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 manufacturergame nameownerlocationconditionis it for sale?
 Midway (USA)ATLANTIS 1979wadeWinnipeg, CanadaSet up, needs some workNever
 Gottlieb (USA)ATLANTIS adm1476Sanford, NC USASet up, needs some workNever
Nordamatic (Italy)ATLANTIS alkalitionAgno, SwitzerlandIn storage, waiting for restorationYes!
 Gottlieb (USA)ATLANTIS andrewmbainesYork, United KingdomSet up, needs some workNever
 LTD (Brazil)ATLANTIS antero_rodriguesPoços de caldas, BrazilIn storage, waiting for restorationNever
 Midway (USA)ATLANTIS asp1310Ljubljana, SloveniaIn storage, waiting for restorationNever
Gottlieb (USA)ATLANTIS atpcfiaimTacoma, WA USASet up, plays!Never
Gottlieb (USA)ATLANTIS bakerhwMichigan, MI USASet up, plays!Maybe
Gottlieb (USA)ATLANTIS balligatorLincoln park, NJ USASet up, plays!Never
 Bally (USA)ATLANTIS ballyclassicStrongsville, OH USASet up, plays!Never
 Gottlieb (USA)ATLANTIS ballysternValence, FranceIn storage, workingNever
 Gottlieb (USA)ATLANTIS ballytablekingSharon,pennsylvania, PA USASet up, plays!Never
 Gottlieb (USA)ATLANTIS barkMinneapolis, MN USASet up, plays!Never
 Bally (USA)ATLANTIS bay78Winnipeg, CanadaSet up, plays!Maybe
 Bally (USA)ATLANTIS beepnutzPort st. lucie, FL USASet up, plays!Maybe
 Gottlieb (USA)ATLANTIS bellystyleReno, NV USASet up, plays!Never
 Gottlieb (USA)ATLANTIS bernie35Vancouver, CanadaSet up, plays!Never
Gottlieb (USA)ATLANTIS bhumosPalm springs, CA USAIn storage, workingYes!
Gottlieb (USA)ATLANTIS bicyclenutFresno, CA USASet up, plays!Never
Bally (USA)ATLANTIS bit-lordSonsbeck, GermanySet up, plays!Never
 Gottlieb (USA)ATLANTIS blitzburgh99Kingwood, TX USASet up, plays!Never
 Gottlieb (USA)ATLANTIS blutarskyLeawood, KS USASet up, plays!Never
 Gottlieb (USA)ATLANTIS bodeanJefferson city, MO USASet up, plays!Maybe
 Bally (USA)ATLANTIS brianpinDover, NH USASet up, plays!Maybe
 Gottlieb (USA)ATLANTIS bribo13Ortonville, MI USASet up, plays!Never
Gottlieb (USA)ATLANTIS bronxHamilton, CanadaSet up, plays!Never
 Nordamatic (Italy)ATLANTIS bucanierVigevano (pv), ItalySet up, plays!Yes!
Gottlieb (USA)ATLANTIS budmanMccutchenville, OH USASet up, plays!Never
 Gottlieb (USA)ATLANTIS bullypinHavertown, PA USASet up, plays!Never
Gottlieb (USA)ATLANTIS bwohl7Miami, FL USASet up, plays!Up for bids
Gottlieb (USA)ATLANTIS campgamesClifton, new jersey, NJ USASet up, plays!Never
Gottlieb (USA)ATLANTIS cedricAllex, FranceSet up, plays!Never
Gottlieb (USA)ATLANTIS cjs001Fort ann, NY USAIn storage, waiting for restorationNever
Gottlieb (USA)ATLANTIS ckcsmLansdale, PA USAIn storage, waiting for restorationNever
 Gottlieb (USA)ATLANTIS cupinwizChampaign, IL USASet up, plays!Never
 Bally (USA)ATLANTIS dagreLees summit, MO USASet up, plays!Maybe
Gottlieb (USA)ATLANTIS darrt268Trivoli, IL USASet up, plays!Never
 Gottlieb (USA)ATLANTIS dgpinballAbbotsford, CanadaSet up, plays!Never
Gottlieb (USA)ATLANTIS dirtflipperShakopee, MN USASet up, plays!Never
 Gottlieb (USA)ATLANTIS djhp1Lombard, IL USASet up, plays!Never
 Gottlieb (USA)ATLANTIS dlefoyeLimiges, FranceSet up, plays!Yes!
 Gottlieb (USA)ATLANTIS dlefoyeLimiges, FranceSet up, plays!Yes!
Gottlieb (USA)ATLANTIS dlefoyeLimiges, FranceSet up, plays!Yes!
 Gottlieb (USA)ATLANTIS dmagic198Canton, IL USAIn storage, waiting for restorationNever
 Gottlieb (USA)ATLANTIS doghouseGibsonton, FL USASet up, plays!Never
Gottlieb (USA)ATLANTIS efmoyerGrantville, PA USASet up, plays!Yes!
 Gottlieb (USA)ATLANTIS elduderinoCrawfordsville, IN USASet up, plays!Never
 Gottlieb (USA)ATLANTIS emplayerKemptville, CanadaSet up, plays!Never
Gottlieb (USA)ATLANTIS enzoTarn, FranceSet up, plays!Never
 Gottlieb (USA)ATLANTIS equalizerRichmond, VA USASet up, plays!Never
 Gottlieb (USA)ATLANTIS expeditionGatineau, CanadaSet up, plays!Never
Bally (USA)ATLANTIS fabienMontréal, CanadaSet up, plays!Never
Nordamatic (Italy)ATLANTIS finoMontevarchi, ItalySet up, plays!Yes!
 Gottlieb (USA)ATLANTIS frisCenturion, South AfricaSet up, plays!Never
 Bally (USA)ATLANTIS gelbwurstGeisenbrunn, GermanyIn storage, waiting for restorationNever
 Midway (USA)ATLANTIS georgea722Germantown, MD USASet up, plays!Never
 Gottlieb (USA)ATLANTIS gosepinChampaign, IL USASet up, plays!Never
Gottlieb (USA)ATLANTIS greenacres0802Rome, PA USASet up, plays!Never
 Midway (USA)ATLANTIS hanbeeKirchlengern, GermanyIn storage, workingNever
 Bally (USA)ATLANTIS harryviVilleperrot, FranceIn storage, waiting for restorationNever
 Gottlieb (USA)ATLANTIS heatbagNorth vancouver, CanadaIn storage, waiting for restorationNever
 Gottlieb (USA)ATLANTIS hurlVéringes, FranceIn storage, waiting for restorationNever
 Gottlieb (USA)ATLANTIS inmarinMill valley, CA USASet up, plays!Never
Gottlieb (USA)ATLANTIS integ194Taylors beach, AustraliaSet up, plays!Never
 Gottlieb (USA)ATLANTIS into pinballDenville, NJ USAIn storage, waiting for restorationNever
Gottlieb (USA)ATLANTIS jeffh1658Westfield, IL USASet up, plays!Never
Gottlieb (USA)ATLANTIS jeffh1658Westfield, IL USASet up, plays!Never
Nordamatic (Italy)ATLANTIS jena plisskenPadova, ItalySet up, plays!Never
Bally (USA)ATLANTIS jitterbug0615Bolivia, NC USAIn storage, workingMaybe
 Gottlieb (USA)ATLANTIS jjsclaWayne, NJ USASet up, plays!Never
Gottlieb (USA)ATLANTIS joe shelbyGirard, OH USASet up, plays!Never
LTD (Brazil)ATLANTIS jpedrasRio de janeiro, BrazilIn storage, waiting for restorationNever
 Bally (USA)ATLANTIS jratto1Seymour, CT USAIn storage, waiting for restorationNever
 Gottlieb (USA)ATLANTIS judorattEdmonds, WA USASet up, plays!Never
 Gottlieb (USA)ATLANTIS jufathArnouville les mantes, FranceSet up, plays!Never
Gottlieb (USA)ATLANTIS just21Paris, FranceSet up, plays!Maybe
Gottlieb (USA)ATLANTIS kangourouLyon, FranceSet up, plays!Never
 Gottlieb (USA)ATLANTIS kjnKihei, HI USASet up, plays!Never
 Gottlieb (USA)ATLANTIS kovalski3Manahawkin, NJ USASet up, plays!Maybe
Midway (USA)ATLANTIS langhornBudapest, HungaryIn storage, waiting for restorationNever
Gottlieb (USA)ATLANTIS leckmeckAfton, MN USASet up, plays!Never
Gottlieb (USA)ATLANTIS lenubOxford, PA USASet up, plays!Maybe
Gottlieb (USA)ATLANTIS leosacWilkes-barre, PA USASet up, plays!Never
Gottlieb (USA)ATLANTIS leporelloTorreilles, FranceSet up, plays!Never
 Gottlieb (USA)ATLANTIS lermodsAllentown, NJ USASet up, plays!Never
Bally (USA)ATLANTIS marco1384Tarascon, FranceSet up, plays!Maybe
 Bally (USA)ATLANTIS mariom7Lommel, BelgiumSet up, plays!Maybe
 Gottlieb (USA)ATLANTIS mark62Commerce twp., MI USASet up, plays!Never
 Bally (USA)ATLANTIS marvManchester, United KingdomSet up, plays!Never
 Gottlieb (USA)ATLANTIS menacefireNaples, FL USASet up, plays!Never
 Gottlieb (USA)ATLANTIS mikeoOverland park, KS USASet up, plays!Never
Bally (USA)ATLANTIS mistermibsBothell, WA USASet up, plays!Never
 Gottlieb (USA)ATLANTIS monty613Ottawa, CanadaSet up, plays!Never
 Midway (USA)ATLANTIS mopar71augCheyenne, WY USASet up, plays!Never
 Midway (USA)ATLANTIS motomanRiviera shores, FL USASet up, plays!Never
 Gottlieb (USA)ATLANTIS mratlantisBoston, MA USASet up, plays!Never
Bally (USA)ATLANTIS mrtiguyLongueuil, CanadaSet up, plays!Never
 Bally (USA)ATLANTIS mvo0Uden, NetherlandsIn storage, waiting for restorationNever
 Gottlieb (USA)ATLANTIS onemoretimeInuyama aichi, JapanSet up, plays!Never
Gottlieb (USA)ATLANTIS ottogdBrampton, CanadaSet up, plays!Never
Gottlieb (USA)ATLANTIS patrick_louisaLa baie, CanadaSet up, plays!Yes!
 Midway (USA)ATLANTIS paulyb18Dubuque, IA USASet up, plays!Never
 Gottlieb (USA)ATLANTIS pherfectUniversity place, WA USAIn storage, workingNever
Gottlieb (USA)ATLANTIS phillips88Sewell, NJ USASet up, plays!Never
Gottlieb (USA)ATLANTIS pinball jimLincoln, NE USASet up, plays!Yes!
Gottlieb (USA)ATLANTIS pinball-koenigMackenbach, GermanySet up, plays!Never
 Gottlieb (USA)ATLANTIS pinballfundiJohannesburg, South AfricaSet up, needs some workMaybe
 Gottlieb (USA)ATLANTIS pinballtomSalem, OR USAIn storage, workingNever
 Gottlieb (USA)ATLANTIS pinbater9Richmond, VA USASet up, plays!Never
 Gottlieb (USA)ATLANTIS pinbeeRomney,, WV USASet up, plays!Never
Gottlieb (USA)ATLANTIS pincushionSan antonio, TX USASet up, plays!Never
 Gottlieb (USA)ATLANTIS pindude152Gatineau, CanadaSet up, plays!Never
 Gottlieb (USA)ATLANTIS pinfellaSouth plainfield, NJ USAIn storage, workingNever
Gottlieb (USA)ATLANTIS pocketscienceSydney, AustraliaSet up, plays!Never
 Nordamatic (Italy)ATLANTIS profetaLecce, ItalySet up, plays!Never
 Gottlieb (USA)ATLANTIS pumpyblueOttawa, CanadaSet up, plays!Never
Gottlieb (USA)ATLANTIS raamesLiberty, MO USASet up, plays!Maybe
 Nordamatic (Italy)ATLANTIS raulmereilesVenezia, ItalySet up, plays!Maybe
 Gottlieb (USA)ATLANTIS replay wizardEphrata, pa, NJ USASet up, plays!Never
 Bally (USA)ATLANTIS richards_pinballMarche, ItalySet up, plays!Never
 Nordamatic (Italy)ATLANTIS rildoFoggia, ItalySet up, plays!Yes!
Gottlieb (USA)ATLANTIS rloringNewtown, PA USASet up, plays!Never
 Gottlieb (USA)ATLANTIS rob911Cherry hill, nj, NJ USASet up, plays!Never
 Gottlieb (USA)ATLANTIS rockfantasysteveMiddletown, NY USASet up, plays!Never
 Gottlieb (USA)ATLANTIS runbikeskileeCatonsville, MD USASet up, plays!Never
 Gottlieb (USA)ATLANTIS schwismEdmond, OK USASet up, plays!Never
 Gottlieb (USA)ATLANTIS scott1958Kansas city, MO USASet up, plays!Never
 Gottlieb (USA)ATLANTIS scottsDallas, TX USASet up, plays!Never
 Gottlieb (USA)ATLANTIS sdezyLong jetty, AustraliaSet up, plays!Never
 Midway (USA)ATLANTIS sher-lockBergkamen, GermanySet up, needs some workNever
 Gottlieb (USA)ATLANTIS sissy264Huntington, WV USASet up, plays!Yes!
 Bally (USA)ATLANTIS snackiesPittsburgh, PA USASet up, needs some workWould trade
 Gottlieb (USA)ATLANTIS southshoremarineMentor, OH USASet up, plays!Never
 Bally (USA)ATLANTIS speak easy 4Backa palanka, Serbia-MontenegroIn storage, waiting for restorationMaybe
Gottlieb (USA)ATLANTIS specialwhenlitGreen lane, PA USASet up, plays!Never
Gottlieb (USA)ATLANTIS sponson123Media, PA USASet up, plays!Never
Gottlieb (USA)ATLANTIS stashyboyHigh falls, NY USASet up, plays!Never
 Midway (USA)ATLANTIS steadyhasteMaple park, IL USASet up, plays!Never
 Gottlieb (USA)ATLANTIS stevebParamus, NJ USASet up, plays!Never
 Bally (USA)ATLANTIS sunsetLimassol, CyprusIn storage, waiting for restorationMaybe
 Gottlieb (USA)ATLANTIS superfuzzNew brighton, PA USASet up, plays!Never
 Gottlieb (USA)ATLANTIS takodaniHugo, MN USASet up, plays!Never
 Gottlieb (USA)ATLANTIS tandem2Gibsonia, PA USASet up, needs some workNever
 Midway (USA)ATLANTIS the_vidyAgen, FranceSet up, plays!Never
 Gottlieb (USA)ATLANTIS tmcMaple ridge, CanadaSet up, plays!Maybe
 Gottlieb (USA)ATLANTIS toteneMarseille, FranceIn storage, waiting for restorationNever
 Bally (USA)ATLANTIS tractor-twinsOttawa area, CanadaSet up, plays!Maybe
Gottlieb (USA)ATLANTIS vittyMinnetrista, MN USASet up, plays!Never
Bally (USA)ATLANTIS washtecSt symphorien d ozon, FranceSet up, plays!Never
 Gottlieb (USA)ATLANTIS wesailors4Polk city, IA USASet up, plays!Maybe
Gottlieb (USA)ATLANTIS whaleboyTimonium, MD USASet up, plays!Maybe

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