSAhuo, no fade no damage saucer leds mod awesome game
collector fromcountrynotes
sanch   KecskemétHungary
sbp   Osaka-shi, osakaJapan
scaredstiff71   IguerandeFrance
schnuffl   Karlsdorf-neuthardGermany
schudel5  Kalamazoo, MIUSAMirco playfield clear coated by Ron Kruzman installed.
scoma1994   Keller, TXUSA
scottinsgfny   South glens falls, NYUSA
scottlaw3   Fort myers, FLUSAReally nice
scottrogers  Windsor, COUSAShaker motor, Bill Ung saucer kit, black-out chip, LED's, Cliffy protectors. Playfield is typical for a players machine 7 out of 10 (by my picky standards). Cabinet is in perfect shape with new graphics.
scramboy11   Las vegas, NVUSA
sealawyer   Mclean, VAUSARemake - Limited Edition
sebbb  Criquebeuf sur seineFranceparfait état, totalement restauré, pieds, sides et lockbar black chrome. plateau vernis, comme neuf mod soucoupes 2niro,artblades plexi, kit uv... une tuerie !
sebiz60 CompiegneFrancesuper état ,
seiman   NiederbippSwitzerlandGot a brand new PF ;)
serjmarx  Foz do iguaçuBrazilSuper fun machine. Very fast, new gluing. Purchased in BEST4all, Santo André, Brazil Máquina super divertida. Muito rápida, Adesivagem nova. Comprada na BEST4all, Santo André, Brasil
sfa   WetzlarGermany
sfm-313   LuxembourgLuxembourg
shirleyknott  Sexual ealing, londonUnited Kingdomokay so the cab is faded, do i care? no! this is probably my favourite game of all time. actually no, it is definitely my favourite, so don't even ask. i will be buried in my AFM. currently out on loan at a friend's place
shootagain91   Paris + hossegorFranceCollector Quality !!!
shootagain91   Paris + hossegorFrance
shootagain91 Paris + hossegorFranceCollector quality 6150€
shootagain91   Paris + hossegorFrance
sidgametech   São bernardo do campoBrazil
sidgametech   São bernardo do campoBrazil
sidgametech   São bernardo do campoBrazil
simulatore  SavonaItaly
sirius12  Capdenac-gareFrance
skyemont   Midlothian, VAUSA
skypilot   Canfield, OHUSAFully restored
slimdena  GroningenNetherlandsNeem contact op met mij voor meer informatie. perfecte staat en de prijs is 4300 euro thanks
smepelle   BollnäsSweden
smidpins   Denver, COUSA
snakeeye   NyköpingSwedenMajor overhaul done, mirco playfield, new decals, a lot of work and Money put into it(And I have to admit, I went for LED style bulbs....) plays like a dream. Happy to own it!
snakeeye  NyköpingSweden
space ace TeramoItalyFlipper mitico,revisionato piano bellissimo completo di manuale! 3000 € non trattabili!
space ace   TeramoItaly
space ace   TeramoItalyPiano bello cassone con decall scolorite da cambiare
space ace  TeramoItalyIl flipper e' molto bello manca l'astronave , la,sto cercando poi sarà' perfetto! 3000€
spiderman  BerneSwitzerlandVery nice Pin, LED
spiderman3   VillemarechalFrance
spilleman   MernDenmark
sstaffan   LuleåSwedenGood original cond Sold 2021 for sek65000:-
staf   BruggeBelgium
stangvette   Gold coastAustralia
starflip   MendeFrance
stavs   Allentown, PAUSA
stclair  StockholmSwedenAttack From Mars 4.200 euro
steely menace   VancouverCanadaLatest rom, Mini-LED Saucer Kit and Pinbits Blackout Mod installed and ColorDMD
stef54  UrsySwitzerlandEtat de neuf, playfield protector, plateau neuf, decals neufs, mods, full leds.
stefano75 BresciaItalyFinito...a voi i commenti!!
stefy_fabio  CapuaItalyPraticamente nuovo! Restaurato completamente funzionante gioco veloce, divertente e bello, un gran flipper! Ceduto a Luglio 2019!
stelios   ThessalonikiGreece
stephbob  ChatouFranceDecals décolorer, milard, reste ok
stephbob  ChatouFrancemilard décals décolorer, mais plateau en bon état
sternee   WalsrodeGermany
sterpol   SalvagnacFrance
steveivan   Aberdeen, MDUSA
stevetnj   Franklin park, NJUSA
stop_button   Hope mills, NCUSA
stp   GöteborgSweden
stp   GöteborgSwedenOwner: STP/BOZ/CKR Mods: Color DMD
stuke   LahtiFinland
stumblor  LondonUnited Kingdom
suhy_pl OpolePolandAfter complete hi/restauration. Better then new.... All parts cleaned and inspected, The new PF (the old one oryginall -not restored - can be added separately +400eur), plastics - new, plastic ramps replaced - new, cabinet decals - new. Protector installed, new chromed leg set, new mirror finish side rails, new rubbers, convolux, new super bright leds in mothership installed, iluminated backboard - you cant buy it it is only one, eat at eddys mod installed. Mirror blades can be installed in price. New flipper coils and mechs. NON-Reflecting glass Installed. Over 100 hrs of work. Prefer do not send on pallet, but its possible. Price 12k e.
sunset   LimassolCyprusA fantastic pinball machine ,one of the best williams
sunshine   MönchengladbachGermany
supermario7   San severoItaly
superpinball   Richmond hillCanadaAFMrLE
surendra   PalermoBelgium
surendra   PalermoBelgiumFantastico gioco. Strobo forte e completamente led. Restaurato.
svante   StockholmSwedenColorDMD display installed.
svenla   HannoverGermanyPDI-Glass, GOZ-Mod Mothership, Leds, Martion Eyes Red Leds,
sylvain42   St chamondFrancele must wpc95
collector fromcountrynotes
t3mpest  PortimãoPortugalTop5 game, amazing
tattoos   BrunoyFrance
tbrioux   Charleville-mezieresFrance
tdl 76   CowesUnited KingdomMINT condition machine form Pinball Heaven..
templar   TorinoItaly
teo76   Sesto calendeItalymonitor a colori
testabriel TourchFranceFlipper entièrement refait, plateau original swapé, rampes et décors neufs, pindmd couleur, decals refais, caisse repeinte Leds, pieds, inches, lockbar et side rails peints noir pailleté. À venir chercher dans le Finistère, photos par mail. Échange possible contre petit Flip +soulte. Road show, WW, Congo, TAF. Data east Guns and Roses Stern Tron à débattre.
tesusnavas  SavignoItalyFlipper super.finito il restauro.ringrazio Giacomo e Alex lavoro svolto.davvero un gioiello
thearcademan   SetúbalPortugal
thebaro  BresciaItalybellissimo..piano praticamente nuovo essendo coperto completamente da mylar..anche la stroke of luck è rovinata molto poco, rispetto a quelli che si trovano in giro è tenuto decisamente bene..flipper bellissimo, purtroppo le solite decals scolorite..e soprattutto il prezzo..altro buon affare grazie ad amici..8)
thesilverball  MilanoItalyLIKE NEW! sell or trade.
thomas b   StuttgartGermany
thomas_c01   DillingenGermany
thood  Houston, TXUSA
thorn3686   Norman, OKUSA
thunderbirds  Mont saint aignanFranceMods soucoupe et braket by 2Niro: C'est le seul cas connu pour moi ou le mod fait le flipp , un peu comme le chateau pour un médiéval. C'est vraiment une renaissance pour ce flipp qui aurait pu connaître une fin moins glorieuse sans cette amélioration.
tiberium   VellefauxFrancePlateau neuf vitrifié
tiilt   Mentor, OHUSAAFMRLE
tiltnc   NoumeaNouvelle-Calédonie
timberman  BolidenSweden
titio kleber  CalonioBrazilAttack From Mars, amazing machine, fast gameplay.
tmann   BerlinGermany
tmc   Maple ridgeCanada
tobstar79   BremenGermany
toko   StockholmSweden
toktotte   SkellefteåSweden
tom1960   LondonUnited Kingdom
tony spark   Saint maximin la sainte baumeFrance
tonyx   GalatinaItaly
top  OsloNorwayRemake - LE
toto7482   HuyBelgium
totoche74  AnnecyFranceDecals de caisse neufs et caisse repeinte, plateau d'origine non refait et plutôt bien ce qui est rare, lampe du stroboscope et bobine éclateur neuves, kit 2Niro pour les soucoupes (1ere version, leds rouges pilotées), aliens et soucoupes peints, kit batteurs refaits, cliffy sur tous les trous, mylar d'origine entre les bumpers propre, kit protector plastiques transparents, chromes polis mirror, full led, doc originale, kit plastique neuf complets et rampes neuves de remplacement, pochette d'origine scellée avec les slingshot et élastiques de rechange. Prix 10,5K euros, échange possible.
totomix  VeronaItalyRistrutturato come nuovo.
toxy   West sussexUnited Kingdom
toyboy6   Canton, MIUSAFantastic game!
tp-pinball   TullingeSwedenTotally restored , super beautiful
tp-pinball   TullingeSwedenTraded
tp-pinball  TullingeSwedenTrade against twd
trasan   KalmarSweden
triple a   ZürichSwitzerland
tristan44   Olonne sur merFrance
tsbarber  MelbourneAustraliaCompletely restored beautiful
tschimmi   ViennaAustria
twenty MadridSpainCompletely restored. Protector playfield. Shaker Motor. DMD color. Three new ramps. All new plastics. Full Led. Controller board LedOCD. Bi-color central UFO plate. Martian with led eyes in the central UFO. New chrome mirror legs, Etc...... 7.500€
twilight zone   LandgraafNetherlandsCompletely restored. New repro playfield, new cabinet decals, new ramps. Very nice game!
two-lane   WinterthurSwitzerland
tws   CopenhagenDenmark
collector fromcountrynotes
umeuffe   UmeåSweden
collector fromcountrynotes
varom  LilleFrancenice Attack from Mars. Original playfield.
veemonroe   LondonUnited KingdomOriginal AFM. Faded cab, doing it up.
vermelho   PiracicabaBrazil
vesa94    kremlin bicetreFrance
vespucci1994 PalermoItalyper le foto prossime foto
videoamusement   San francisco, CAUSA
videoamusement   San francisco, CAUSA
videoamusement   San francisco, CAUSA
vince2312   Vigneux-sur-seineFrance
vincereef   Saint quentinFrance
vincz  Pinball cityFrancePrototype(sample) Playfield . New cab decals Phoenix (the best). Kit UFOLED. Shaker and black Coldlight ,Green Candy Legs and black chrome siderails and legs Color DMD . Anti-reflective glass on playfield and backbox
vittoriomanalese   BudapestHungary
vivierois  ViviersFrance
voxtech  Tampa, FLUSAAll new cab decals. Has Bill Ung Mini Saucer mod install. Great,fun game !!!
collector fromcountrynotes
waingro   TorsbySwedenWill need some love, new decals and a playfield renovation will be done soon. Plays great except for the playfield tear...
walter73  ZwettlAustriaOriginal Version
washtec  St symphorien d ozonFrance
weird ed   TorinoItaly
wennieboy   Mount albert, ontarioCanadaNIB LE #584 Stainless Steel
whatchapopo   Port des barquesFrancetrès beau, part bientot !
wickerman   Denver, COUSAEarly Classic Remake unusual that includes some LE features in the saucer/lighting. Probably one of only a few made that way.
williamball   AntwerpBelgium
wiseler80   PaderbornGermany
wizard   BurgdorfGermany9,5/10
wovou   CampsasFrance
collector fromcountrynotes
xvincent76  DijonFrance
xymox   MarseilleFrance
collector fromcountrynotes
yancy   West dundee, ILUSA
yea   KyivSweden
yellowflate   CagliariItaly
yoga50  AnversBelgium6200€
yoyokopter   Aix en provenceFrance
yrool   SäterSwedenNeed som work
yunkjard   LuzernSwitzerland
yzfguy   Jefferson twp., NJUSABill ung saucer mod, blue mothership leds, plexi planet backboard, lit up martian eyes, leds in inserts, new decals on cabinet,undercabinet flashers, color dmd. I LOVE THIS GAME!
collector fromcountrynotes
zaftax  DromeFrancedans son jus
zaifer75   FrederiksværkDenmark
zephyroy   ParisFrance
zsozso   GyõrHungaryNew playfield, new ramps, decals powder coating
zsvennyz KristiansandNorway
zsvennyz KristiansandNorway

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