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collector fromcountrynotes
ab06  NiceFrance
ac70 TorontoCanadaBought off local collector who got it working and started to do some touch ups. Continued were he left off and added a clear coat to play field. Super smooth finish now allows game to live up to its name as it plays very "fast". As for the rest of the machine, it is very clean inside and out. Note-ably, this is the only 4 player (non-wedge) in collection. It is one heavy machine, especially the head. The flashing light for the gun shot on BG is a neat touch that lights up after the game is over and I guess serves as an early attract mode feature.
addictedtoems   Dayton, OHUSA
alaincanada LanoraieCanada
alf  RennesFrance
alia65   JuillanFrance
atari the jedi  Sparks, NVUSAI am looking to buy a back box for this machine so I can begin to restore it. Please contact me if you have one to sell or trade.
collector fromcountrynotes
babelfish   WelsAustria
baz999   NottinghamUnited Kingdom
bdemon16   Demontier, MAUSA
bek1966  Pleasant prairie, WIUSANice condition game. Typical planking on the playfield that was touched up by me. Not a professional job, but looks pretty nice when looking through the back glass:) Nice original back glass with just a few small spots that have been touched up.
bert_13  MarseilleFrance
billaud eric   Colayrac st cirqFrance
black panther  Les alluets-le-roiFranceSur pieds, fonctionnel.
black panther  Les alluets-le-roiFrance
breizhsam   FlipperSwitzerland
burge2  London ontarioCanadanew addition Looking for a good backglass
collector fromcountrynotes
cburnett11   Louisville, KYUSA
cedric   AllexFrance
chris3533   PontarlierFrance
coinopcarl  Mesa, AZUSACosmetically fair, cabinet delaminating and some playfield wear and some backglass flaking. A few minor operation glitches. OK game to play.
corral  AgnieresFrance
culik   ItuBrazil
collector fromcountrynotes
darrt268  Trivoli, ILUSA
deonz   CenturionSouth AfricaTotaly restored new playfiels and back glass
dgpinball   AbbotsfordCanada
dgreenwood  Lewisburg, KYUSASome lights not working. Lots of to play. Will send videos if needed to show it playing. No coins needed. Just push a button and play up to four players
djhp1   Lombard, ILUSA
donnyo999   Glenelg, MDUSACabinet nice but bottom panel needs to go. Decent BG, PF is sweet underneath a distributor-installed mylar sheet; reimport from Germany we believe, although there is no Mondial front bezel. In line for restoration.
drenngur  MojaSpainA lovely machine, sympathetically restored and plays veeery smooth.
duckkillerclyde   Molalla, ORUSA
collector fromcountrynotes
e-fuzzy   RösrathGermanywith original chime unit
electrojeux   SaxonSwitzerland
em-fan   HerrenbergGermanyComplete game in above average condition. Good cabinet and perfect back glas. Comes with backdoor, coin mechanism etc. Already acquired the respective chime box - which originally was never installed.
epb0   LardyFrance
epb0   LardyFrance
equalizer   Richmond, VAUSA#06861
ericmf91   Saint etienneFrance
collector fromcountrynotes
fafa34   AgdeFrance
faju78   ArnouvilleFranceEntièrement restauré mécanique et esthétique chromes neufs
fanofpinball  Milton, WAUSA
fast draw  AdelaideAustraliamy 1st machine from France
fast draw 1 FillingesFranceVends ou échange contre un flipper récent. élastqiues neufs et bobine de plaquettes gauche aussi. jouable. set de décore et vitre un peu abimé.
fast draw 72  Conflans sur anilleFranceBonjour, je viens d'acheter mon 1er flipper, le fast draw, mais j'ai 2 problèmes. Le flipper de gauche ne répond plus et ne se lève plus, et le bumper de droite ne renvoie plus la bille. Toute aide me serait bienvenue! english speaking as well... Merci d'avance.
fastdraw   Nelson, NCUSA
fibus78  BleuryFrance
fistivus  Kelso, WAUSA
flipperamateur  BayonneFrance
fox_ch   Saint-imierSwitzerland
franckflip65   ToursFrance
frank   DoetinchemNetherlands
fred in the box   ChapetFrance
frenchmarky   Moreno valley, CAUSAnew backglass, my favorite game of all time!
fris   CenturionSouth AfricaMy favourite from the 70's. Touched up and clearcoated but needs a new playfield.
collector fromcountrynotes
gazeur01  IssouFranceBeau plateau. BG 11/10!! Pas de défaut et surtout, pas de mousse de protection collé à la fabrication, celle qui décolore la peinture de la glace...
gazeur01   IssouFranceA vendre
gazeur01  IssouFranceBelle glace, beau plateau...
gazeur01  IssouFranceA vendre. BG correcte (le rouge de la chemise est passé), beau plateau...
geronimo93  Livry garganFrance
gloorch    thalwil / zurigoSwitzerland
gorgar  GifhornGermanyDid you know that almost the same Layout was used on Gottlieb's "Amazon Hunt" in the early 80ies? All in all a very nice Pin with this special drop target feature (the two middle black-ones up!). Fast Draw is a sought after machine. Looking back personally-meeting this machine on location back in the days: No, i didn't because it entered the market before i started playing pinball in the late 1970s.
gottlieb guy  Middletown, DEUSAtotal restoration. new playfield,new bg,and cabinet paint and wood surface are better than first playfield swap and little tip em guys use frosted warm white bulbs under and on top pf for a super cool look,they use less voltage and really pop!
greg le grimeur  Les olmesFrance
grusom   BergenNorwayVery Nice condition. Lots of wear, touch-up. New Drop targets and cleaned. Soon to be finished. 2023 I hope.
gt40  PerthAustralia
collector fromcountrynotes
harryvi   VilleperrotFrance
henq  Hazerswoude-rijndijkNetherlands
hurl VéringesFrance
collector fromcountrynotes
jarn54   NancyFrance
jeanhube   MilmortBelgium
jeffblackattack  Springfield, ILUSA
jetcom1121  Navarre beach, FLUSAWon this one in an estate auction in Pensacola. Shopped it out and serviced the machine. Excellent backglass,Playfield & Cabinet.
jimjob   Long island, NYUSA
jmarc   Saint laurent les toursFrance
john_in_nc  Chapel hill, NCUSAFully Restored
jpsanders   Austin, TXUSAMy son's favorite game. Good restoration candidate.
jufath   Arnouville les mantesFranceRestauré esthétique et mécanique
collector fromcountrynotes
kalichip   Perth, TXUSA
kangourou  LyonFrance
kangourou LyonFrance
kenbuzz   Bloomington, INUSAMy first machine. Needs a little cosmetic work, but it has been recently "refreshed" and plays wonderfully. It's my kid's favorite!
kingpinman  San leandro, CAUSA
kodokigk   Kennett square, PAUSAORIGINAL NICE ALL AROUND
kpeter   WidenSwitzerland
collector fromcountrynotes
laudith   BléréFranceBonjour, je viens d acheter un FAST DRAW, les targettes ne remontent pas.. quelqu un a t il des informations? merci
laurent37   VeretzFranceA vendre faire offre merci
laz-r-us   Pittsburgh, PAUSASuperb condition. Described as HUO by original owner, and appears to be.
le chat  LanildutFrance
lenub Oxford, PAUSAgreat bg and cab pf really nice needs to be shopped and tuned
lindulindu  CatanzaroItaly
lisant  VesoulFrance
lolo  ChellesFrance
lololebo   PolignyFrance
lolototoche Saint maurFrance1er flipper acheté en 1982. Glace de fronton parfaite, caisse un peu fatiguée (rayures). Plateau très très convenable (pas de sillons ou boursouflures). Jeu de fiches neuf complet + set d'élastiques, gros nettoyage général fait, set de décors neuf, nuts neufs, opérationnel révisé par un pro, plots blanc neufs.
lonewolf   VenceFrance
collector fromcountrynotes
magniez christop   DuclairFrance
magnotron   HeusenstammGermany
magnotron   HeusenstammGermany
manouche13   MarseilleFrance-----
maplesyrup   Toronto, canadaCanada
marco1384  TarasconFranceStocké dans un garage depuis au moins 20 ans, il y avait du boulot !
markt   KristianstadSweden
matsholmqvist   GothenburgSweden
matth-matth   NantesFrance
matthewra   TorontoCanadaVery nice shape, 100% working
mattmk3   Aix en provenceFrance
mattpinowner   Dallas, TXUSAPretty clean original. Needs PF resto, has kickout divots, but otherwise just gunked up. Now waiting for a Wade Krause PF rescreen (2018 probably).
mfuegemann   CologneGermanyThis was my first pin. Bought from a garage in non-working condition. Great EM ruleset.
miapulp   SandrineFrance
michel77 Mons en montoisFranceflipper vendu
mjhale22  Cambridge springs, PAUSAWon in an eBay auction on 2/28/21 out of Warren, Ohio. Some playfield wear due to some critters and lack of maintenance. Plays 100% and more fun than I thought it would be. Sold on 10/25/21 to a collector in Toronto.
mlm  TorontoCanadaCQ
mmc121   Dayton, TNUSAWorks great. Fun pin.
montauf45  OrléansFrance
collector fromcountrynotes
nepenthes51   ReimsFrance
ngiovas  Clarkston, MIUSAFully functioning. Very nice example.
nightbird93  MontreuilFrance
nighty   StaufenSwitzerland
collector fromcountrynotes
oldalien   LengdorfGermany
oldpinguy  Westfield, INUSA1975 EM, 4 p
onemoretime   Inuyama aichiJapan
opt   östersundSweden
orangecrateart  BrisbaneAustraliaHas gone to a collector of Gottlieb machines, very happy to see it go to a good home.
ortax   BaselSwitzerland
collector fromcountrynotes
pabo61   SolothurnSwitzerland
paf_prod  Neauphle-le-vieuxFrance
paulsenkblei   GörgeshausenGermany
pblover   CataniaItaly
peter0808   ErlangenGermany
phi   Le vésinetFrance
phil33   PlassacFrance
philippe94   WissousFrance
phillips88  Sewell, NJUSAWow what a machine!
philpape GirondeFrance
phlipper73  AmsterdamNetherlands
phototamer   LemesosCyprusBeautiful in every way !
pig   östersundSweden
pinballfundi   JohannesburgSouth Africa
pinballwiz59   Lancaster, PAUSAWe bought this game from Joe at Pinball Restorations. It is completely restored and in incredible condition. He also upgraded the flippers and put in LED`s in the back box and parts of the play field. We also installed a brand new back glass.
pinbuf  Springville, NYUSA
pinjost   ViennaAustria
pinon   BréhalFranceDOC COMPLETE fronton suplémentaire
pintom   Charlotte, NCUSA
collector fromcountrynotes
quickdraw19   Salt lake city, UTUSA
collector fromcountrynotes
ralfredo   OberhausenGermany
rapzilch   Plainfield, ILUSA
rd3110  MelbourneAustralia
redknight  Riverside, CAUSA
ricker  TorontoCanadaVery good backglass, very nice playfield, great cabinet
ricker   TorontoCanada
ricky   Barberton, OHUSA
robesch   SendenGermany
rockola   GentBelgiumTraded with a Belgian collector
roiron  GenèveSwitzerland
ron  RotterdamNetherlands
rovdan   Vaux le penilFranceThe best flip I played with
collector fromcountrynotes
schudel5  Kalamazoo, MIUSAWade Krause playfield installed.
scorpioone  Porterville, CAUSALooking for Haunted House OR BUCK Rodgers.
scrambler   NiederweningenSwitzerland
screenpl   TucholaPoland
sofasurfer  OsterhofenGermany
specialwhenlit  Green lane, PAUSAThe cabinet is near mint with a repo backglass. The game has an NOS Playfield installed. This game was purchased from Mark Niemkiewicz.
speedy  CanlyFrance
spideyguy67   TorontoCanadaOne of the most fun EM games of all time.
squale   CaenFrance
steph bg   VizilleFranceJe recherche des pièces. (Compteur de parties en cours)
strangeways   MelbourneAustraliaProject Machine
stubbens   HallstahammarSweden
stubbens   HallstahammarSweden
surfspecial  Cressier frSwitzerland
collector fromcountrynotes
tassin54  GondrevilleFrance
terrapin 26  Pittstown, NJUSAPurchased in playable condition. Going to do some basic maintenance. All new rubbers and clean/wax play surface; replace burned out bulbs.
tibo  NiortFrancePlateau restauré
tiger05  SydneyAustraliaI picked up this game via one of the Australian online buying and selling platforms. The game is in excellent condition overall but does need the head graphics added. A previous owner decided to try a cabinet re-spray but didn't finish it. This Gottlieb EM is a great game to play as we know with that 5,000 target attraction. I have the graphics ready to go, new rubbers, targets and other bits and pieces.
tiltnc   NoumeaNouvelle-Calédonie
tinu232   WorbSwitzerland
tommyc  Houston, TXUSA
collector fromcountrynotes
urso  GoiatubaBrazilBought the great collector MPbola, the machine is fantastic
collector fromcountrynotes
vampire   FredrikstadNorway
vampire   FredrikstadNorway
vicky AlesFrance
viking1   Hobe sound, FLUSAI'm currently restoring this classic 1975 EM game. This is my first pinball machine, and so far my favorite machine. Paid $300, working, with playfield / backglass / cabinet in very good condition. I am cleaning the cabinet, light sockets, polishing metal parts, cleaning and waxing playfield, replacing all rubber and light bulbs, and even replacing the legs. A fun, working project!
collector fromcountrynotes
william19   Brive la gaillardeFrance
collector fromcountrynotes
yiannis78  NicosiaCyprus
collector fromcountrynotes
zesurfer   Saint-jean-de-luzFrance
zim57  SarregueminesFranceReally good game !
zprobowler   Columbus, OHUSA

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