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1628 INDIANA JONES: THE PINBALL ADVENTURE (IJ) pinballs found in database
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collector fromcountrynotes
.cri   OlotSpain
collector fromcountrynotes
185joker   SeregnoItaly
1979wade   WinnipegCanada
1pinballfan   WatfordUnited Kingdom
collector fromcountrynotes
50996   RösrathGermany
5701pin  ViennaAustria
collector fromcountrynotes
80s90s  HarlingenNetherlands
collector fromcountrynotes
a.stebel   BarrieCanadaGood playfield with no wear. Faded cabinet, have new decals to be installed.
aakatz1  Geneva, ILUSAIn great condition, with only minor cabinet damage and fade. Has jackpot board installed, along with the lost plastic and backlight. Also has propeller mod. Legs, Lockdown Bar, Side Rails, Hinges, and Gun are brass plated (2013).
ab10  ParmaItalySi Vendo. No Scambio.
abiffena   NyköpingSweden
abys  VersaillesFrance
accelera77   Rivarolo canaveseItaly
achesoniowa   Des moines, IAUSAA beauty of a machine.
acpmr  SillaSpainMachine need a waste clean , but playfield is in very good condition, exception hole that lock balls, and electronic is good too. Also need change vinyls XD
adamper  AvestaSweden
adao   Sao pauloBrazilFully restored. Pics will be posted soon.
adapkool   ListerbySweden
addegbg   GothenburgSwedenTOP RESTORED
adolfo_2   MadridSpainPlayfield normal, new decals. Sold for 3.500€
adolfo_2   MadridSpainPlayfield clear coated, new decals, completly restored
adut   HirsonFrance
aeon HaldenNorwayExcellent condition! Almost as new. Look at the pictures! Everything works perfect including start mission hole and mini playfield. Very nice playfield. Original decals on cabinet and backbox which is in really nice condition, though right side is sunfaded. All plastic ok. Includes "the Lost Plastic" for the backboard. All new white rubbers. Mods: Yellow cabinet LED, Idol light kit (brightens up whole Idol area nicely), Mini Playfield Interactive Light Mod, Inner Cab Decal Set (a great addition to the game), Complete Plastic Protection Kit, orange Super-Band flipper rubber (fits perfectly to the playfield color theme), 6 new Mirror-Glazed pinballs. Indiana Jones: The Pinball Adventure is definitively one of the best executed themes in all of pinball.
aeon   HaldenNorwaySigned backbox. Not sunfaded.
aeropinball   MelbourneAustralia
affaripergioco  RomaItaly All original and preserved, decals original colors perfect truck, plane as new never worked! GOLD PERFECT, Tutto originale e conservato, decals cassone originali colori perfetti, piano come nuovo non ha mai lavorato!
ag1209  MünsingenGermanyRestored machine with new cabinet decals, restored PF, gold-plated ramps, non-reflective glass
ag1209  MünsingenGermanyNice original cabinet (not faded). Non-reflective glass, many gold plated or polished parts, better speaker system, Color DMD, some mods, topper.
again   MontelimarFranceÉtat très propre Tout fonctionnel Dot ok 3600€
agreen81   Floyds knobs, INUSA
akltm1  BremenGermanyNice original condition. Cabinet decals only little faded, lost-end-plastic, lighted backbox-jackpots, Visaton subwoofer, invisible playfield glass, polished golden legs
al capone   RomaItalyIn manutenzione a presto,le foto
alainmeunier   Le mansFrance
alamdq  Mar del plataArgentinacompletamente restaurado
albel75  CandeloItalyTop, fully restored, gold 24k, pinball decals mods, australian decals
albertos81 AgugliaroItalybel piano non con la solita camicia graffiata, cassone sbiadito , in fase di trasformazione a led, pin2dmd.
albertos81 AgugliaroItalycassone originale decal nuove full led decal interne palline nuove piano top
albertos81  AgugliaroItalyda restaurare ha bisogno di cure. Restaurato completato e venduto
alemot  MilanoItalyTOTALLY REFURBISHED AND RESTORED. New officialy licensed cabinet decals, internal customized side-art, full Comet led, superchrome set, gold ramps/screws/bolts/post, professional clearcoated playfield, dmd color, led speaker insert, snake + toys mods, controlled idol led strip, Outstanding conditions. UP FOR SALE ONLY FOR REASENABLE OFFERS AND/OR TRADES VS STERN LE GAMES OR JJP +/- MONEY.
alessandra guido   GalatinaItalyPlease for pictures and price contact me.
alex kid   AthensGreece   GrugliascoItaly
alex777  BelgradeSerbia-Montenegro
alex777   BelgradeSerbia-Montenegro
alexccll  RomaItalyLeddato
alexwa  MilanoItalyRImesso a nuovo led inclusi
alexxx   MadridSpain
alf66  São paulo,spBrazil
alfinou11  EvianSwitzerlandFlipper a révisé la bille se lance plus.
alfonsou  BarcelonaSpain
algrande CalgaryCanadaFull LED’s from cointaker, including the backbox. Under light kit. Just completed a full playfield shop. I stripped the playfield and polished and waxed it. Cleaned all the parts, installed cliffy protectors, new ramp, new starposts, new rubbers, polished the wireforms and legs. It looks stunning! More pictures upon request.
algrande  CalgaryCanadaCleared Playfield, New cab decals, LEDs, Nicest one i have seen. Also put new target decals after the pictures
all_pinball   LuxembourgLuxembourg
altan   Somewhere, GAUSAMy first pin! Not surprisingly, it is the first pin I shopped. I plan to shop it again in the next week or so (it has been a while and I'll do a better job). My web site has info.
amg   WissenGermany
andream   VareseItaly
andream   VareseItaly
andream   VareseItaly
andreamurr OlbiaItaly
andredimo BergamoItalymancano le schede di testata e da rivedere il piano di gioco per il sistema elettronico è OK e completo ottimo per un appassionato che ha voglia di restaurarlo e riportarlo in vita. Prezzo 650€
andrew77  BergamoItalyPiano perfetto, full led, decals cabinet nuove, gambe e siderails gold, pin2dmd
andrewdreams  GranadaSpainCon topper!!!
andreya_2009   RomaItalydevo lavorarci un po ma nel contesto
androspl  WarsawPolandLED's on PF, playfield protector, new flipper optos, new rubbers
andyhogtryck  StockholmSweden
andymac   RomaItaly
andypc  LondonUnited KingdomFully Restored
andypinball   RomaItalyFully restored!
angie   CologneGermany
anglb47   FoulayronnesFrance
ant-h   MordenUnited Kingdom
antoines   RoncqFrance
antoniochavarria   MexicoMexico
antoniochavarria   MexicoMexico
antoniomauro  LatinaItalyRestaurato al 100%, decal nuove, piano laccato, rampe dorate.
antonioparri   SienaItaly
antonioparri  SienaItaly
antti   HelsinkiFinland
anve   HakadalNorway
aperigo61   ArgentanFrance
apic7917   Rochester, NYUSA
apscarpelli   Spokane, WAUSA
arakirit   Le vernetFrance
arcademania BergamoItalycomprate quello che vedete, mancano schede testata Prezzo 600€
arcadetech   Tucson, AZUSAGood Shape. Next on list to resto.
arcadeuk   BlackpoolUnited KingdomFull restoration - Re-decalled - new plastics - mirror polished metalwork + mods
arch   OsloNorway
archerfly  EmpoliItaly
argos   WindachGermanyBetter than new, new playfield, new decals, leds, sound system...
ariale   BuscateItalyFINITO!Tutto rifatto, piano lucidato, rampe ottonate, plastiche nuove, cosi come le rampe ed i bersagli, riverniciato il cassone e sostituite le decals, messi i led, gambe nuove ottonate, sembra appena uscito dalla fabbrica, 100 ore di lavoro!!!, a presto le foto
aristos  ThessalonikiGreece
aristos   ThessalonikiGreece
armando   Albano lazialeItaly
arnoldbabar   Omaha, NEUSA
arsenio_lupin_69   MilanoItaly
arthuro   OberhausenGermanyExcellent and nice Indiana
ashram56   LorientFrance
asp1310   LjubljanaSlovenia
asp1310   LjubljanaSlovenia
asp1310 LjubljanaSloveniaOR TRADE
asp1310   LjubljanaSlovenia
asroma   RomaItaly
astrocity   Mitchell actAustralia
astrofilo   AvezzanoItalyBellissimo.
asusturf GessateItalyin lavorazione -- già in trattativa
athena SomptingUnited KingdomSTUNNING!! 24 KT GOLD PLATED TRIM INC COINDOOR, BACKBOX HINGES, EVEN the BACKBOX LATCH! Legs, lockdown side rails and APRON all in GOLD! All the gold wire form ramps replated! Gun plated! Redecalled Cabinet. Colour LCD Display fitted. PINSOUND Fitted! More mods on the game, TANK, ARK, Indiana Figure, Indiana in Minecart and boulder! Propeller on plane spins around. Playfield is mint. Pictures show how stunning this is. Flipper control boards just been replaced. Comet LEDS BEAUTIFUL EXAMPLE
atom88   ZeebrugeBelgium
attilak   Lumberton, NJUSA
audioplay   HamburgGermany
autobox   CsongrádHungary
autoreverser   Sin cityGermany
averell  Neukirchen-vluynGermanyComplete restored with original clearcoated playfield. New next gen decals, playfield brushed and cleared. New original plastics, better speakersystem with pinSound-board and reorchestrated music and speech (Endprodukt) and many more. All new LED lamps, targets, PDI glas, new legs, etc. Shaker Drive, Color-DMD (LCD), lot of chrome, gold and powdercoated parts. Rebuild prototype speakerpanel and backboard made of plexiglas with illumination. Plastics signed by Mark Ritchie. This Indy is a masterpiece and not for sale!
avida   Cso:mo:rHungary
avo   SiegenGermany
avo   SiegenGermany
avo   SiegenGermany
avspinball   Reno, NVUSA
axelord   Oost-vlaanderenBelgium
axl  NesoddtangenNorway
axwell  PoitiersFranceVendu le 31/05/2015
azaque   CartagenaSpain
azaque  CartagenaSpain
azpinhead  Tempe, AZUSA
azpinhead   Tempe, AZUSA
collector fromcountrynotes
b1gman   LeedsUnited KingdomFully refurbed, new pf, re-decalled, colour DMD and lots of Mods, LED OCD, GI OCD boards. Full Ledded. Crincling on the decals, needs re-doing I have the official quality decals to apply to bring it up to perfect mint condition again.
bab   LysiceCzech RepublicTotally restored. Like new!!
bab75   MilanoItaly
badbilly27   Prospect heights, ILUSA
bagnouf   MulhouseFrance
balintfr  HarkanyHungaryRestored
ballmid  LormaisonFranceTrès beau plateau, caisse refaite (merci Thierry !) ; superbe flipper ! Elastique premium. Eclairage fixe led. Mod sur panel (3 jackpots). A priori vendu.  HägerstenSwedenThis was one of my favorit games, but I had to sell it when I lost my job and was unemployed for a year. However I sold it to my closest friend, and now 2015 we are doing a total shopping of the playfield. HägerstenSwedenThis was my second IJ, ift was co-owned with my three friends at LD
bally1992ify  ChibaJapanThe maintenance that is finished by advice and the cooperation of the pro shop of Tokyo, Japan
ballyclown   YvetotFrancesold 3 IJ
ballycollector   Den boschNetherlands
ballypeppe SiciliaItalyFlipper in ottimo stato Funzionante 100%
ballystic  FontainebleauFrance
bananajoe ZürichSwitzerland
bananajoe  ZürichSwitzerland
bananajoe  ZürichSwitzerland
bananajoe  ZürichSwitzerland
bandi-to5  TorokbalintHungary
bando   BerlinGermany
bandrik   Elkhart, INUSA
bangerjay   Mchenry il, ILUSA
baptur  Boadilla del monteSpain
bartsimson   CachanFrance
baseball1970   Rochester, NYUSA
baz999  NottinghamUnited Kingdom
bcgames  Anaheim, CAUSA
beaker   Cedarburg, WIUSAPlays perfectly!
beasty BostonUnited KingdomWould to offers
bec   AdelaideAustralia
becks  CoventryUnited Kingdom £4500
beelzeboob   East hanover, NJUSA
bejelit ViterboItaly
belle  ReggioemiliaItalyvenduto a 4000€.
ben91   EvryFrance
ben91  EvryFranceBeaucoup de missions, des videos mode au top, j'adore ce jeu.
benetnath   IllkirchFrance
benhur69   BordeauxFrance
benhur69   BordeauxFrance
benja   SønderborgDenmark
benjaminnathan  Pont-l'évêqueFranceEn cours de réparation/,nettoyage mais jouable - suis ouvert à propositions d'achat ou d'échange.
benjibenji  Asnieres sur seineFranceMon premier flipper... un kif incroyable !
bentley bear   VikenNorway
bergwurm   NrwGermanyComplete restaurated original nice one with nice Mods. I love the films und for me it is the greatest pinball.
berk104   GironaSpainCompletely restored
bertgamer   Villarrín de camposSpain
bhemming   BramptonCanada
biba   IngelmunsterBelgium
bibudibuscho   EsslingenGermany
bifo  BoituvaBrazil
bigfoot1  LahrGermanyPerfect 4200€
bigjoe40   StrassbourgFrance
bigsolo   MonsBelgium
bike  StralsundGermanyGame plays flawlessly. It’s a freaking Indiana Jones. One of the best Williams pins. Great theme and a great game. Color LCD DMD Full installed PET-G playfield protector Full Color Matched LEDs including flashers by Cointaker 6700euro
bilacikhawik   MunichGermanyNice condition
bindorius  LivornoItaly
binelle  Cazouls lés béziersFrance
bingobernie   DieppeCanada
binos PlaisirFranceFull resto, new decals, original playfield perfect, new decors set, full gold 24k, ramp, leggs, siderail, lockbarr, hinges, gun, door, blade mirror, apron custom gold... Very nice pinball Price 7500 or trade with monster bash + cash
biondogiallo  RiminiItalyIl mio primo flipper preso 6 anni fa. Gran bella macchina in ogni sua parte.
birdman   HalifaxCanada
bish500   PeterboroughCanadaSome cabinet fade, but playfield looks brand new!
bjorn50  OsloNorwayOriginal Indiana Jones , Pick Oslo Norway. Willing to put in pallet for shipping.
blabla  MilanoItaly
black panther  Les alluets-le-roiFrancePartie en échange d'un Stern.
black panther   Les alluets-le-roiFrance
black panther  Les alluets-le-roiFranceplateau d'origine en très bon état, decal de caisse neuf, set de décors, avion et nombreuses pièces neuves, pieds neufs.
black panther   Les alluets-le-roiFrancePartie sur un échange.
black-rider  NeumarktGermany
blackbone  Thorigné-fouillardFranceEntierement restauré. Caisse, plateau, pieds, rampe, plastiques neufs. Ecran Couleur, Carte son Pinsound
blackmagic   ArezzoItalyFinalmente nella mia collezione! Grazie a Giorgio per avermelo venduto.
blackman  MessinaItaly
blee68   Waterford, MIUSA
blown36   MackayAustralia
bluice   BoItalyTotalmente restaurato (pari a nuovo)
boaz   Saint-jean-de-luzFrance
bobbuzz   St. louis, MOUSAI absolutly love this game. The playfield is a 10. Someday, I'd love to put new cabinet decals on, although, these are some of the nicer factory decals I've seen.
boboxp  StrasbourgFrance
bobvinc   Vaudreuil dorionCanada
bobweir   Oregon, WIUSA
boerni   SchweinfurtGermanyLooking for very nice Lockbar ( Attention: Wide Body)
bombjack  BadenstedtGermany
bondto   HeinolaFinland
bop-martin  AalenGermany
borgonovi   Sao jose do rio pretoBrazil
bos007   WevelgemBelgium
bosa.zerfaliu   Bellinzago novareseItalyil flipper più bello in assoluto.lo venderò solo per una buona proposta.o soldi più un Fish tales.full led.decal cassone nuove!
bouda MagescqFrancefull leds ( insert GI fronton ) , miroirs latéraux , kit batteurs neufs , elastiques transparents
bravedog   Mckinney, TXUSA
break   DijonFrance
breizhsam   FlipperSwitzerland
brianc   Raleigh, NCUSA
brian_carscadden   Oakland, NJUSA
brightmy   Reading, PAUSASome playfield issues.
brio90   BerlinGermany
brunodalp  Castiglione torineseItalybellissimo!
brunoslee  Sao pauloBrazilnothing to say,
brymat80   BresciaItaly
bubble   MilanoItaly
bubin  BrocSwitzerlandDecals de caisse neufs, plastiques neuf
bud  NarbonneFrance
bundy  SandvikenSweden
burge2  London ontarioCanadaNice Machine
burgern   GardermoenNorway
burndizzyburn   SouthamptonUnited KingdomNOS play field installed. Original unfaded cabinet
butch35712  Saint-eustacheCanadaall leds cdmd clearcoated playfield with topper and more
collector fromcountrynotes
cabu  Sátoraljaújhely (((bludenz austria)))HungaryFully Restored
cactus   ReigoldswilSwitzerland
caesar   MilanoItaly
cafesix   ParisFrance
cajoeter   BredaNetherlands
calen LauterbourgFranceClear Coated Play-field All new Plastics Nickel Plated gun handle Re-plated ramp returns Under playfield parts re- zinced Lost Plastic + Light Board Lit selections under DMD New Cabinet Decals Stern Metal Corner Protectors Full LED's Cling Flipper button protectors All Boards sent in and refreshed by Coin Op Cauldren price 4400e
calimori   LutonUnited KingdomFully functioning after a bit of work. Will be stripped and rebuilt to bring back to former glory
cami   ParisFrance
canasta  BessanFrance
candyman1979   EppingenGermany
captainronaldo   Long beach, CAUSA
capt_bud   Cheyenne, WYUSAGreat game, but I hate the optos on this game - a major pain in the butt to maintain!
carbonrod   CanberraAustraliaFully restored after importing from Italy. Equally my favorite wide body pin next to Guns'n'Roses! 🤘
carmelo   VareseItalyBellissimo tutto a led decals scolorite
carmensito  RiberaItalyPiano di gioco bellissimo, originale non laccato o ritoccato, elastici nuovi, luci Led, display Led, gambe dorate, barre nuove cromate, decals cassone sostituite, totalmente revisionato e pulito.
casaschiller  NeussGermanyFlipper im super Zustand. 100% Funktion, Spielfeld 1a, nichts gebrochen, Color-DMD, Lost End Plastic. Gehäuse neu lackiert und mit neuen Decals. 220116 8|5 9285 NM
casaschiller  NeussGermanyabgegeben - Unrestaurierter und unverbastelter Flipper im sehr guten Originalzustand. Lichtdurchbrüche unter DMD 220222 8|2 2136LJ 0|14 220723 8|5 24229
cazzi   VichyFranceSuperbe, état collection, plateau 10/10, écran couleur, convolux jaune
cburnett11   Louisville, KYUSA
cece034 MarsillarguesFrancesuper flipper, plateau d'origine, vernis, convulux, led, decal refait ... un classique a avoir boite pignon + moteur mini plateau neuf, 2 un set de decor + planche overlay faire offre échange ou achat petit DOT bienvenue
ced54  BultFranceSuperbe exemplaire, un mythe, possède sans aucun doute une âme, le meilleur flipper selon moi. Playfield protector v2, Full gold, Collector.
ced54  BultFranceX4
ced77   RognesFrance
cedric   AllexFrance
cenobyte   SprundelNetherlands
charlot LaurisFranceExcellent état. Plateau refait à neuf, vernis et playfield protector. Decals refaits. Jeu fluide et limpide, très agréable. Aucun défaut, aucun message d'erreur.
charlymatic   Corrales de buelnaSpain
cheese_wizardpq  North hatleyCanadaCompletely restaured game With tons of mod: Awsome topper from Tilt topper - Target Decal Set – Nazi Bimp – Tank Mod – Crystal skull mod – Rotating saw blade mod – Ruin/Idol Led light kit – Custom mini playfield holes led kit – Motorized Bi plane Propeller mod – Mini cart Mod 4.0 – Mola Figure mod - Pingraffix ramps decals and sideblades- All Leds - OrangePowdercoated legs, siderails and bar. ColorDMD, PDI glass.
chicho   MartinezArgentina
chirurgien   Thorembais-les-beguinesBelgium
chris15   WeyerFrance
chris15  WeyerFranceSuper flipper!l'un des meilleurs de sa génération. Entièrement démonté et nettoyé, passé en full led,plastic convolux,élastiques translucides,lost plastique,DMD color led,ajout qqs figurines + topper de chez olivierflippermod etc...Mon deuxième.
chris8   AntibesFrancemy brother's pinball ,
chrisd   Long island, NYUSAbeautiful,clean, works 100%. Has unfaded cabinet decals
christhewino   CarshaltonUnited Kingdom
chucky   VierzonFrance
cinziamanu   La speziaItalyTutto perfetto, tutto led, tutto dorato..
cisco68  MilanoItalyVeramente divertente
clageo987   MestreItaly
clausbarlose   AarhusDenmark
clausbarlose   AarhusDenmark
clc   OeuillyFrance
clo   LuxembourgLuxembourg
cnlwendler   Augusta, KSUSA
cnow  AustinmerAustraliaSelf restored over several years
cocotteshooter   CaenFrance
codytoad   Nuevo, CAUSAOne of six pre-production machines. Known as a Beta test machine. In mint condition.
cogoo   RimboSweden
colditz   NoaleItaly  LimeiraBrazilvendida !
colocole   Leander, TXUSA
cooky   ParisFrance
corvette8   AskerNorway
cotcho   NamurBelgium
court-circuit   AubonneSwitzerland
cparedes   CreixellSpain
crapou  MendeFrance
cronos39  Lons le saunierFranceVitrif . Decals Neuf ; Kit complet de plastique / rampes neuve . Tout en neuf . et Gold ( pieds . pistolet . side rampe etc... . Bref une Tuerie dans un etat limite sortit du carton :)
cronos39  Lons le saunierFranceSuperbe Indi . Decals Neuf . Rampe Gold . Vitrifié . Plot . Elastique bumper enfin de nombreuse pièces sont neuve pour un rendu magnifique . A l'echange exclusivement contre AFM . TZ . TOTAN . CV avec rajout de ma part en fction de l'etat .
cronos39 Lons le saunierFranceSuperbe Indi Rampe Gold . Plateau zero default sans mylar. Moteur Path of Adventure Neuf . Nombreuses Led etc...
ctremblay   WarsawPoland
cudabee   BorgercompagnieNetherlandsOnly 3 months on route, it's like new. Not even faded.
curlsnz   AucklandNew Zealand
collector fromcountrynotes
dado73  RomaItalymolto bello, abitando al quinto piano e non entrando in ascensore ed essendo un pò più pesante degli altri due che gia avevo da tempo, i trasportatori hanno inveito contro tutti i collezionisti e appassionati come me le condizioni sono spettacolari
dafussi   PassauGermany10/10
dalbo75   IpsachSwitzerland
damwib Le mansFranceTrès bel exemplaire pour collectionneur avisé ! : plateau d'origine excellent état 9.5/10, pieds gold d'origine, décals de caisse d'origine 9.5/10. Entièrement révisé par neoretropinball (démontage complet, changement plot élastiques cibles, électronique révisée...). Full LED, rampes goldées, avions neufs. 2 mods ajoutés : crosse pistolet en bois + éclairage des jackpots sous le dot = 2 must have ! Vente privilégiée mais échange possible avec flipper récent uniquement : Stranger Things premium, The Big Lebowsky, Scooby Doo collector vous laisse proposer :)
danes77   Veneux les sablonsFranceEtat collector
dani.cartongesso   PadovaItaly
dani74   FirenzeItaly
dani78 CuneoItalypiano e plastiche perfette, decal esterne nuove, luci sotto lo speaker pannel e al fondo del piano originali(prima versione) display nuovo.piano lucidato.valuto scambi solo con medieval, arabian, monster .Rispondo solo a offerte serie. Side, lock ,pistola , gambe e rampe dorate.
daniandre   GenovaItaly
danjan   örebroSwedenSold
danny60   CompiegneFrance
danschki   TraunAustria
dany67flip  WasselonneFranceachat 07/18très bon flipper ! 06/19 restauré,plateau retouché et vernis,full leds,dot couleur.convolux
darkmog   ParisFrance
darko69  KocaniMacedonia
darthboman   TäbySweden
darthpaul  East stroudsburg, PAUSA
darthvad AthensGreeceIndiana Jones, the pinball adventure, in excellent condition , fully functional. All parts have been removed and cleaned, all rubbers have been changed. Price : 1650 Euros
daubin   GommervilleFrance
dave  BergamoItalySecondo me e' il flipper piu' bello come giocabilita'.Storico...
dave astill   CollingwoodCanadaNice all original
dave_m   ChristchurchNew ZealandPlays great and playfield is very good-usual cabinet decal fade but brilliantly addictive pin! Traded.
dave_s10s   Barrie onCanadaOriginal near CQ condition
dave_s10s   Barrie onCanadaProject, plays but needs tlc
davi   DunaharasztiHungary
davidemessia  FrosinoneItalySemplicemente perfetto!!!
davidemessia  FrosinoneItalyE' bastato cambiare un paio di fusibili e pulire il piano di gioco..Il cabinet era già perfetto:senza graffi e con i colori originali!!
davidgarcia   MéruFrance
davidhosier  Folsom, CAUSAGame has been restored with the following: * Fully stripped, repainted, and brand-new decals applied * Black matte powder coated armor/legs * Black glossy powder coated internal wireforms * PinSound with Flipper Fidelity stereo speakers * ColorDMD * All new plastics with plastic protectors * New right ramp * Full Cliffy set * New drop targets/decals * New full set of standup targets * Lost Plastic * Black Nickel plated gun from Pinball Plating & More * LED kit from Cointaker * New rubbers of course * All new plastic posts
davidpomerols  PomerolsFranceMod TV Indiana Jones Pinball with vidéos and audio, pictures 69€
davidville   VillenaSpainMy first pinball. Fully restoration, with leds
dawnp   Fort worth, TXUSA
dayhemous   RybnikPoland
dayz   ReimsFranceNEVER TO SALE, don't message me, i will not sell. Like new, Color DMD Led, full gold, and some other extras.
decibels  BoulocFranceEntièrement refait plateau et caisse, full Rottendog Board (sauf CPU), full led, new DOT, ...
degen   UmeåSweden
demeire OrangeFranceflipper Indiana jones williams Etat collector Decals neuf Plateau vernis Mod arche Pin2dmd Pinsound Convolux Consommable neufs Full led Pieds d'origine Recherche un echange contre flipper(s) a refaire avec soulte d'un cote ou de l'autre ou JJP Vente à 10500e Envoi possible
derv   LannionFrance
deso1   WasbüttelGermany
deviliann   LédenonFrance
dext   Riva del gardaItaly
df2911   NamurBelgium
dg  Miranda do corvoPortugalFantastic state.. Gold Wire Ramps.
dgarrett0  Geneva, ILUSA$7000. Primo shape. Has new display, cabinet decals, brass plated wire ramps and apron trim, gold legs, custom ark add on to the ramp, custom indy with LED stone, snake, custom biplane, new pinball life lock down, also hand pounded brass lockdown bar. Perfect playfield.
dgpinball   AbbotsfordCanadaOne of my favorite games, best movie/pinball ever IMHO
diabolik2727  ParmaItaly
diabolik64   BolognaItalyveramente bello!
diddol79  FollonicaItaly
didgy35 VitréFrance
diecirobi  QuaregnonBelgium pré série version prototype tiré en peut d exemplaires mini plateau avec rampe en métal- idole en couleur métal- Play Field couleur bleu mauve pas de bouton extra bille pièce da collection .......... merci a starwin..........
diecirobi   QuaregnonBelgiumindiana jones gold
diecirobi  QuaregnonBelgium
diecirobi  QuaregnonBelgium
diecirobi  QuaregnonBelgium
diecirobi QuaregnonBelgiumpictures for whatapp
diecirobi QuaregnonBelgiumreservé
diegotech Botticino seraItalyPerfettamente funzionante mi è uscito veramente bene, piano perfetto
diegotech  Botticino seraItalyPiano ottimo, perfettamente funzionante devo ultimare alcuni particolari, sto vedendo di montare una mod anche questa personalizzata, una volta ultimata inserirò delle foto. Anche questo flipper con led, è veramente luminoso, ho installato nel miniplay una piccola catena di led, nella parte del piano in alto sotto il ponte non era presente lo sfondo ora è ok ultimo entrato
dieter   WevelgemBelgium
dimitridc   OudenaardeBelgium
dimoandre2 BergamoItalyFlipper come da foto mancano le schede e dot matrix dalla testata (ho un dot matrix compatibile devo controllarlo prezzo 100€ a parte).Ho sia il translite in perfette condizioni e i vetri del flipper sempre perfetti. Possibilità di consegna a domicilio (Max 200km da Bergamo) mezzo proprio, prezzo da concordare. Prezzo 600 €
dimoandre2   BergamoItalyFlipper perfetto da collezione. Possibilità di consegna a domicilio (Max 200km da Bergamo) mezzo proprio, prezzo da concordare. Prezzo 2600 €
diodo1979  MassaItalycon dispiacere ,,,lo ho venduto :-(
djyim   BolidenSweden
dkams   HoofddorpNetherlands
dlsmith   TorontoCanada
dmauldin   Morgan hill, CAUSA
dmesserly   Sterling, VAUSA
dmode   AlborayaSpainRestored
docpinball   Tonawanda, NYUSA
doctor pinball   BucharestRomania
domic  SchwerinGermany
donaldgof   AltenholzGermanyVery good condition, only the cabinet needs an "update"
donis43 LisbonPortugalvend indiana jones . 100% fontionel .
dos.reboot   TecumsehCanada
dp  SkopjeMacedonia
dp SkopjeMacedoniaWould trade pinballs for:CactusCanyon,Checkpoint.
dpa2310   Spokane, WAUSA
dr. evil   NorderstedtGermanyRestauration started… Cabinet & Backbox done. Playfield comes next.
dr.diablo   LubinPoland
dr.glock   MalmoeSweden
dragon007   Minnesota, MNUSAok
dragonheart   BruchköbelGermany
dragsto555   VezonBelgium
drano  TorontoCanadaLove this game! Good balance of skill and fun game play with a beautifully integrated theme. Stunning artwork and great audio. Lots of upgraded "toys"; also added gold trim and legs. Great cab with no fade and playfield is near perfect.
drchrys   BistritaRomania
drnutbush   WertachGermany
droico  Bagnolo in pianoItalyCabinet e backbox restaurati completamente! Playfield a laccare e ho quasi finito di rinnovare ogni singolo componente. Tutti le parti metalliche con zincatura non perfetta gli è stato fatto il trattamento nuovamente. Le rampe sono state dorate come gambe bulloni e piedi. La pistola e' stata trattata come in origine ed è tornata come nuova. Il restauro procede lentamente ma mooolto bene!!!
droico Bagnolo in pianoItalyDa rivedere l'elettronica.
drtom4prez   Grand forks, NEUSA
druidaa   SalamancaSpainFuncional 100%
druidaa   SalamancaSpainCompletamente restaurada.
ds74   StockholmSweden
dsf   Banja lukaBosnia-Herzegovina
dsf  Banja lukaBosnia-Herzegovina
dsf   Banja lukaBosnia-Herzegovina
dsf   Banja lukaBosnia-Herzegovina
dsf   Banja lukaBosnia-Herzegovina
dsmith   Pickering, onCanada
duffy  AchimGermanyearly, incl. lost plastic, jackpot-display, pinsound-board, ColorDMD, 14k-goldramps, signed
durendal57   GuenvillerFrance
dut01 GipcyFranceMagnifique Indi, caisse refaite, plateau 10/10, double DMD (265*64 HD), carte pinsound plus, kit HP, topper RPI2DMD, kit gold, pistolet personnalisé, convolux, ... Un Must Have ;-) prix 13k€ ferme.
dutch pinball  TielNetherlands
dutchcollector   TilburgNetherlands
dyleck   WarszawaPoland
dynamo OisseryFrancePlayfield and cabinet in good condition-rubber and bulbs and balls are new. No dammage with decals insert. Can make shipping. 100% working--4500 Euros
collector fromcountrynotes
eagles77   CalgaryCanadaJust started restoring, it's a major project
eas   UddevallaSweden
easygoing FlorenceGreeceHave to move and unfortunately to give away this machine!Price € 1.550,- Firenze/IT
eax11  InverigoItaly
eb33600  PessacFrance
ebjimmyg  West chester, PAUSAled's, all cleaned and rerubbered new flipper bats, new trough optos, trough repaired, new rotor lock. several new plastics with plastic protector set. cabinet now airbrushed and looks like new.
ede  DortmundGermanyI made several modifications to this pin at that time (golden ramps, add the original lost plastic and illuminated it...)
edguy24  GrolejacFrancevendu
edii23   EmpoliItaly
eduarcreep   ZaragozaSpain
ego   KalmarSweden
ejts12   CuritibaBrazil
ekthoren   Green bay, WIUSA
el topo   RavensburgGermany
electricman1   BernSwitzerland
electricman1  BernSwitzerlandCollector's quality. i will accept 5k
electrono   RouenFrance
elektroziom   WarszawaPoland
elf   BudapestHungary
elf  BudapestHungary
ellebi   PadovaItalyIn fase di restauro....
eloiole  BenicarloSpainIt plays well, except miniplayfield, i think could be optos.
elrey   BarcelonaFrance
elringardo Divonne-les-bainsFrancePlateau comme neuf, nombreux mods, décals d'origine quasi pas décolorés. J'ajoute que je viens enfin de gagner la grande finale! Ahahahaha (rire démoniaque). Merci Franck.
eltrivulzio  RoveredoSwitzerland
elvira   Arlington, TXUSA
elvis  RomaItalycome nuovo......
emiliano  VeronaItaly
emiliano VeronaItaly
emixam  LavaurFrancePIN2DMD
empire1961   NjNetherlandsIndiana Jones pinball machine William's wide body in like new condition. New art work, Gold trim, Gold habit trails, Color DMD, lit pop bumpers, LEDs in playfield and back box, speaker jack, upgraded sub and speakers in back box, clear playfield protector installed on playfield "not Mylar". Both Bi-plane mods with working propellers, Plays fast and fun with no errors. Great pinball machine. this is just my favourite
emy760  ArtenaItaly
eneatoluzzo PeregoItalyplayfield laccato rampe dorate di nuovo insert laterali gialle opache originale in ogni sua parte tranne che per le decals, sostituite con delle ottime ristampe più colorate anche qui come al solito il restauro prevede smontaggio e rimontaggio con pulitura al tumbler delle parti metalliche e agli ultrasuoni funzionante al 100% Venduto al sig. R.A.
enterprise   JerxheimGermany
enzetto   Ascoli picenoItaly
eric-antoine  PlaisirFrance
ericmf91   Saint etienneFrance
erico0   HeidelbergGermany
erik0202  PesaroItaly
eroilmigliore  Nervesa della battagliaItalyOriginale 100% decal rosse come pochi in circolazione , piano immacolato , ultima serie !
eroilmigliore  Nervesa della battagliaItalyRestauro quasi perfetto , decal nuove piano laccato solo per mia decisione , leddato e tutto placcato 24 k siderails , lockbar , coin door , viti , rampe ecc ecc
eroilmigliore   Nervesa della battagliaItalyDecal nuove restauro mobile e testata , laccato il piano senza ritocchi , placcato oro 24k gambe . Bulloni , piedini , siderails , lockbar , viti piano e rampe , e coin door , Kit completo led , e aggiunto qualche mod ! Venduto al incredibile prezzo di € 5500
eroilmigliore   Nervesa della battagliaItalySolo il piano lucidato e in condizioni eccellenti originali
eroilmigliore  Nervesa della battagliaItalyCassone perfettamente rosso , piano ottimo eeeee primo modello prodotto , illuminazione backbox protezione in acciaio sul mini Playfield , non come tutti i fratelli minori in plastica ! Pezzo rarissimo !! E poi .....originalissimo ! Non laccato solo pulito e lucidato , tutte le schede originali con lo stesso numero di serie e con zero riparazioni saldature o ponti ! Ha solo due fori sul cassone davanti perché avevano fatto un modifica , appena riesco li chiudo e lo ritocco !
eroilmigliore   Nervesa della battagliaItalyPiano perfetto ma cassone scolorito
eroilmigliore  Nervesa della battagliaItalyPiano perfetto solo lucidato , decal leggermente scolorite ma ancora accettabili , perfettamente funzionante e originale al 100% seconda serie quind ancora più raro della prima , si distingue dal illuminazione del fondo del piano e dalla predisposizione del illuminazione del bacbox ma non funzionale , numero di serie NRI introvabile ! A presto le foto !
eroilmigliore   Nervesa della battagliaItalyDecal scolorite e piano in buone condizioni non usure è perfettamente funzionante
eroilmigliore   Nervesa della battagliaItalyLato sx leggermente sbiadito e lato dx scolorito , piano in perfette condizioni
ert5710   VossevangenNorway
ertio   ZürichSwitzerland
essen EssenGermanyFlipper ist defekt !!!
essen  EssenGermany2100EUR
eterno  BergamoItalyflipper ben tenuto, appena cambiato decals, cassone e testata riverniciate, gettoniera rimessa a nuovo. Nessun problema, schede come nuove, dmd bello luminoso, da vedere e provare, beh è indianda jones!!
etta   ComoItaly
eulenstein   RuhrpottGermany
evelyn  ConfrancuiItalyDecal nuove originali , tutto a led compreso testata , aggiunto dei mods , testata e cassone in condizioni perfette internamente , schede tutte originali senza nessuna riparazione , piano laccato per scelta , tutte le parti metalliche placcare oro viti rampe ecc richiesta 6,5 k
evelyn   ConfrancuiItaly
evelyn   ConfrancuiItaly
evelyn   ConfrancuiItaly
evertonian1972  BudapestHungary
evolv12   VeldhovenNetherlandsFully converted to LEDs (Comet 1SMD sunlight white under inserts, combination of sunlight white and warm white in GI), yellow under cabinet lighting and Pin2DMD color display. Cabinet colors have faded, playfield has wear around insert edges and there is a sticker over the area above the flippers to cover the wear (installed by a previous owner so unclear how bad the wear is).
evolv12   VeldhovenNetherlandsGame has been taken apart completely. Playfield is very nice no faded colors at all! PCBs are in good condition. Cabinet needs new decals and trim and then the game has to be reassembled.
exator  LathenGermany
ezio56ge  ReccoItalyPiano in ordine e senza usure, sostituite alcune plastiche rotte e ripristinate alcune parti non funzionanti a dovere, cassone in cattive condizioni da restaurare appena ci sarà il tempo di farlo..
collector fromcountrynotes
f348  SarpsborgNorwayMy pinball machine, purchased from a bloke in Denmark on mars 8th.2014. The machine was very dirty when I first got it, but now it has been properly cleaned, also had a few LED bulbs installed - looks and works great now!! UPDATE: July 25. machine is new fully restored with a 5 piece decals set!
faacer   AllauchFranceUN TOP !!!
fab dum   NantesFranceJ'en recherche un deuxième pour un ami.
fab dum   NantesFranceSold to my father!
fab31  ToulouseFranceÉtat collector ,decals neufs ,totalité des plastiques neufs :rampe,avions ,idole ruine... full led , full gold( porte ,pieds ,lockbar ,slide ,aprom,rampes ,idole).
fab31   ToulouseFrance
fabiograv MonzaItalyRevisionato, funzionante al 100% zero errori. Elettronica, meccanica, display ok. Piano e cassone originali, in ottimo stato. Led Comet retro'.
fabri.solare   Bovisio masciago mbItalycerco ricambi scheda madre
falaip77 CuneoItalyIndiana Jones!!! Restauro finito ! totalmente dorato rampe,post,lockbar,gambe,siderail,specchi laterali,palline,gettoniera,pistola ecc....decal cabinet originali australiane,molte mod installate altro capolavoro della mia collezione privata.PIANO IMMACOLATO NON LACCATO. vendo o scambio con wpc95.
falcao   RomaItalyBellissimo
fana1313   SiraultBelgiumPour celui qui aime les flips à missions, c'est le saint graal... un des meilleurs flip de tous les temps... déjà, quand tu le regardes (j'ai une version remise à neuf) il est magnifique, tout est génial, le graphisme, les couleurs, la complexité du plateau, des rampes, etc... les sons et la musique te replonge directement dans les films. Le game play est vraiment excellent aussi. Ce flip est incontestablement un des meilleurs pour moi. Son classement est justifié...
fandeflip   ToulouseFrance
fanuminski1  Circle pines, MNUSApicked up Nov,2020 ordered color DMD , and a few other mods. doing a propeller mod shortly. more pics to follow. has new side and front decals and LED's
faudas  San mango piemonteItaly
favtastic   Fort collins, COUSA
fb   BergamoItaly
fcorth   échallensSwitzerland
fedemilano  Cesano madernoItaly
fedeweb  BergamoItalysemplicemente perfetto, con decals originali, piano immacolato, nuova lockbar originale, nuove gambe, idolo dorato e mod led, mod aereo, protector by pedretti gaming e vetro nuovo.stupendo!
ferbuitre   MadridSpain
fernando93v  AlcañizSpainMachine in very good conditions. Full restored. Leds intalled. Cabinet and playfield are perfect! Maquina en muy buenas condiciones generales, tanto tablero como mueble. Intalacion de luces led por completo. Funcionando perfectamente
fernando93v AlcañizSpain
fernando93v AlcañizSpainindiana jones FOR SALE . Full cabinet decals and sideboard. full leds. mod ilumination in idol and mini playfield. leg, rails,gun in chrome gold. full leds.RESERVED!
ferranz  ImperiaItaly
ferruxe   ManzanaresSpain
fewkes  NarbonneFrance
fish  HobartAustralia
fishbulb   Weston-super-mareUnited KingdomFOR SALE - Fully working nice example of this machine, just been over it and sorted out all the little problems and plays very well now. 2950 GBP
fishbulb  Weston-super-mareUnited Kingdomstored waiting refurbishment, will sell when all the work is complete and machine is currently folded up for space reasons so cant take pictures yet!
fishbulb Weston-super-mareUnited KingdomFULLY refurbished and superb example throughout, still has nice colour on the cabinet, led's fitted
fishbulb  Weston-super-mareUnited KingdomThis has the best original example i have ever seen! An extensive refurbishment has just been completed and this has to be about as good as one of these will get with beautiful original playfield and un-faded cabinet?! lots if powder-coated parts, Full Led upgrade to all lamps, gold leg bolts, Has the often missing back panel, (or "lost plastic") with the lamps behind, all flame polished ramps and plastics, full re-rubber, all new star posts, FULL flipper rebuilds, remote battery been a real labour of love this one. It is FOR SALE FOR THE RIGHT PRICE and for some thing this original and unique!
fishy  HobartAustraliaFull LEDs. Extra Lamp posts. Fully restored machine.
flacky   BrnoCzech Republic
flashbyte  HuelvaSpain
flens  FlensburgGermany100% LED-Playfield (partly Flasher), 100% LED-Backbox (exept Flasher), In 2022 new: Pinsound shaker, Flipper-Assemblys revised incl. new Coils, Optoboard POA, POA-Motor-Driver-Board, Opto 3 ramp board A-13901, Opto Trough Boards, jackpot board backbox, Bracket POA (A-16734), Airball-Protectors (my own design approved and exclusiv), Cliffy Target Protectors, Gun new powdered, Custom Cards (OWN-DESIGN), Ruin-Flasher-Mod, Anti-reflective pinball glass. Before 2022 new: Color DMD, 24K gold wire ramps, Idol gold plated, gold legs, Pinsound+, TiltTopper with sounds sensitive and flashing/flickering LED-light, Afterglow, Plane-Propeller-Mod, Pioneer Speakers and Visaton Subwoofer, many mods. In my private collection since 2021.
flens FlensburgGermany100% LED-Playfield (partly Flasher), 100% LED-Backbox (partly Flasher). new parts for about 1.500€: Pinsound+, Pin2DMD, Miniplayfield, gold legs, Gun new powdered. Ramps, Apronbracket and captiveball gold plated. Opto Trough Board Receiver, jackpot board backbox, Lost end plastic, Visaton Subwoofer and Speakers, Flipper-Assembly revised, Plane-Propeller-Mod. Ruin-Flasher-Mod, grail, sankara-stone and ark with led, Idol LED light, highgloss pinballs, Anti-reflective pinball glass (used), electronic Coincontroller for €, Airballstopper, Silicon-Rubber all over-kit. new by previous owner: cabinet decals. In 2018 from a german company for pinball parts repair and overhaul incl. LED`s with invoice of 1.400€.
flibustino   AngersFranceFull Kit Gold (lock bar, pied, pistolet etc), écran couleur pin2dm, mod. Playfield protector
flibustino   AngersFrance
flip   JoureNetherlandstotaal gerenoveerd. Enkele mods. color dmd
flip13800 IstresFrance
flip63   Pont du chateauFrance
flipheure  ParisFranceFlipper Indiana Jones de Williams. Très très belle conservation. Recouvert d'un playfield protector, plateau nickel en dessous. Nombreuses pièces neuve: rampe droite, platine et carte 16 opto, speaker panel, moteur mini-plateau, pieds golds laiton, kits batteurs. Full LED. Aucun insert abîmé ni retouche sur plateau, kits élastiques blancs récents.
flipout2000   BirminghamUnited Kingdom
flippato79  TrevisoItalyBuone condizioni piano non usurato solo parti di mylar da togliere sui respingenti , decal Cabinet sbiadite , display ok e schede ok € 2000 Playfield in very good condition , decal Cabinet white and yellow , working 100% display ok only pick up
flipper bengel   BiesenthalGermanyGood Condition!
flippertom   BaalBelgium
flippest   LilleFrance
flipplasace  StrasbourgFrance
flovis Saint-maurice-sur-dargoireFrance
flyguy   HalifaxCanadaHAS LOST PLASTIC
flypin   AmsterdamNetherlands
fmeissonnier   CanetFrance
forbes256   Florence, KYUSA
forceflow   Saratoga springs, NYUSA
fr3ak   FriedrichsthalGermanyperfect condition, many golden parts
fradan97   MilazzoItaly
franck73 MonopoliItalyNon spedisco, don't shipping
francois87   LimogesFranceJeu en cours de restauration, beaucoup de pièces neuves, restauration poussée pour tenter de se rapprocher de l'état neuf...
francvav   BariItaly
fras Tezze sul brentaItaly
fred33  MacauFrance
fred8   KarlsruheGermany
freddy   Cisterna di latina (lt)Italyflipper smontato e rifatto completamente..un grazie all amico falaip
freddyspp   EchzellGermany
fredflip  La teste-de-buchFrancetrop fouillis à mon gout
fredii   Le mansFrance
fredo07130   Valence franceFrance
fredo56   Saint-philibertFrance
fredo62   62France
freeman98   Monte carloMonacoMon premier flip... vendu à regret à une époque ou je manquais de place...
freeman98  Monte carloMonacotrès beau plateau protégé par PP, caisse refaite à neuf, pieds et rampes gold ! Full leds et silicones, convolux jaune, pinsound, shaker, rajout de leds dans le mini plateau, trimglass et sous l'idole, un flip de légende !
frejp  Tarascon 13 beaufort 73France
frg   StuttgartGermany
frisbeeace   Buenos airesArgentina
frisen   WittenbachSwitzerland
froesius   LemgoGermany
frosty   MelbourneAustraliaRe-decaled, excellent playfield
fugarolas   A coruñaSpainPrototype
funrider  MonsBelgium
collector fromcountrynotes
gabbygabba   BucharestRomania
gamelot AgropoliItalyPin2Dmd, Pinsound ,Decals Originali. Fantastico
gamelov  Siracusa srItalycondizoni impeccabile
games   MunichGermanymy indiana Jones is for sale. Its still in good condition. Also the playfield is in good shape. My best price is 5200 euro. i am willing to ship or pick up. Contact for more information
games46  VienaAustriaThe Pinball Adventure for sale. In great condition. Full leds and lcd colordmd €4800
garbinator   OsloNorway
gaspgian   BolognaItalyQualche picolo segno nel cassone, il piano gioco in buone condizioni.
gaston.l   SaarbrückenGermany
gastoon   CabrisFrance
gastoon CabrisFrance
gator   PartilleSweden
gbak   SegeltorpSweden
gedge   Yucaipa, CAUSAVery nice example
gegepinball  Les pennes mirabeauFrance
gelbwurst   GeisenbrunnGermany
geoninja  FontainebleauFrance
georgiee  VilletaneuseFranceBonjour tout le monde ,je vends un flipper williams Indiana jones , tres bon état , je suis domicilié en ile de france , si vous etes intéréssé vous pouvez me joindre au 06 29 66 83 53 . merci
geri   BudapestHungary
geri555   BudaörsHungary
germain  Canary island/euSpain4600euro perfect condition
gerritcriens   GroningenNetherlands
ghiandalf  MilanoItalyRestaurato in ottime condizioni, decal interne e decal rampe, cointaker led set, convolux, dorature nuove, lockbar, siderail e gambe nuove, Mylar, decal cassone nuove, qualche mod
ghiandalf   MilanoItaly
ghigos MilanoItaly
ghigos   MilanoItaly
ghostri   Sant pere pescadorSpain
gianni71 MilanoItalyUnico
gianni74  Massa e cozzileItaly indiana jones perfetto e revisionato con piano bellissimo
gianni74 Massa e cozzileItalyBellissimo Indiana jones a led,strepitoso perfettamente funzionante. Massima serietà ed esperienza in vendita e spedizione in tutta Italia ed Europa con top feedback richiesta 11000€
giglio69   PordenoneItaly
gilbi ThionvilleFranceBackbox Jackpot Lighting (as Prototype), Lost Plastic on the back Panel (as Prototype), Full LED, LCD ColorDMD, Anti-reflective glass, custom flipper topper (laser cut and engraved), new cabinet and backbox decals, sideart decals + path, convolux, translucent rubbers, upgraded to Gold (legs, hinges, sides, lockbar), 3D printed figurines
gilly_wings   PoitiersFrance
ginorosa58   BergamoItaly
gipelo GrenobleFrancefull LED , playfield protector, nice condition, cabinet fade out
gipo   RomaItaly
gismo31   ToulouseFrance
giuppi75 RomaItalyIn ordine in ogni suo particolare Molto curato. Aggiorno collezione.
giuppi99 AnconaItaly
glauses   CalgaryCanada
glhali   Monroe twp., NJUSA
glowpix  SaltburnUnited KingdomExcellent condition, biplane mod fitted, rotating propellor. Lost plastic to fit. Idol light mod fitted. Having seen a couple of very faded examples at the recent NLP show in Manchester this can be definitely regarded as an excellent example of the game. Very fast play and everything working perfectly. It has been in our ownership for around 15 years. Spare set of second hand plastics with it (not sure if a complete set) as it needs the mode start plastic replacing, which is in the spare set, just haven't had time to strip it to fit. Also have the Pinball Heaven mod to stop the ball rebounding out of the mode start, again to fit. Now added the new color dmd which looks awesome - really suits the game. Would ONLY trade for an Attack from Mars in the same condition.
gogo81   GaillacFrance
goldennugget  Reinach blSwitzerland4000.-
goldslot MessinaItaly
gopinball  MoscowRussia
gorgar1975  PiraeusGreeceFinally I found the gem of my collection
graniland   Vitry sur seineFrance
granman  UmeåSweden
grasshopper   Springfield, MOUSAFully restored. Won best 90's restoration at 2018 TPF
grautvornix   AufhausenGermany
greg75   EgerHungary
greg75  EgerHungary
gregbenz   LondonCanadaReally nice pf. new brassed wire ramps, all leds. cab is faded but have new decals for it just haven't got to them yet
gregtopf   River edge, NJUSANice machine. Totally stock (no LEDs!) but cabinet is faded almost totally white. Brand new set of decals already purchased.
grlic  BelgradeSerbia-Montenegro
grosmono Houplin-ancoisneFranceBelle exemplaire, Plateau tres propre. Rénovation Caisse complete + Kit decal d'original. Playfield Protector. Carte Gestion Mini-plateau Neuve. 9500€
groupbands   WinterwijkNetherlands
grs57  Petit-rederchingFranceFull restored .... very nice / beautyfull game
grubenmann  DortmundGermany
grudaallegro  KwidzynPoland
gruntis   De rooyAustralia
grusom   BergenNorwayProject.
grusom   BergenNorwayMost parts are NOTthere. Parts machine.NOT for sale. DONT ask.
grusom   BergenNorwayStarted renovation. Also Cabinet. Will be a nice one. Mods and Gold mirrors, Color DMD
grusom   BergenNorwayWill be nice after renovation. Boots and play well, but project in long line.
grusom   BergenNorwayBig Project will be nice.
gto   LaholmSweden
guigui58  ImphyFrance
guillaumix  La baule-escoublacFranceNew decals set, Full led, New plastics set and plastics protectors, New ramps, Cliffy set, Topper, Side decals, Target Decal Set, Enhanced Drop Target Decal Set, Plexi-Glass Custom Backboard and L.E.D. Light Strip For Plexi Backboard Door decal, Mods: (Crystal Skull Mod - Rotating Saw Blade Mod - SUPER ARK Mod MKII - Mine Cart Mod - Boulder Escape Mod - Tank Mod - Nazi Blimp - Ruin / Idol LED Light Kit), Full Brass: Highly polished Brass Legs set - Side rail set - Backbox hinge set - lockdown bar - Door - Gun Shooter Assy - Buttons (start, extra Ball)
gun001   Den helderNetherlandsstill working on it
gundam_pilot_   Burton, OHUSA
gunzi  ForbachFrance
gust79   KinnaSweden
gustavlatort  TricaseItalyChe vogliamo dire di questo flipper ,bello,tanti videomode,audio strepitoso per i nostalgici come me,tiri disgraziatamente difficili e mini playfield bastardo. Flipper che si posiziona abbondantemente al di sopra dei più basonati,vedi Cactus o Monster Bash .
collector fromcountrynotes
hall76  BoxholmSwedenSome sun fade on cabinet. Playfield in perfect condition.
hammerhai2   PfalzGermany
hammerhead   MelbourneCanada
hampeavenas   örebroSweden
hanktrainer  Manlius, NYUSAMint, HUO, clear coated playfield, powder coated armor to include trim, legs, lock bar, hinges. Lots of mods, new parts everywhere. Color DMD. Like new. custom painted pin cup
hans01  WürzburgGermanyOriginal Indiana Jones. Perfect Indiana Jones William 4500€
hansh  HerrljungaSweden
hansh  HerrljungaSweden
hansh   HerrljungaSweden
hansh  HerrljungaSweden
happy jo  Neunkirchen 66538Germany04.2007 : Clearcoatet playfield, Batmountain and Tempelwall on the left playfieldside covers the steelparts under the path of adventures. Black siderails, legs and lockbar. Mirror blades, Idol Illumination, golden wireramps, Jackpot Illumination, LED for the Inserts. New Cabinetdecals and restored cabinet. Color DMD. Airplane selfcreation.........
hardtarget   RostockGermany
harold   ChristchurchNew Zealand
harold  ChristchurchNew Zealand
harry01   TrierGermanyNot working
harryfotter   MarcheItaly
harryvi  VilleperrotFranceEntieremznt restauré Plateau vernis cibles elastiques translucide leds vvp decal de caisse billes avions rampes affichzur color pistolet decal d apron miroir neuf Fini
head BalassagyarmatHungary
hendrix382   West sussexUnited KingdomSoon to undergo full restoration, clear coated playfield, new cab art and full gold trim.
henryjames   LecceItaly
henssteve  Bear, DEUSAThis WILLIAMS pinball is the ultimate INDIANA JONES's all three blockbuster movies in one! They've captured Indy's perilous exploits in 12 ADVENTURE MODES (4 from each of the INDIANA JONES movies). So now, players can join their favorite professor of archaeology as he braves these treacherous paths on the road to high adventure. serious buyers should contact us for more details if interested .
hensteeth2go  GlasgowUnited Kingdom1993 (August) After many years in my collection giving flawless service my Indy is inow in need of some pampering and a well deserved Hollywood makeover. Sale will include a full set of licensed cabinet decals.
hensteeth2go GlasgowUnited KingdomMy Second Indy. Excellent original condition with lost plastic and display light mod fitted. Plays fast and strong. Will Sell or trade for similar Guns and Roses, Theatre of Magic, Cirqus Voltaire or Monster Bash.
herakles  BönnigheimGermanyGreat Looking Indiana Jones, Restored and plays without any issues Price 11900€ or Trade with Stern Spike 2 Premium Version +- €
herby777   KufsteinAustria
hertig   GrännaSweden
herve   ParisFrance
hgpv   PerthAustralia
hidravi   VillenaSpain
hidravi   VillenaSpain
hiesicheesy   GelsenkirchenGermany
hjortvall   FalkenbergSweden
hocuspocus   Aix en provenceFranceNew playfield original bally williams, playfield protector, full leds
holajb65   TarbesFrancePour moi: le meilleur flipper!
holgertigges   SiegenGermany
hollowe24   Vancouver, WAUSAThis is mint condition collectors quality game. Gold gun, gold coin door, gold legs, gold ramps, gold rails. Playfield flawless and side cabinet perfect. No fade.
hollygames   WaxenbergAustria
home-pinball  MadridSpaincondition 100% = 10/10. trade with DIALED IN or make a reasonable offer. request images
hooked   West charlotte, NCUSANew cab decals nice PF and Brass plated kit...side rails...lock down and ramps all reworked. LED flashers on pf and some inserts...plays great
hopper   CracowPoland
hoschi  Baden agSwitzerland
hotairballoon   VillanterioItaly
hporto  CampinasBrazilPerfect with leds on all inserts, some mods and new cabinet decals.
hudson2212   Eaton, COUSAGetting parts together for a complete tear-down cleaning. Considering LED conversion.
hugozn   CopenhagenDenmark
hwlr21  Denver, COUSA
hydrobio WervikFrancegold!!caisse refaite,rampes goldées,DMD color, pièces polies,plateau magnifique .
collector fromcountrynotes
ice 7485   Saint- aunesFrance
illuminami   Verbania pallanzaItalypraticamente perfetto
il_taz   VerbaniaItaly
impala low AmayBelgium4250€
indiana24  WallisellenSwitzerland
indiana80   TivoliItalyPresenta qualche segno del tempo
indianapwns  Greensboro, NCUSAPerfectly CQ in every sense of the word. - CC Playfield - No Wear - Bright Cabinet Decals - Treasure Cove Side Decals - Nazi Blimp - Full LED's (w/ matched incandescent) - Pinball Pro Speakers & Subwoofer - Gold Rails, Legs, Lockbar, and Gun. - Perfect Coin Door - Newest L-3 Sound Rom & L-7 Game Rom "It belongs in a Museum!"
indigocc  ølstykkeDenmark
indochine08 Dom le mesnilFranceFlipper en parfait état esthétique et électronique. Pas d'usures plateau ni mylar, décale de caisse neuf Vitre neuve. Pieds, vérin, lockbar, siderails neuf (gold 24 k) Equipé full leds, insert GI et Flash 5200 €
indy1969  MainzGermany
indy1969  MainzGermany
indy500   SintraPortugal
indy66  MannheimGermany2010
ink   BoråsSweden
inmarin   Mill valley, CAUSA
ironfist33   BordeauxFrance
istrianac   PulaCroatiaVery very good condition. Not for Sale.
itferry  Peschiera del gardaItaly
itsmarkda   S.f. bay area, CAUSA
ivancicognani   ForlìItaly
ivancicognani   ForlìItaly
izs-49  BudapestHungaryOriginal playfield, original end-plastic, new cabinetdecal, new translight, new displaycover, new gold siderails, new gold lockdownbar, gold captiveball, some new plastic, new ruin set, new airplanes with motor(1 is working) and some IJ figure. Wery nice condition. I'think that's all...
collector fromcountrynotes
jack22  Sennecey-lès-dijonFranceflipper avec playfield protector , decalcs neuf , leds , afficheur couleur , pieds neufs etc
jackettd   Minneapolis, MNUSASold to someone who drove over from WI
jaco   Bassano del grappaItaly
jaco  Bassano del grappaItaly
jacquesik  WarszawaPoland6500Euro
jagman  Stratford on avonUnited Kingdomjust upgraded to a super mint version, pin sound and gold plated metalwork
james  TorinoItalySplendido! Il piano di gioco rasenta la perfezione (notare le foto durante il restauro e la lucidatura...) e le decal del cassone non sono quasi scolorite!
janny  MicherouxBelgiumProgramme version L-7 , Nouveau decals de caisse, decals side interieur, nouveau translite , dmd colors led , protection boutons metal , nouvelle mécaniques batteurs, polissage rampes, peinture pistolet, pieds , siderails, lockbar , custom cartes apron, eclairage idole, eclairage caisse Led RGB, remplacement cpu originale avec support piles déportés , nouveaux patins + protections, nouveaux plastiques slingshoot, full led playfield et backbox .
jaras_pl ElblagPolandWide body.
jaras_pl  ElblagPolandfor sale. professional refurbished cabinet + high gloss klar lack and new playfield. Possible exchange of several for one better jersey or stern (Dialed In,Legends of Valhalla,Avengers Infinity Quest,Godfater,Jaws,Pirates Caribbean,Pulp Fiction,Mandalorian,Guns n Roses,007 James Bond.....)
jaras_pl   ElblagPolandfor sale Indiana for cleaning, replacing rubber bands and bulbs,cabinet 8,5/10 only color yellow not orange ,playfield 9,5/10. 7999euro .Possible exchange of several for one better jersey or stern (Dialed In,Legends of Valhalla,Avengers Infinity Quest,Godfater,Jaws,Pirates Caribbean,Pulp Fiction,Mandalorian,Guns n Roses,007 James Bond.....)
jaras_pl  ElblagPolandOriginal old Indiana Williams 1993 cabinet 200euro.
jaras_pl   ElblagPolandfor restoration ,playfield 9,5/10 ,cabinet yellow ,8k euro
jaras_pl   ElblagPolandcabinet 8,5/10 with good colors orange, playfield 9,5/10 ,for clean ,rubbers ,bulbs and more...
jaras_pl   ElblagPolandcabinet : new radcalls on cabinet ,original playfield 9,5/10 ,all clear ,new transparent rubbers, new some plastics, color leds superflux ,new flippers ,gold ramps, gold legs, gold siderails ,lockbar and more.... 10k euro
jarnie   WarszawaPolandfaded cabinet, perfect playfield, waiting for cleaning, rerubbing and rebulbing
jarnie   WarszawaPoland
jay-jay   TilburgNetherlands
jay35   Cleveland, TNUSAfull brass trim, color dmd, mint condition
jazzmonkey   ChallansFrance
jbscar  CalgaryCanadaSold to fund GnR
jbsilvauk Sao pauloBrazil
jchuillier   CugnauxFrance
jdtolley   Dallas, TXUSA
jean-mi   ModaveBelgium
jeboy  KarlsruheGermany
jeffbarrett  NapoliItalySecondo arrivato. Davvero perfetto...piano di gioco immacolato e cassone non sbiadito. Una fortuna averlo nella mia collezione. / Second pinball arrived. Really perfect...immaculate playfield and cabinet not faded. I'm really lucky to have it in my collection.
jeffdavid59  HazebrouckFranceFull Leds.
jeffpaletz   Minnetonka, MNUSAI've had this game in my collection since 2002. Has color DMD, upgraded speakers, Light board to light up artifacts on speaker board, motor in plane that spins propeller.
jeffreynero   EpinalFrance
jeffreynero   EpinalFrance
jeppper   OdenseDenmark
jerem83   DeniceFrance
jerry57   TeterchenFrance
jhny1  California, CAUSA
jimjob  Long island, NYUSAHUO Under 500 plays
jimmie   HebySweden
jimwilks   Carlisle, ontarioCanada
jip   Zuid-hollandNetherlandsBeautifull, undamaged, clearcoat, TomDK backboard
jmurphy7  Warsaw, INUSA
jmwrainwater   Columbia, SCUSA
joao_sto _andre   Santo andreBrazilColorDMD Display (with jackpot lights),Cliff Protectors ,Ultra Bright Leds (playfield,G.I.,Backbox),Shaker Motor,new plastic set,new ramps,new N.O.S. translite!
joe shelby  Girard, OHUSA
joffrey  EstairesFrance
johaneriksson   TäbySwedenLooking for new ruins, bought a new one from Germany but it was really bad colour matching, if someone have a original one I would love to buy it.
john32   Kensington, KSUSA
johnabe  Tolland, CTUSA
johnbonobo  CaenFranceRecherche medieval madness en priorité . Soulte de mon coté Échange possible contre deux alpha genre whirlwind Elvira bk2000
johncamomilla   PianigaItaly
johnny1   Trussville, ALUSAFound the ramps!! Restore underway...
johnrezz   Ashburn, VAUSAOutstanding condition, near perfect
johnvorwerk   New ulm, MNUSASuper shape. Came from operator in Lancaster California.
jokern   AvestaSweden
jokerpoker  NowraAustraliaThis was my first attempt at a restoration. Fully stripped out and restored cabinet. New decals fitted. Chromed legs, side rails, back box hinges, lockdown bar, gun shooter and all bolts. Re zinc plated most internal cabinet brackets and hardware as well. Playfield was very nice so a full stripdown and rebuild with new plastics set and plastic protectors set, all new white rubbers fitted, new bling balls, new bi plane, new ramp set, re-set all mechs on path of adventure. All boards sent away to tech for checkover and clean. This machine had no hacks but i just wanted to be sure they were all in as new working order. No resets. Game has come up really nice and looks stunning and plays with no errors. Pre-sold before I had even completed it. Buyer was very keen. I would liked to have kept it a bit longer.
jones   St andre de cubzacFrance
jop5596  MadridSpainNice Williams Indiana Jones. Pf top completely stripped, cleaned and polished. Cointaker leds installed, new plastic set and protectors installed, flippers rebuilt and have new bats. New plastic ramp installed, wire form ramps and gun have been brass plated, legs are nice brass style, translite is very nice. Two inserts aren't perfect, one has a scratch the other a bit of discoloration otherwise pf is very nice.Price is 4500 euro
jordano8   BuderimAustraliaCompleted my most extensive restoration to date, everything that available new was replaced with new. Completely brass plated right down to the screws and nuts! The most beautiful example of this extraordinary pinball!
jorgeslk  Povoa de varzimPortugalA Christmas gift
jorgeslk Povoa de varzimPortugalSold to Stefan from Austria
josecivera   ValenciaSpain
josefranklim   PortoPortugal
jozo  CiovoCroatia
jp4   BremenGermany
jrdoubleu   Hudsonville, MIUSA
jricci SorocabaBrazil Elias Kallegari curitiba
jrock1234   Omaha, NEUSA
jukeboxjanne   DösjebroSweden
jukeman   HamburgGermany
jukidrums  JaénSpainColor dmd, Clean With New decals and full led, new gold legs, Playfield protector, coindoor and pistol painted...
jumpytnt  MilanoItalyPinball stupendo , FULL LED, piano laccato, FULL MODs, doratura Completa di tutte le parti metalliche; Aereo Indy con elica motorizzata. Divertentissimo!!!!
jumpytnt  MilanoItalyBellissimo Flipper , ringrazio la persona che lo ha ceduto ! Davvero perfetto e completamente originale . al terzo tentativo finalmente ne ho trovato uno perfetto!!!!! Ceduto al mio amico Luigi!
jussisai   TuusulaFinland
juzzo72 SalernoItalytotalmente modificato a led, piu' illuminazione extra a led. Tutto originale.
collector fromcountrynotes
kamol   RouenFrance
kangek  ChivassoItalyflipper eccezionale. Ringrazio l'amico spartacus
karl   OsloNorwayShows a little wear in some places but nothing mayor. Real Gold plating on the ramps, Extra leds under the Idol, Indy figure with crystal ball led, mine cart on ramp, jackpot light kit, brass coin door, brass gun grip, brass side rails and brass lockdown bar,(do not buy a brass lockdown, coating wears off really quick) Nazi blimp, back board plexiglass with leds, ark with led on ramp, Motorized Propeller,
katana   BergamoItaly
kattana   Baia mareRomania
kaype  StuhrGermanycompletely restored
kazz  BlanquefortFranceUn nettoyage s'impose - troc with my friend Nico
kazz  BlanquefortFrancePlateau 9/10, caisse 9/10, démontage/nettoyage complet, Plastique changé, caoutchouc changé, plot, batteur, Mi LED - Mi Ampoule, décal de caisse interne posé, Électronique OK,
kbclauss   BergenNorway
kello  JönköpingSweden
kenr1  ParmaItaly
kenshiro90   VelletriItalyOverall 10/10
kewaskum   Boylston, MAUSA
key  RognoItaly
khaled   AdelaideAustralia
kharris   Currituck, NCUSA
kickers00 Chales, PRUSAGood cabinet and play field. game work 100%. Send me an email if interested. Shipping available price $4000
kickpower  AmayBelgium
kidchrisso   High ridge, MOUSA
king  Ortona a mareItalybellissimo molti video mode..divertente
king jelly   Wesley chapel, FLUSA
kingpinman   San leandro, CAUSA
kirk332  CaloundraAustraliaArrived in a shocking state, filthy dirty, broken but mostly working. Many hours spent to get her working 100%, several $$ too! Yet to install the new cab decals, LED's and Pinsound with new speakers. All there waiting just need the time. Wonderful game to play.
kiwipin   AucklandNew Zealand
kiwipinball   ChristchurchNew ZealandComplete rebuild, new decals, new plastics, new everything! Mods added: arc, zeppelin, Indy with wip, rolling ball. Brass ramps and legs and even brass colored balls.
kleberbiotipo  Santo andréBrazili just bought it on october.
klemens   ZeissingAustriaEarly production game, no modification
kletmarjet AlostBelgiumFun a nicer one so sold this one :-)
kletmarjet  AlostBelgiumPerfect playfield almost like new ramps and gun wil be gold plated and new decals will be applied
knobstone   New albany, INUSA
koslow  NormandieFranceVery nice condition and cleaned ! A must have
kottorp   TidaholmSweden
krill   EskilstunaSweden
kruuger  WinnipegCanada
kryss63 Clermont-ferrandFranceFrancais: Tout fonctionne, nombreuses pièces neuves dont decals, Pin2DMD, playfield protector, pieds, leds,... A vendre dans quelques semaines pour 9.9k€ ************** English: New cabinet decals, Pin2DMD, playfield protector, new legs, leds... All working fine. For sale in few weeks for 9.9k€
kulovuori   LahtFinlandFull restoration all plastik, new playfield lots mod liike bi plane… full led new cabin radcall decal full gold armor, pinsound + new speaker, color dmd ect.. Collector pinball
kungfucop   VancouverCanada
kur194  Saint-nazaireFrance
collector fromcountrynotes
lacoche   MontrealCanada
lafante31   ToulouseFrance
lagoontrap  ThunSwitzerland
lagoontrap  ThunSwitzerland
lamas79   PadovaItalyfull add on
landy.86  Castell'alferoItalyDecals originali nuove. Decals interne. Convolux. Pieno di MODS. Laccatura dorata (12k) appena tutto (rampe, gambe, viti). Pistola bronzata. Pin2DMD. Pin-SOUND. Piano di Gioco bellissimo. Completo di Manuali originali. Vetro in gran forma: uno Spettacolo giocarci e godere dell'aria che regala. Topper con il modello di cappello in vera pelle di Indiana Jones . . . e bestie pericolosissime.
landy.86  Castell'alferoItalyDecals nuove. Decals interne. Pieno di Mods. Laccatura ramata appena rifatta. Piano di Gioco bellissimo. Completo di Manuali originali. Vetro perfetto. Topper con il cappello originale di Indiana Jones . . . e bestie pericolosissime.
larsbert   UlmGermanyMods, Mods, Mods... + Color-DMD
larsols   MoraSwedenFint Indy, spelplan som är fantastiskt fin,blank och utan repor. Ny motor och växellåda till mini-PF. Leddat med kit inkl flashers från Comet pinball. Cliffy på mode start, både som skydd och kulfång ä med dämpare. Orginalkabb, lätt blekt i fronten annars helt ok färger.
las63  Les martres-d'artièreFranceRestau complète , plateau verni by popop122 , caisse etc....
lauflip35  VignocFrancemagnifique indy, entierement restauré, caisse neuve, decals neufs, porte neuve, pieds boulons verrins neuf, lockbar neuve, backglass mirroir, pin2dmd, pinsound, plateau neuf, decors plastiques neufs, rampe neuve, mirroir blade, toutes les cartes electroniques sont neuves (dmd, cpu, driver,fliptronic) etc ...
laz   StockholmSweden
lbayfield  NorwichUnited KingdomFull led As new works perfect
lbhpinball  BergenNorwayIn very good condition.100 prosent orginal,not restored.The pin has been in storage from 1997-2017.Playfield has no wear.Cabinet decals no fading.All orginal manuals,including pinball flyer from 1993.Sold to my friend in Bergen.Enjoy.!
leberry   ElcheSpain
leberry   ElcheSpain
leberry   ElcheSpain
lecram   BlonaySwitzerland
leeriley   LeedsUnited Kingdomsuper minty ij 24 ct gold loads of mods pinsound colour dmd amazing pin
leffe   JakobsbergSweden
legolas777   RomaItaly
legrandbil  MarspichFrance
legui  Le cannetFrance
legui Le cannetFrance
lens   Den haagNetherlands
lepa   LindomeSweden
lermods   Allentown, NJUSA
lhawk  Den haagNetherlandshaha i am new to pinballowners. I dont know how to upload pictures. If interested send a mail or visit me at Parkstraat 61, 2514 JD we can discus price 5100 euros. i will trade with MM
liga-kueste   Bremen / niedersachsenGermanyUwe
liga-kueste   Bremen / niedersachsenGermanyDuffy
linkmadness  EpoissesFrance
lionel59   Lambres lez douaiFranceVoilà, un nouveau dans la famille, j'ai du boulot pour cet ete: decals, vernis, pieds, playfield a revoir....
lionel69   LyonFrance
lionelpo91   Saint michel sur orgeFrance
liti  BudakalászHungary
ljpascal   SaarbrückenGermany
loanguy7171973   Central il, ILUSAFully restored. Bill Davis clearcoated playfield. Full brass kit.
lod BorlängeSweden
lod BorlängeSweden4600€
loianthony   Saint georges de chesnéFrance
loizel  VillevêqueFranceJe recherche medieval madness
loller   ViterboItalyLo sto restaurando completamente.. ci vorrà un pochino ma sembra una buona base
lolo2976  RouenFrance
lool  BerckFranceFonctionne a 100%.
lopez  MionsFrance
loubert   ScarboroughCanada
loubert   ScarboroughCanada
louiske123   MachelenBelgium
lqalj1299   San francisco, CAUSA
lreinach   PretoriaSouth Africa
luc   HoensbroekNetherlands
lucavr  VeronaItaly18-06-2021 Nuova sede di Verona, Mi scuso per essere stato assente per lungo tempo, ora eccomi qui. Tutta la collezione è completa come nelle foto. Grazie Luca / Excuse me, I've been away for a long time, now here I am. The collection is complete as in the pictures. Thanks Luca. Uno dei flipper che mi piace di più bellissimo il piano e da giocarci.
lucky MilanoItaly(VENDUTO / SOLD)Completamente revisionato e ripulito in ogni sua parte - Playfield originale non laccato, in perfetto stato di conservazione è presente playfield protector e cliffy protector set completo oltre a diverse mod. Full led, fornisco nuove decal. Pinball davvero divertente oltre che ad avere una giocabilità unica, una delle perle di casa Williams. Vendesi € 4800,00 + spese di spedizione. Possibilità di spedizione con pallet in tutta Europa. Completely overhauled and cleaned in all its parts - original unpainted Playfield, in perfect condition is present playfield protector and cliffy protector complete set in addition to several mod. Full led, I provide new decals. Pinball really fun as well as having a unique playability, one of the pearls of the Williams house. For sale € 4800.00 + shipping costs. Possibility of shipping with pallets throughout Europe.
lucky1   EttlingenGermany
luckypin   NijverdalNetherlandsSold to Felix, member of the "Twentse Flippervereniging"
luigi_ccnb   GanderkeseeGermany
luis19 AlcañizSpainRestored machine in perfect condition. With "Lost plastic"
luis19  AlcañizSpain
luis19 AlcañizSpainMachine in perfect condition totally restored. General illumination led and insert. Original decals in perfect color.
luis19 AlcañizSpainMáquina totalmente operativa y jugable. LED en iluminación general,flash y insert. Full LED. Mylar original de protección en plafield. Mueble en perfecto estado. Vinilos y artes originales. Varios extras. Vinilos interiores. Avión motirizado. Más información fotos y vídeos bajo petición. Precio 6000
luiss80  VolpianoItalyFlipper completamente restaurato cassone testata e playfield nuovo laccato con makrolon tutto dorato di verniciatura display a colori. Flipper da vetrina.
lunicajd   SostanjSlovenia
lupo   BolzanoItaly
lusci  Spinetta marengoItalyFlipper spettacolare, UNA ICONA IMMANCABILE per ogni collezionista. Piano di gioco pressoché perfetto (un paio di piccole sbeccature in prossimità degli obiettivi E-N-T). Cassone in buone condizioni ma decal sbiadite. Da revisionare i circuiti "solenoidi" ed elastici da sostituire. Possibilità di sostituzione dell'illuminazione tradizionale con una più nuova a LED. Audio impeccabile.
luxbigmac   LuxembourgLuxembourg"Refurbished", bought on 18.10.2017. Sold on 24.05.2021 to Patrik.
luxflipper   WasserbilligLuxembourgEn restauration complète.
collector fromcountrynotes
maciu  UdineItaly
macpoche   Yves-gomezeeBelgium
madnat   Leamington spaUnited Kingdom
maeliuzzz  AlcàsserSpain100% overhauled, sold and miss it since minute 0 :( trying to get another one...
maggo   InnsbruckAustria
magilla  Alessandria (al)Italydecal del cassone nuove, rifiniture nere, tante mod installate e luci a led. sul piano e' stata applicata una protezione in plastica trasparente. completamente funzionante. bellissimo!!!
magniez christop   DuclairFrance
magniez christop   DuclairFrance
magod MadridSpainRESERVED, Serious buyers only please. New cabinet decals, New Gold metal ramps, Working 100% restoration. Perfect playfield 3500€ + Shipping. Ask for detailed photos if you are interested, abstain curious. Experience sending pinballs abroad
mainelycoasters   Sabattus, MEUSA
makkasz   BalmazújvárosHungarySOLD!
makkasz   BalmazújvárosHungary
makkasz   BalmazújvárosHungaryPlayfield
malabar1960   BruggeBelgium
malibu ss   WinnipegCanada
malonsopinball   MadridSpainIPD Nº 1267
mamio  RoveretoItalyIndy revisionanto perfettamente funzionante led makrolon e pin2dmd.....cassone originale leggermente sbiadito sul fianco SX
mandrack   AngoulemeFrancePlateau magnifique aucun accroc ni inserts abîmé. / Tous les plastiques sont neufs. / Rampe droite neuves. / Mod pierre sur rampe métale. / Pistolet neuf (us) / Équipé led / Mécanique batteurs complète neuves. / Caisse décolorée / élastiques neuf / decals cibles neuf / Électronique révisée / Nvram installée (plus besoin de pile) / entièrement démonté et nettoyé / Toutes les rampe sont en or 24k / Idole Or 24k
manettiflipp SiracusaItaly
manix74  CherascoItaly
manny65   MelbourneAustralia
manube68  ArlonBelgiumFinally found my Indiana Jones in good condition. Now with News decals, playfield restored 2K, Full Led, invisible glass and Pinsound set(Card/HP/subwoofer/Shaker). Very Fast and pleasant to play ! Sold to my friend Yves
mar.vetto PistoiaItalyRestaurato, piano perfetto, cassone leggermente sbiadito, in generale ottimo Tutto perfettamente funzionante Vendo 10000 euro Non un euro di meno O completa collezione 5 flipper per 40000
mara74  MikkeliFinland
mara74  MikkeliFinland
mara74  MikkeliFinland
mara74   MikkeliFinlandClearcoated
mara74 MikkeliFinlandVery nice Indiana Jones for sale, 4500 eur, shipping possible. Everything working.
mara74   MikkeliFinland
mara74   MikkeliFinland
marazico   TrevisoItaly
marcaandrea  CorsicoItaly
marcinkg  KolobrzegPoland
marcinkg  KolobrzegPolandrestoration progress start :)
marcinkg  KolobrzegPoland
marcinkg KolobrzegPolandPRICE 6000 EUR or change for CACTUS CANYON in any condition + cash from my side.
marcoe3c   MilanoItaly
mariom7   LommelBelgium
mariomario   MysłowicePoland
mark2511  BilbaoSpain
mark9   LincolnUnited Kingdom
markdw   TorontoCanada
marko86   Novi sadSerbia-Montenegro
markolino   PortorozSloveniaFlipper in stato eccellente.. No lo vendo MAI !
marks-pinball   Cincinnati, OHUSA
markv  UusimaaFinland
markv  UusimaaFinlandBeautiful restoration by the award-winning Mr. Ivan Cicognani.
markyharris  Flagstaff, AZUSAThis one was in good shape but had been stored for 20 years. So there were a lot of little things to correct.
marlonbrando   BajaHungary
marrosi   MilanoItaly
marrosi   MilanoItaly
marsel  AgropoliItaly
marteen   HajdúszoboszlóHungary
martin.restin   TrollhättanSwedenFully led
massa92117   San diego, CAUSA
massy68   PadovaItaly
master of chaos   SaarbrueckenGermany
master99   DenNetherlands
master99 DenNetherlandsWerkt 100 procent zonder krediet voor. Playfield is in goede staat zoals u van de foto's kunt zien. Geen duidelijke slijtagepunten. Geen gebarsten of gebroken kunststoffen genoteerd. Het ergste deel over het spel zijn de vervaagde decals. Het kabinet is in goede staat in het algemeen. Prijs is 5500 euro Bereid om te verzenden
mat69k   DoloItaly
matnaz   PadovaItaly
matrix88   MalagaSpain
matt1724   Cleveland, OHUSA
matt76  Heugleville-sur-scieFranceColordmd led, playfield protector, vitre anti reflet, mod éclairage sur speaker panel, Cabinet decal, mod decal sur décor, nombreux décors, led (gi, insert, translite)......
mattcarden  Hale, cheshireUnited KingdomLeft paddle need attention otherwise perfect condition...
matth-matth   NantesFrance
matth-matth  NantesFrance
matthewra  TorontoCanada
mau81  ComoItalyspettacolo non vedo l'ora di smontarlo tutto tutto e di farlo tornare come nuovo!!!!
mauriexpand   GalatinaItalyPlease for pictures and price contact me.
max135   TicinoSwitzerland
max1974   PaviaItaly
maxbusan   PožegaCroatia
maxi199   LutonUnited Kingdom
maxrapel  ComoItalyGrazie a luca .....gioca davvero bene.... Diverse Mods installate....full full led!!!
maxtrony FontanellatoItalyVenduto
maxx PožegaCroatiaTotal restauretid led,new decals and other
mcanongia   Rio de janeiroBrazil
mcastell  MilanoItalycompletamente revisionato, rigommato, pulito.
mcschippenhorst   MunichGermany
meee69   SjöboSweden
memar  MeiringenSwitzerland
merrymaker   TrollhättanSweden
metal-thomas   DarmstadtGermany
method   BordeauxFranceMy wife's favorite.home use only
metroider  BarcelonaSpain
mezik   CracowPoland
mickadese  BrisbaneAustraliaExcellent Condition, Full restoration, Idol & Authentic Hat Toppers, few playfield toys added
midnight   BolognaItaly
midnight   BolognaItaly
mikah   OrimattilaFinlandLed upgrade done, cleaned, some little refreshments ;-) Great "multiple" game COLOR DMD
mikan   GolubacSerbia-Montenegro
mikedu72  Le mansFranceRefait a neuf , machine exceptionnelle point de vue esthétique
mikeljodt   VitoriaSpain
mikep   Lorton, VAUSAExcellent condition $14500
mikestar Chicago, ILUSAin great shape, plays perfect
milan  CamparadaItalyBellissimo Flipper colorato e con molti video mode.
mindstorm   BirsfeldenSwitzerland
miro70  Novi sadSerbia-MontenegroALL PINBALL ARE FOR SALE AS ONE PACKAGE :)
mission65   KentUnited Kingdom
mistacube  WilSwitzerland
misterl   BraunschweigGermany
mistertwang  Gujan-mestrasFrance
mjb0306   BlacyFrance
mjollnir   VersaillesFrance
mlbarreira  LisboaPortugalIf adventure had a name,it must be... Indiana Jones. Great movies,amazing game! Restored to excellent condition. Perfect playfield with playfield protector. New cabinet artwork decals. Inner cab and backboard decal set mod. Pinsound. Legs gold. Lockbar, side rails chromed. New coindor. ColorDMD. Gold plated wire ramps. Super Bright leds. Star posts led light. Cab light amber. Playfield light green. Ruin idol light kit. Mini playfield interactive light. Mods: Indiana Jones lightshow skull, Mola Ram, motorised propeller mod, active arc MKII, tank, cobra Snake, elephant blue led mod "hear the elephant", monkey brains, saw. Nvram. Topper from TiltTopper. Sold to Portugal
mlm   TorontoCanada
mmt  PixboSwedenSupernice pin, 100% original. Perfect playfield.
mnpinball   Cokato, MNUSA
monk  HaarlemNetherlandscollector quality 4400
monster-bash   GoianiaBrazilSold !
monsterbash  CascaisPortugalPart of my WPC collection! fully shopped and restored... as new!
montagne25   Quettreville sur sienneFrancecontre uniquement un Stern année 2019 et plus type stern jurassic park ...... Cordialement
monty007  BoskoviceCzech RepublicRestore, 10xClearCoat, new ramp, cabinet declas, titan golden ramps and many new parts.....
monty1  JohannesburgSouth AfricaMy all time favourite
moo  ValenciennesFrance
moonnight   VicenzaItalyPraticamente perfetto, decal con colori accesi e vivi. Ci sono delle piccole cose da sistemare ma nulla di che..... oltre al cambio degli elastici.....Ringrazio Flippermania per il restauro
morango   Haren groningenNetherlands
mordario  MilanoItalyCompletamente revisionato a nuovo con decal della cassa nuove
mordario  MilanoItalyCompletamente revisionato a nuovo con decal della cassa nuove
mordario  MilanoItalyIn perfette condizioni. Decal cassa sostituite, rampe dorate e sotituzite le lampadine con quelle a Led. Insert decal su side, rampe e target.
mordario  MilanoItalyIn perfette condizioni totalmente revisionato a nuovo, rampe dorate decal I nside target decal total LED, full Mylar
mordario   MilanoItalyIn ottime condizioni
mordario MilanoItalyRevisionato perfettamente, total led, side inside decal, makrolon, dorature. Cassa con decal originali e intense. Ritoccato da mano esperta.
mordario   MilanoItalyfunzionante e in ottime condizioni ma da revisionare
mordario   MilanoItalyFunzionante e in buone condizioni ma da revisionare.
mordario   MilanoItalyIn ottime condizioni e da revisionare ma Funzionante
mordario   MilanoItalySplendido già opzionato
mordario   MilanoItalyGià restaurato da altro operatore necessita di una ulteriore revisione e preparazione della nostra officina per farlo diventare un Indiana Jones all'altezza del suo nome. Accetto prenotazioni all'acquisto con eventuale preparazione a seconda dei desideri del cliente. Prezzo di richiesta 11500€
mordario   MilanoItaly
morten   KoldingDenmark
moschella75  MessinaItaly
most71   BergamoItalypiano bellissimo,decal cassone scolorite,venduto a renzo
most71   BergamoItalyvenduto a Fabio
mpbola  PetrópolisBrazilFully restored by JOÃO CARNEIRO, Led Kit, Custom Topper, Side art
mr phillip Queens, NYUSAPlays well. in 100% working condition.
mr.happy-hippo   StuttgartGermanyPerfect pinball with "LED" and some moddings.   SalernoItaly
mrgobby   BerlinGermany
mrjones  TelkiHungaryCabinet decal faded. New plastic ramps. Ark mod on adventure ramp, monkey mod on mini playfield, snake on ramp. Speaker panel prototype lights added. Lit star posts and target decals. Fully equipped with LED-s.
mrjuke1   HamburgGermany
mrpar   JönköpingSwedenLight in colours outside...
mrtenn   GustafsSweden
mrwhite   ViterboItaly
ms   AlingsåsSweden
mssony   São pauloBrazil
mssony   São pauloBrazil
mssony   São pauloBrazil
mstellato   WoodbridgeCanada
mucha   LubskoPolandPerfect
mucha LubskoPolandThanks
muck1600  Osterode am harzGermany
mufcmufc   The middleUnited Kingdom
muleskinner   Santa maria, CAUSA
multiballsminden   MindenGermanyearly produktion preserial
mungabart   AchelBelgium
murelloso84 PiacenzaItaly
murilofc   Jundiaí-spBrazilCustom Topper, Color DMD and Cliffy's Protectors
mv1313   BoråsSweden
mv1985   VukovGermany
mv8ball  CaterhamUnited KingdomSuperb condition machine, fully restored.
mv8ball CaterhamUnited Kingdom£2950 - Recently restored.
mwong168   TorontoCanada
mxzini   PragueCzech Republic
mycollection Montecatini termeItaly
mypinballs  OldenburgGermany
mystik44   NantesFranceKit Gold, Full LED, pin2DMD.
collector fromcountrynotes
nairolf  MelunFrance
nanar-lenflur   Orry la villeFrance
napo70s   ToulouseFrance
napoleone   ToulouseFrance
nathanp   Lenexa, KSUSA
nblond59   CambraiFranceFull LED tres bon état
necman GeithusNorwayMy 1. pinball machine, purchased January 2012
nedi  KangasalaFinland
nedi   KangasalaFinland
nedi   KangasalaFinland
nedi KangasalaFinland5050 €
nelson-ds  BoksburgSouth Africa
neophyte   EdmontonCanada
nerfherder   TrollhättanSweden
nerino   San marinoItaly
nerino   San marinoItaly
nerovincio78   BariItaly
new york pinball   Wantagh, NYUSAHigh End Restoration
nicholasawhite1   O'fallon, MOUSACherry condition
nick   StenungsundSweden
nick   StenungsundSwedenNo1
nick   StenungsundSwedenNo2
nico10  StrasbourgFrance
nico51  ReimsFrance
nicoboule   PessacFranceflipper en super état; sorti d'exploitation tôt; recouvert par un milar, 0 usure plateau ou décor... très bien réglé, le meilleur flip selon moi; j'ai fait 1300 kms dans la journée pour aller le chercher
nicoevan  Gignac la nertheFranceVendu
nicolas du 33  Saint-médard-en-jallesFranceechanger Merci Pascal
nicolas du 33  Saint-médard-en-jallesFranceFlipper équiper tous en gold. Rampes, pieds, oreilles, lockbar, sides, ect... Plateau magnifique, full leds. Pas de vitrification plateau 10/10 et super brillants pas de mylar. Mods et DMD Colors et caisse refaites a neufs et intérieur.. Vendu 6900€ L&T
nicolas du 33  Saint-médard-en-jallesFranceA vendre ou échange 5100 vendu Alexandre
nicolas du 33  Saint-médard-en-jallesFranceJolie plateau équipé leds haut de gamme, très belle caisse et sticker neuf, élastique super bandes, billes neuves miror glazed. Mods avion moteur, ark mod, ruines mods, pont mods puits équipé de leds. Autocollants sur les cibles tombantes et fixes. Pannel décors plexiglas arrière. Cartes instructions et vitre anti reflets. Équipé en gold manchette sides pieds vérins boulons et protection pieds caisse ect... Vendu 6K
nicotl Henin-beaumontFranceVENDU :'(
nicotl Henin-beaumontFrancefonctionne comme une horloge - Joli playfield avec playfield protector neuf - élastiques neuf - decals de caisse décoloré./( comme souvent ) A vendre 3400€ ou échange ( réponses a toutes propositions tant que cela reste raisonnable ) Photos si réellement intéressé :) Bonus : planche d'insert neuve de mon ancien indy EDIT: VENDU
nige4554   ExeterUnited Kingdom
niki91   CuneoItalyin fase di restauro... Sarà un restauro top full gold ...piano di gioco molto bello!
nobrain LompretFranceTotally restored !
nofear   PátyHungary
nolan   ParisFranceFull restaured full full gold Full card new + pinsund
nolan  ParisFranceVery very Nice Full led
nolan   ParisFranceFull full restaured mod pinsud
nolan   ParisFrancePlayfield lacked Full hands /slid/lookbar/Gun full époxy black Full Post new and led Full led GI/FLASH/Inserts Box full top Full ruber new New décal original USA Plastic new Full poliched Dmd new Electronic full new rotenderg (exep cpu ) Pinsund
nolan  ParisFranceTop original condition
nolan  ParisFranceVery nice réserver
nollan  FouesnantFrance
nutshell   Montgomery, ILUSA
nylander   örnsköldsvikSweden
nynda   SumperkCzech Republic
nyo30   Torano nuovoItaly
collector fromcountrynotes
o-from-do   DortmundGermanyInvisiglas made it perfect!!!
odysseas   AthensGreece
oemdorp  UtrechtNetherlandsNew NOS decals... will only leave the house after I leave....
oilrat   Westminster, CAUSABeautiful condition. Gold trim, color dmd
oizdob PolandPoland
oldgames   GalliateItalyUn affare comperato nuovo da un vecchio noleggiatore
oldpinguy  Westfield, INUSA
oldskool   FlensburgGermany
oliver recsei   SiófokHungary
olschool   NiceFrance
omar75  BarlassinaItaly
omega   BorlängeSweden
omo  TrondheimNorway
onemoretime   Inuyama aichiJapan
onkelkoks  VargönSwedenShopped. Great condition! I can take offers in the +30000:- SEK range. Looking for a MM or TZ to change with.
only68s  Bakersfield, CAUSA
opb71   DresdenGermany
orbit   TemseBelgium
orf   OtterupDenmark
orion   JaénSpain
outhole  NrwGermany
overkilll   LisbonPortugal
overkilll   LisbonPortugal3500 €
overkilll   LisbonPortugal4000 €
overkilll   LisbonPortugal4000 €
ovvvi   BucharestRomania
collector fromcountrynotes
p.personale  TeramoItalyuno dei piu' bei flipper mai costruiti per giocabilita'.per apprezzare meglio i colori ho laccato il piano ed il mini piano.Reperito le decals grazie ad Adelfo,sostituite con l'aiuto di Roberto.Adesso e' veramente nuovo!
p.personale TeramoItalycamicia restaurata,perfettamente funzionante
p.personale  TeramoItalyPreso in cambio di un cue ball wizard.Qualche problema alla switch matrix da sistemare. Adesso e' perfettamente funzionante ,la camicia e' stata restaurata.
p.personale  TeramoItalyPreso a pezzi da amici che ringrazio x la cortesia. cassone da raffaele,piano da Gabriele. vediamo se una volta reperiti i molti pezzi mancanti,riesco a farlo funzionare. I lavori procedono e si intravede la fine. Rocce nuove prese da Ministry of pinball.
p.personale  TeramoItalyDi nuovo grazie a roberto x questo splendido indy. Piano e cassone originali ed in ottimo stato.
p.personale  TeramoItalypiano bello,decals sostituite.
p.personale  TeramoItalyCeduto dall'amico Federico,restaurato e cromato,da paura!!!
pa   LamorlayeFrance
pablopist   PotteriesUnited Kingdomneeds a service
pabo61  SolothurnSwitzerland
padou07  PertuisFranceetat collector
pajatec   BudapestHungary
paolinux  ThieneItalyFinalmente uno dei miei flipper preferiti! Andato al collezionista Luca di Bologna
paolo1964  MilanoItalyTenuto bene funzionante
papaber  StyriaAustriaOriginal perfect Pin, only Decals faded.
papajoe  MainzGermany10/10 ...4600€(shipping possible)
pat2710   BreuilletFrance
patr667   Cincinnati, OHUSA
patryk   WarszawaPoland
paul70   Zurich/swissSwitzerlandIch habe diese Indiana Jones Flipper Maschine kürzlich als Halter für mich selbst restauriert. Nachdem ich das Spiel beendet habe und 30 Spiele gespielt habe, erregt es mich nicht genug, um es in den Keller zu bringen
paul80  PortsmouthUnited Kingdomworks 100% but has problem with the screen. It needs restoration
paul87   LeeurwardenNetherlands
paulob Marrazes - leiriaPortugali have two indiana Jones For Sale - 3750 each
pavannj  ThieneItalyIl flipper più bello mai avuto... Sono senza parole...
paws  GroenloNetherlandstop collector's quality. super Indiana. Original play field. Gold legs.
pbal   BudapestHungaryBudapest Pinball Museum
pburgering  HeerhugowaardNetherlands
pdl78  RomaItalyBello da morire!!!! Gioco articolato e il video mode diverso ad ogni partita rendono impossibile annoiarsi dopo ore di gioco.
pdl78 RomaItalyFantastic shape!! Decals and playfield very good. Fully working, idol and mini playfield too! Playfiled immaculate... incredible! Need only to be cleaned!0_0
peaceplant  Johnson, MIUSA
pedrettigaming  BergamoItalyRiservato
pedrettigaming  BergamoItalyBellissimo e perfettamente conservato, non se ne vedono molti di Indiana con Side arts così belle! Beautiful and perfectly conserved, they do not see many of Indiana with Side arts so wonderful! Shipping WW
pedrettigaming  BergamoItalyNew entry with Led Next for Sale
pedrettigaming  BergamoItalyNew Entry, fully restored.
pedrettigaming  BergamoItalyNot restored
pelu   SoriaSpain
pentaur   LleidaSpain
peonex  RiminiItalyCondizioni spettacolari, piano perfetto e decals cassone non scolorite. Tutto originale, a breve piccola manutenzione per elastici nuovi, led e makrolon. Un grazie particolare a Enrico per la ricerca e poi a Lorenzo per avermelo ceduto ,un piacere averti conosciuto.
pepito78860   Saint nom la bretècheFrance
per   AarhusDenmark
perel  MurciaSpainCompletely restored, clearcoated, gold... :-)
pershing3110  Oestrich-winkelGermany
petaco  GijónSpainMint. Very Nice original cabinet!
peter0808   ErlangenGermany
peter1968   KaisserslauternGermanyI've owned a few of these so I know how they are to operate. Plays perfectly. Fully serviced the mini playfield and customized the game tremendously.
petero0   De haanBelgium
petriniflipp MessinaItalyvendesi flipper di propria collezione indiana jones marca williams in condizioni da vetrina nessun lavoro da effettuare flipper da amatore...
peza  JonkopingSweden
phantasize   RandersDenmarkPlays just fine, but the cabinet is realy faded and have a couple of cosmetic issues.
phil63   Saint germain en layeFrance
philip12   Saint-affrique 12400Francec est tres lent, pas convaincu par ce modele
philippe13   MarseilleFrance
phobos7445   Hofheim (taunus)GermanyIts really awesome. Cabinet not very nice, playfield has some scratches, electronics 100%.
phoerber   Gig harbor, WAUSASummer 2009 - Full cabinet restore with new cab decals, lost plastic & lighting kit & full shop job.
phosphan   SprockhoevelGermany
pickaboo  StockholmSwedenMod: TV (free-play), Nazi Blimp, German Tanker
pieou   MontrougeFrance
pierrejuan  AubagneFrance
pikijussi   KuopioFinland
pimpmyflip Bosc-le-hardFranceflipper IJ restauration complètes full gold (pied , porte+ décal , inches , leche vitre , side rail , lock barre , lance bille gun ) full led 100% + flash full restoration ,les rampes sont neuves et touts les plastiques aussi, glass anti reflet , dmd color , miroir de caisse gold , topper perso , plot illuminé jaune et vert sur tout le flip , carte PINSOUND et beaucoup de MOD ,
pin up girl   Victoria bcCanadamods, brass legs, gold lock down bar, led's, colour dmd, good condition
pinball ray  Riverbank, CAUSA
pinball-house   ZamoraSpain
pinball-mania   BaicoiRomaniaWPC n°19 Castrop-rauxelGermanyIndiana Jones Prototyp,red boards,other playfield design,a real prototyp,other ball opto board(like wpc95)   ZagrebCroatia
pinball3  Gipf-oberfrickSwitzerlandWith special Topper!
pinball3  Gipf-oberfrickSwitzerland
pinball79   EindhovenNetherlands
pinballbart   LichterveldeBelgium
pinballcat2   DevonportAustralia
pinballch   WinterthurSwitzerland
pinballfundi  JohannesburgSouth Africa
pinballmaaseik   NeeroeterenBelgiumOriginal game. Playfield like new. Body like new. 24K gold legs
pinballmaniac40   Houston, TXUSAColorDMD, NVRAM, gameblades
pinballmuseum   CracowPoland
pinballpool   BorgholzhausenGermany
pinballwiz59   Lancaster, PAUSAWOW is all I can say about this game. We bought this game from Doug Huse of Let`s Play Pinball. This game is better than new. It has gold side rails, gold lock down bar and gold legs. We had the gun handle nickle plated.
pinbitch   WarendorfGermany
pincoo   PescaraItalyoutgassed DMD (not completely, but almost!) Finding a new one...
pincycle   VöcklabruckAustria
pingod  CalgaryCanadaMint, full Mike Chestnut Brass Kit, also Black nickel plated gun with chrome trigger. Gold plated Idol. Lior custom colour ramp mod, Vince custom painted idol ruins and planes. cabinet is perfect, playfield has no wear. Custom lit up targets, target decals. Colordmd, Invisaglas, Led's. 12,000.00 CAD.
pingod   CalgaryCanadaBeautiful playfield, almost perfect original. Full led's in playfield. Stripped and cleaned. new rubbers. Plays perfect no errors.
pingod  CalgaryCanada
pinheadlem   AbbotsfordCanada
pinin   GyőrHungary
pink panther   CologneGermanyHUO! Early with original golden legs and ramps. Nearly Perfect Cabinet Decals and boards (not the optos :))original. Body with no scratches. PF-perfect! Much mods. My wife want Indy in the living room :)
pink panther  CologneGermany
pinkroom  BresciaItalyE come tutte le volte ... Questo è l' ultimo 😉
pinmeister   Cherry hills village, COUSASample game. Awaiting restoration.
pinned   AlmereNetherlands
pinsplit   ZurichSwitzerland
pintracen   HoofddorpNetherlands
pinwiz   SydneyAustralia
pin_head   Stoney creekCanadaLighting all redone in LED
pippella  GenoaItaly
pippo74  MonzaItalyCosa dire.... Uno dei più bei flipper prodotti dalla mitica Williams. Wide body che va stretto alla infinita giocabilità dell' Indy. Anche questa è una di quelle meravigliose creature della casa di Chicago della quale ci si può solo innamorare. Strepitoso! 100 %led!
pippoflipp  MessinaItaly
pitchie  AntwerpenBelgium
pkg  La chapelle-basse-merFrance
play974   SchwerinGermany
playnight   LubeckGermany
pmg   Marinha grandePortugal
pnblwzd   Culver city, CAUSACould pass for home use only. Very low use machine uprgaded with many NOS parts, orig bright orange cabinet, perfect playfield, super clean inside and out, been in my collection since 1997
poissonrouge  Bray-en-valFrance
poiu   PistoiaItaly
pokmax  BeaucaireFrancecherche a échanger contre un TZ ou TOM ou ven 3400 euro
pole position   Colorado springs, COUSARe-import, good condition. Planning full resto in future.
pool shark   WatchetUnited KingdomLooks fab, and plays even better
poorakapinball   51a cavan rd gepps crossAustralia
popop_122 Clermont ferrandFranceentirement refait, decals neufs, plateau vernis bi-composant superbe etat
popop_122 Clermont ferrandFrancePlateau vernis decals de caisse
pozze   TrevisoItalyMoooolto Bello
prada  Cervia raItaly
prada   Cervia raItaly
prada   Cervia raItaly
prato  ParisFrancecontacter pour des photos ou une vidéo. qualité du collectionneur. grande forme. encore très neuf.
precisionpin   NijverdalNetherlandsBeatifully restored and like new
preeacher   ToulouseFrance
prinball   Lincoln, NEUSAI have the Deluxe Ark topper from ElitePinballToppers installed. If anyone has the Elite model please contact me and I will trade with you
profitterol   Casale monferratoItaly
proxy_blue   TorrentSpain
pugsotoys   Longmont, COUSA
pyla28   La teste-de-buchFrance
collector fromcountrynotes
quarrens   FécampFrance
quincy  MilanoItalyPrototype. Original Lost Plastics and some other differences from the mass production type.
collector fromcountrynotes
radsson  BoleslawiecPoland
ragnor   Eden prairie, MNUSA
rainbow  RomaItalyPerfetto appena revisionato(in ottime condizioni FUNZIONANTE al 100%),introvabile, ne ho avuti di flipper e secondo me non ci sono rivali ne madnes ne cirqus niente L' INDY senza d'ubbio il numero 1............. Posso scambiare con flippers di mio interesse inviatemi la lista! No sgonatori!
rainbow RomaItalya breve foto...perfetto 3600 euro, no perditempo, scambio solamente con TALES OF ARABIAN NIGHT, o METALLICA!!!!
rainbow   RomaItalyPerfetto a breve foto...
ram-brand   HannoverGermany
ran35   Danville, CAUSA
raphc43   Puy en velayFrance
rapido   Lorez le bocageFrance
rapzilch   Plainfield, ILUSA
rarellan   VinhedoBrazil
rastaman   BorasSwedenIn colleteors condition
rauh - teufel   Sankt georgen an der gusenAustriain our clubroom
ray78   MünchensteinSwitzerland
rcscoringpro   Elm grove (milwaukee), WIUSAFaded cabinet. Currently restoring this fun game
rdalla   BarueriBrazilComprada do Sr. Elias, restaurada pelo Mauricio Gigante e Danilo da Pinballtime.
redbaron  JohannesburgSouth AfricaHad it since new, great detailed and involved game, very impressive and challenging.
redgoat   Dayton, OHUSA
rein64   HornAustria
remo  Tempio pausaniaItalyfatemi un offerta
reno66  BolognaItalyRingrazio Marco che me lo ha trovato perfetto,e ringrazio Ellis che me lo ha fatto tornare nuovo!!!!!
reno66  BolognaItalySold to my friend Phil ! Perfetto e completamente rimesso a nuovo ,decal Australiane sostituite a regola d’arte,piano di gioco bellissimo e non laccato mini piano funzionante ,display perfetto Invio foto a seriamente interessati Richiesta 5k
replay hunter   HellNorway
retrosys   NatersSwitzerland
revanche   BudapestHungary
rfrysztak   Naperville, ILUSAExtensive lighting mods, including airplanes (both), topper, plastics, etc.
rgaires BejaPortugal
rhaferl   GänserndorfAustria
ricardo.spassos   PeruibeBrazil
ricardoipc  Natal - rnBrazilBR: Toda restaurada e Linda ! USA: all restored
riccodj   California, CAUSA
richards_pinball   MarcheItaly
rick12345   Den haagNetherlands
rickb   Boca raton, FLUSA
rickvillers   MonthyonFrancePerfect !
rickvillers   MonthyonFranceÀ peine était-il parti, que déjà je le regrettais. Je l’ai donc racheté, plus tard.
ricoh  BeogradSerbia-Montenegroperfect clean,new cabinet decal
ricos  PetrópolisBrazilMaquina toda restaurada ! Zerada. toda no led . Side arte, leds nela toda, diversos toys . Maquina restaurada PinballMania.
riki   AlmeriaSpain
rinpoli   GuarulhosBrazil
rischti  StuttgartGermany
risotoo   ToursFrancePhotos à venir
riviera65   FalkenbergSweden
robhorror  La pocatièreCanadaUne très belle Indy, plusieurs mods ajoutés.
rocknpinball   SouthportUnited Kingdomundergoing full restore
roger72  Le mansFranceEncore un flipper superbe, aussi bien au niveau gameplay, fluidité de la bille, plusieurs types de multibilles. Le son DCS est déjà très bien, mais avec la carte Pinsound et des sons alternatifs, c'est le top ! Avec un écran PIN2DMD couleurs, c'est encore mieux. Quel plaisir de découvrir cet Indiana Jones dans cet état :-)
rohlborg  LuccaItaly
rom82   ArcadeItalyPiano in ottime comdizioni e decal originali e ancora rosse solo un po' sbiadito sulla testata
rom82   ArcadeItalyCompletamente restaurato con piano laccato tutto led e tutte le parti compreso le viti dorate 24k completo di mod ! Abbastanza bello ......
rom82   ArcadeItalyDecal scolorite e piano ok
rom82   ArcadeItalyDecal ancora rosse e piano perfetto
rom82   ArcadeItalyPiano usurato sulla camicia e. Decal completamente bianche €1100
rom82   ArcadeItalyPiano laccato e senza ritocchi decal nuove con kit plastiche e rampa nuove convertito a led e tutte le parti metalliche placcate oro 24 k compreso viti cerniere testata e porta € 5000
rom82   ArcadeItalyCamicia usurata sulla dx e cassone al suo 40% del suo colore originale
rom82   ArcadeItalyPiano ok ma decal con lato sx rosse e dx al 30 %
rom82   ArcadeItalyPrimo modello ma non in buonissime condizioni da lavorarci su
rom82   ArcadeItalyPiano da sostituire tutte le insert decal e cassone scolorito da sostituire due ponte diodi
rom82  ArcadeItalyDecal ancora colorate ma con qualche striscio , piano pressoché nuovo , rampe dorate 24k , pulito e lucidato con gommini e lampade nuove
rom82   ArcadeItalyPiano da sostituire qualche insert decal perché qualcuno ha tolto il mylar , decal scolorite sul lato sx
ronny   ItriItaly
roobuster   BorlängeSwedenSold
roreflipperclub  RoveredoSwitzerland
roro40  PeyrehoradeFrancedémontage complet plateau , passage leds, décors rampe plots etc neufs, pieds side lookbar thermolaqué, décale de caisse backglass neufs, écran couleur. restauration univers flipper.
rossz   LilleFrance
rotospin   Stahlstown, PAUSABest pinball ever built
rslider   St pathusFranceVendu
rubberfist   QuesnelCanadaClearcoated spotless playfield, colour DMD, playfield LED's, polished, new cab decals...
rubberfist007   QuesnelCanada
ruben   KarlskogaSwedenFully colored original non Sun-bleached cabinet and undrilled cabinet front. Playfield in perfect condition but dirty.
rudy1977   WiltzLuxembourg
ruffigny   Villeneuve-sur-lotFrance
runer71  PorsgrunnNorwayclearcoated, lost plastic, 23 K gold ramps, +++
ruse  MontelimarFrancePlateau restaurer,entierement netoyer,elastic neuf,billes neuve,electronique saine,piles deporter 8 couche de verni auto ,100% fonctionel Caisse decolorer
ruse  MontelimarFrancesuperbe indy
rvermeire   LembergeBelgium
rwmech5   LethbridgeCanadaTraded TSPP. Restoration underway.
rymdmonster   NorrtäljeSweden
collector fromcountrynotes
saec  MadridSpainFull restored 3500€
saec  MadridSpainWorking but need some work 2400€ Possible change or part of payment with othe pinball RESERVED
saec  MadridSpainFull restored, new decals, chrome ramps. No errors. Cabinet 10/10 Electronic 10/10 Playfield 9/10 4000€ non tratable Pics on request
salvioworld   NapoliItaly
sanch   KecskemétHungary
sarapakerche New york, NYUSA
sasa89   SalernoItaly
sasa89   SalernoItaly
sasa89   SalernoItaly
sasa89   SalernoItaly
sasa89   SalernoItaly
saveri81  Pieve di centoItalyRestauro finito alla perfezione!!!Gran bel flipper,molto coinvolgente,sia come gioco che come musica,veramente bello!!!piano originale,decal nuove,placato con vero oro 24 kr e pieno di mod,sia a led che normali,e tutto a led...e un Topper unico al mondo!!!Un Capolavoro!!!Restoration finished to perfection !!! Great beautiful pinball machine, very addictive, both as a game and as music, really beautiful !!! original piano, new decals, appeased with real 24 kr gold and full of mods, both led and normal, and all led ... A Masterpiece !!!
sax021   Novi sadSerbia-MontenegroAll games are being sold as one lot!
sax021   Novi sadSerbia-MontenegroAll games are being sold as one lot!
sbp   Osaka-shi, osakaJapan
scamflipcollecti   ChapelleBelgiumflipper super chouette et amusant, j'en suis fan.... il nous transporte dans le passé...
schmuykel   GifhornGermany
schwablaurent   VuiteboeufSwitzerland
scorpion61 WinterthurSwitzerland
scottlaw3   Fort myers, FLUSAVery, very nice
scottward15  ReadingUnited KingdomFully working machine new cpu new path of adventure board playfield in great shape, usual faded cab though pics on request
scppinball  MilanoItalyDiversi tipi di flipper in vendita. Contattaci subito per maggiori informazioni
scroggkw   Great mills, MDUSA
sdonati   Asigliano vercelleseItalyPerfetto!!!
sdragani   Epping, nswAustralia
sealclubber Lansing, KSUSAHUO: Installed LEDs, Lost Plastic and Jackpot mod.
seb421  BellevignyFranceTrès beau plateau Williams/Bally (August 1993). Playfield protector.
seb59   MaubeugeFrance
sebbb  Criquebeuf sur seineFranceAbsolument comme neuf . plateau vernis , caisse restaurée intérieur et extérieur. pinsound, dmd color hd
sebiz60   CompiegneFrance
sehested   CopenhagenDenmark
seiman  NiederbippSwitzerland
senor   SenorlandHungary100% restore 100% working Beautiful machine single quality
sergeant  North port, FLUSA
serjio66   Umuarama, prBrazilLed kit
sertx   Saint jean de luzFrance
sfa  WetzlarGermany
sgtfred BordeauxFranceVendu à 9000 €
shadrock123  Great lakes, ILUSA
shanknitrate   WellingtonNew Zealand
shaunyman   HarrogateUnited Kingdom
sher-lock   BergkamenGermany
shootagain91  Paris + hossegorFranceCollector Quality !!!
shootagain91   Paris + hossegorFrance
silverwizard   Kempton parkSouth AfricaA really fun machine. In the process of restoring it - still to start.
simgob74  TrebaselegheItalyIndiana Mito! Flipper Bellissimo, con piano in Buone condizioni, protetto con Mackrolon, restauro totale con Decal nuove, pulizia totale di schede bobine e tutti i componenti, conversione a led, specchi laterali, sportello anteriore nuovo, rampe e molti accessori dorati, completo di manuali originali.....chi è interessato mi può contattare!!!
simpson   BellheimGermanyO
simulatore  SavonaItaly
sinatra   KongsbergNorway
skycrane   ViterboItaly
skycrane   ViterboItaly
skypilot   Canfield, OHUSA
sl-wizard   Southlake, TXUSAFully restored in last 3 years - like new
sladetihcax   CanberraAustralia
slaps   Sacramento, CAUSA
sleazius   SydneyAustraliaRestored
smc  GrenobleFranceLe flipper à missions
smcbrien   BrisbaneAustralia
smepelle   BollnäsSweden
smiley   EdmontonCanada
smokedog   SaskatoonCanadaNew decals, clear coated play field. Better than NIB.
snowpix   ToulouseFrance
snuif  VelpNetherlandsFull LED, original Dutch machine, Lost plastic, golden legs, golden rails, golden gun, three jackpots working on backboard
sofy  RomaItaly
sofy   RomaItaly
sofy  RomaItalyFlipper in perfette condizioni, da sostituire le slide.
sofy  RomaItalyAnche questo bellissimo indiana......piano perfetto....
sofy RomaItalybellissimo dei piu belli che fosse capitato...peccato x il piano che non è in perfetto stato.. cambio anche con stern
sofy   RomaItalyVeramente in ottime condizioni
sofy RomaItalyBellissimo è perfetto funzionamento 100%
sokol  BudapestHungaryUnder construction.
sonambulo   GironaSpain
space ace TeramoItalyBellissimo 2500€
space ace   TeramoItalyBellissimoooooo!!!
space ace   TeramoItaly
space ace   TeramoItaly
space ace   TeramoItaly
space ace   TeramoItaly
sparky347  SurreyCanada
sparrow62na   OppyFrance
speak easy 4   Backa palankaSerbia-Montenegro
speak easy 4 Backa palankaSerbia-MontenegroBrand new original cabinet decals,excellent cleacoated playfield,brand new plastic set..New airplanes,chromed doors,gun & lock down bar,new legs.....full led lights ....
spedygonzales  CentoItalyPerfettamente funzionante tutto originale ben tenuto..ancora il mylan Sul piano.
spider-man  SplitCroatiaPrototype Indy in very good condition!
spiderman   BerneSwitzerlandVery nice Pin. HUO
spock   VukovarCroatia
spongernz   AucklandNew ZealandI have a spare set of cabinet decals for this if anyone needs some.
squeck   UlmGermanyFinally, alsways been a must have.
sstaffan   LuleåSwedenSold SEK 25000,- 2019
stack Lyme regisUnited Kingdom
staf   BruggeBelgium
stangvette   Gold coastAustralia
stanleybet84 MessinaItaly
starflip   MendeFrance
stclair   StockholmSweden
stefano75  BresciaItalyLe foto parlano dasole
stefy_fabio  CapuaItalyRestauro da antologia: mod, led noflix, decal australiane nuove, gambe dorate.
stelios  ThessalonikiGreece
stelios   ThessalonikiGreece
stelios   ThessalonikiGreece
stelios   ThessalonikiGreece
stephbob  ChatouFrancerefait avec playfield protector
stephbob   ChatouFranceEncore un aussi mais celui là il restera
sternee   WalsrodeGermany
stesme   NesbyenNorway
steve moerke   North mankato, MNUSA
steve78  ComoItalyPerfettamente funzionante! elettronica e meccanica con componenti in eccezionali condizioni, piano molto bello, cassone con Decals originali PERFETTE. Come si nota dalle fotografie le tre luci nel retro campo da gioco indicano che è uno dei primi Indiana prodotti. Finiture ORO: tutte le parti esterne (tranne gettoniera che è come nuova e pistola) e internamente ORO bumper, star post, rampe. 100% LED, plastiche perfette e rampa di plastica nuova come le plastiche trasparenti che sono "CRISTALLINE", protezioni CLIFFY, MIRROR BLADES. MODS: ARCA, CARRELLO E DECALS EFFETTO LAVA, LUCI FORI MINI PLAYFIELD, DUE FILE DI LED DI DUE COLORI DIVERSI NEL FONDO DEL CAMPO DI GIOCO, LUCE TOTEM, LUCE FORO, LUCE TIRO BIGLIA, SEGA ROTANTE, PERSONAGGIO "MOLA RAM" CON FIACCOLA CHE SI ILLUMINA, COBRA, TARANTOLA NASCOSTA DIETRO LA RAMPA, ELICA AEREO MOTORIZZATA. Presenti i manuali originali e attaccate alle varie parti interne del cassone e al back box le specifiche tecniche dalla fabbrica. PRENOTATO IN ATTESA DI RITIRO!!
stevebm1   ParUnited Kingdomcab has suffered from bad handling in the past
steveivan   Aberdeen, MDUSA
steves   Jericho, NYUSA
stevetnj   Franklin park, NJUSA
stevie694   BlackpoolUnited Kingdom
stevie694   BlackpoolUnited KingdomThe pinball adventure fully working and in super condition. Top playing machine in fantastic order.
stof13300   Salon-de-provenceFranceUne magnifique pièce !!😅
stp   GöteborgSweden Owner: FlipperCenter
stp   GöteborgSwedenOwner STP and BOZ
stuke   LahtiFinland
suhy_pl   OpolePoland
suhy_pl  OpolePolandEarly production game with oryginal Lost plastic and oryginally iluminated behind backboard. After complete restoration. New clearcoated playfield installed. The old one could be added, typicall demaged in flipper area. Pin2dmd color display /an old plasma display with matching serial numbers can be added/, new plastic set, mirror blades added. Apron, coindoor, legs, gun powder coated strong mat with sand structure. Mirror siderails. New glass. LEDs. Radcals installed. Playfield protector installed. All mechanical parts and wires inspected and cleaned. Flippers rebuilded. New flipper coils. And probably many more… Price 11k eur. Not really want to ship on pallette. Ask me for fotos or additional info.
sumickey   KiskunhalasHungary
superbest79   AmandolaItaly
superhuman  NantesFrance
superhuman  NantesFranceModèle collector Indiana Jones Disney édition / photos dispo / échange sur base de 18ke /
superjackpot  MississaugaCanadaSold June 21 2013 - Cabinet colours are strong on this example. Original screened cab and head show lots of orange - very nice. PF is equally clean with minimal wear on just a few of the rectangular mode inserts.
supermulti  St.katharinenGermany
supermulti   St.katharinenGermany24 k gold ramps a. legs, playfield protector
supermulti   St.katharinenGermany
superpoulain   Le rochereauFrance
svsseb   AvignonFrance
swanng   Paso robles, CAUSA
sweetmike   TrollhättanSweden
sweetmike  TrollhättanSwedenTrade for AFM or newer Stern.
swiss   ZurichSwitzerlandNeed some work. The screen display is not perfect
sword MilanoItalyveramente bello e solo leggermente sbiadito sul lato sinistro. sostituite decal apron, slingshot nuovi e nuove decal bersagli. venduto in BELGIO. ciao ANTON MANUEL. really nice and only slightly faded on the left side. replaced apron decals, new decals and new slingshot targets. sold in BELGIUM. hello ANTON MANUEL
sylvain42  St chamondFrance
collector fromcountrynotes
taftsummerset   CanberraAustraliaGreat machine, aussie delivered and in really good condition. At my dad's place next to taxi and TZ.
tailormade266 Los angeles, CAUSARestored
tak0572   RadevormwaldGermany
talesfrompinball  BergamoItaly
tamoon   Davos-platzSwitzerland
tanulovezeto SzegedHungary
tanulovezeto  SzegedHungary
tanulovezeto   SzegedHungary
tanulovezeto   SzegedHungary
tarruella   Villena - alicanteSpainGood condition. All metal parts are gold. The planes are real replicas in scale 1/48.
tarumon  AkaaFinland
tay   Bassano del grappaItaly
tazioo  Carate brianzaItaly
tazmania72   Le mansFranceBeau flipper Indiana Jones dans un était d'origine, caisse et plateau 9/10, passé en led, révision fait et électronique sans bidouille. Rénovation des rampes en gold comme à l'origine. Illumination des 3 jackpot sur speakers panel. Dans un état plutôt exceptionnel pour son âge.
tbrioux   Charleville-mezieresFrance
tec   BaselSwitzerland
tehashix   TervilleFrance
tem92   Sewell, NJUSA
templar  TorinoItalyPiano bello, 100% funzionante, alcune insert decal sostituite, fiancate scolorite, vendo o scambio.
teo76   Sesto calendeItaly
testabriel  TourchFrance
tesusnavas  SavignoItalyUno dei miei flipper preferiti. Grandissimo gioco. Video mod fantastici. Trovato in condizioni incredibili. Piano di gioco bellissimo e cassone originale coloratissimo(introvabile) sono davvero fortunato
tetrocool   MicherouxBelgiumvolé par ma femme avec TAF Retrouvé et racheté après le vol !
texas   örnsköldsvikSweden
thebaro   BresciaItalyTenuto bene ha giocato poco..piano perfetto..è in attesa di un restauro come al solito..vedremo! Arrivato nuovo piano perfetto..percui sotto col restauro! Ho un piano messo molto bene da vendere..contattatemi se interessa!
thebaron   Gilbert, AZUSA
theduss LilleFrance5900€
thegeekyhusband  Collegeville, PAUSA
theshamegovernor  Omaha, NEUSA
thesilverball   MilanoItalyNew Entry, need restoration
thestig   Castiglione d'addaItalyappena ho tempo metto le foto
thomas b  StuttgartGermanyNice Indy ;-)
thomas_c01   DillingenGermany
thompin GrazAustriaAustausch nur mit (Walking Dead)ôr 5300e
thood  Houston, TXUSA
thot   VillacerfFrance
thouvenin   BordeauxFrance
thunderbirds  Mont saint aignanFrance
tigerdog   WinnipegCanada
tiilt   Mentor, OHUSA
timboch  Farmington, MNUSAI have wanted this game for some time. Finally found one in very nice shape in November 2020. It will never leave my collection.
timmtaler   StuttgartGermany
titi77  CrevalcoreItalyAcquistato ma lo ritirerò a fine mese....non vedo l' ora!!!Slurp! Aggiornamento 13/10/2013 Flipper arrivato e già in saletta.Modificato nella parte elettronica e inserite lamelle al posto del sistema opto nei flippanti!Orrendo! Da ripristinare connettori su powerboard, pulizia e lucidatura piano.Peccato per la solita camicia di Indy un pò rovinata....Però il resto è in buone condizioni.Cassone non sbiadito e senza grossi graffi.Presto le foto!! Aggiornamento 27/02/2014 Iniziato il rimontaggio del piano con tutte le parti metalliche lucidate e lucidatura del piano.Ritoccato Indy (avevo preso una patch in vendita su internet per sistemarlo ma lasciate perdere ).La pelle di Indy è più chiara ma dalla visuale di gioco, non si nota.E' stato il massimo che ho potuto fare....Lo terminerò per dare lucentezza al ritocco e per proteggerlo con il protector di Best of Pinball ( già collaudato sul FunHouse ). 12/05/2014 Restauro quasi ultimato.Da sostituire le gambe con nuove dorate e lock bar ( attualmente è riparata con punti a vista ).Riverniciati i due aerei.Il caccia Bf 109 è stato ridipinto integralmente con una livrea utilizzata nel 1937.Che dire, bellissimo.Tanti mesi di lavoro sono stati ben spesi.Gran bel flipper!!
titio kleber  CalonioBrazilExcellent condition and gameplay. Don't let blindness take over !!!
tizio   CattolicaItalyTop flipper.... Per trovare un difetto a tutti i costi direi che è po' troppo preciso nella giocata e la palla così scorre di meno, ma è un flipper che ha veramente tutto quello che puoi chiedere
tj   OttweilerGermany
tlacuj01  BelfauxSwitzerlandWonderful pin. With PINSOUND board and films sounds....... GEORGEOUS.... !!!!!
tlk   KovlandSweden
tlk  KovlandSweden
tobstar79   BremenGermany
tof26   LarnageFranceplateau nickel ,decal caisse refaite , pieds repeint
toguesh   OrleansFrance
toineke79   EsseneBelgium
toinette  LilleFranceFull LED, Pin2DMD XL Color and custom front panel with adressable speaker leds, plain door, side mirrors, glitter gold matte armor, invisiGlass, silicon rubbers, Davi's anti airball mod, custom moving biplan mod & propeller, POA ruins & Idol lights, lighted yellow starposts, new right ramp, light jackpots on speaker panel. 10/10 Playfield with protector, ambiant ext lighting, custom topper. Awesome game.
tokioguy   Aliso viejo, CAUSALooking for set of Cabinet Decals, mine are faded. Otherwise, this machine is in amazing condition.
toktotte   SkellefteåSweden
toktotte   SkellefteåSweden
tom01   TorinoItaly
tom54 NancyFrancevendu
tomasx  KatowicePoland
tonic  NidauSwitzerlandFull LED, anti-reflective glas, new gold legs, Playfield 9.5/10, cabinet 9.5-10/10. 6500 Euro
tony spark   Saint maximin la sainte baumeFrance
tonycip  Cleveland, OHUSA
tonymadrid CestasFranceFull Led with COLOR DMD. L'Indiana Jones de Williams dans un état exceptionnel tant au niveau Caisse que plateau. Avec un écran couleur HD c'est Encore un bijoux. Il est d'une jouabilité extra ordinaire, du pur bonheur entre les mains.
tonymadrid   CestasFrance
tonymadrid   CestasFrance
tonymadrid   CestasFranceUn des meilleurs Williams
tonymadrid CestasFranceUn très grand Williams avec écran couleur PIN2DMD Emballage soigné et mise sur palette pour livraison en Europe sur demande. Expérience de livraison internationale avec DACHSER. One of the best Williams pinball machines. Careful packaging for delivery in Europe on request. Extensive international delivery experience with DACHSER.
tonymadrid CestasFranceEncore un pur joyau de chez Williams
tonymadrid  CestasFranceEncore un pur joyau de chez Williams
tonyx   GalatinaItaly
tonyyen   BurnabyCanada
totene   MarseilleFrance
toto7482   HuyBelgium
toyboy6   Canton, MIUSABought this used and spent 2 years restoring it to collector quality. Love this pin!
tp-pinball  TullingeSweden
tp-pinball   TullingeSweden
tpbw   Sharonville, OHUSA
tr8kr   La rochelleFrance
transalpmartin  Oetwil am seeSwitzerland
trasan   KalmarSweden
trevormckay42   HalifaxCanada
triplexxx  PontoglioItaly
truck71  BelfastIreland
trumpy  RaleighAustralia2pac clearcoat ,new cab decals , supabands leds ,colour dmd, left ramp mod ,plane mod anti airball mod
tschimmi   ViennaAustria
tschimmi   ViennaAustriaprototype
tth  Winsen (aller)GermanyHUO, Gold Edition, clear coated, early incl. Lost end, jackpot illum. etc., TL signed by Mark Ritchie & Chris Granner, PinSound,
turbo27   AdelaideAustralia
turtlemaster   WentzwillerFrance    thessalonikiGreeceVERY GOOD CONDITION GOLD VERSION    thessalonikiGreece
tviste   NyköpingSweden
tyson99   NorrköpingSweden
collector fromcountrynotes
ubbla  JönköpingSwedenClearcoated playfield, new sideart and trim, new gold legs, almost done
ulisse18  FaenzaItaly
umeuffe   UmeåSweden
unichord   PortogruaroItalyNon è in vendita ---- Not for sale
upwinded   SindelfingenGermanyColorDMD ; Pinshaker Premium V3 ; Jackpot Mod ; completely restored in 2018
collector fromcountrynotes
val72ua   KyivUkraine
valexxx69 VicenzaItaly
vander brasil   São pauloBrazil
varom  LilleFranceparfait indiana jones 4000Euro
vega  SegréFrance
vespucci1994 PalermoItaly2200,00
vespucci1994  PalermoItaly2400
vicpin   VictoriaCanada
videoamusement   San francisco, CAUSA
villevalle17   JönköpingSweden
vincefff  GoincourtFrance
vincereef   Saint quentinFranceÉtat parfait caisse jaunie comme toutes les caisses d indi d'origine
vincevfl  BlonaySwitzerland
vincz  Pinball cityFranceFull Gold with Pinsound Audio and Color DMD. Anti-reflective Widebody glass on playfield and backbox
virtualman   Den helderNetherlands
vitxen   SillaSpain
vladimir  BeglesFranceVery nice example, pinball in very good conditions, Leds, Rubbers, clean, playfield protector, 100% working, no errors. I can send pics if user is really interested. Thanks
voxtech  Tampa, FLUSAWilliams widebody, tons of modes, fun game.Replaced all sideart & added prop mod & backbox mod! Looks awesome !
vule5321   PotsdamGermany
collector fromcountrynotes
waffen_spain   MadridSpain
waingro  TorsbySwedenVery nice original decals with just a little fading that I dont mind at all. This game looks better with a slight fading then with a new set. Playfield in super condition (10/10) and it plays perfect.
walter73 ZwettlAustriaperfect indiana jones
walter73  ZwettlAustria3900Euro
wam1981  TroyesFranceplateau propre protégé par un playfield, decor neuf , dmd color, decal neuf ainsi qua lockbar et les side rails, pieds gold 10k5
wanzman  BottropGermanyI hate snakes...
wappy  BallainvilliersFrancebeau plateau, LED not flix plus et décal de caisse refaite, dmd color LCD, pinsound, art side, locbar, trim etc en effet martelé
wappy   BallainvilliersFrance
washtec  St symphorien d ozonFrance
watt  MontagnanaItalyrevisionato a led nuove decal interne ed esterne manuale originale.. Possibile scambio con altri flipper
weird ed   TorinoItaly
wetwillie   FeldkirchAustria
whatchapopo   Port des barquesFranceexcellent état ! Bon flip mais pas un must pour moi
white  Saint laurent du varFrancemasterpiece
who  NorrtäljeSweden
wiggy   PiteaSweden
wil33   BordeauxFrance
williamball   AntwerpBelgium
williams41   Saint aignanFranceplateau caisse a revoir
willilorbo MilanoItalyPinball restoring, full led, new plastic set original, new decal set, legs ramp .... gold.... playfield protector. mod plane white!!!!Very beautifull!!!sell to a new collectionist thanks Axel
wingwalker   MarkeBelgium
wiseler80   PaderbornGermany
wistiti   TorhoutBelgiumIn the meantime I bought this one back and did a high-en renovation. Now like a NIB, but with alternative decals
wistiti  TorhoutBelgiumBlack version: Fully renovated and clearcoated playfield, full led, color dmd, several mods. Siderails, lockbar, legs, levellers, ... all in black. Ramps are in "black mirror"-coating. Decals are alternative ones. This is one of a kind. Lika a NIB but different than all the other.
with   KoldingDenmark
wonder1   PerthAustralia
wotan2481   SchorndorfGermany
wovou   CampsasFrance
wrgame  Cesenatico (fc)ItalyBuone condizioni
wspy   LongueuilCanada
ww2guru   Spruce groveCanada
collector fromcountrynotes
xadhoom76   VeronaItaly
xavleg   ArleuxFranceCaisse 10/10, plateau 9/10 playfield protector, 100% leds, dot ok, new decals
xenon1   CourthézonFrance
xenon75   Marietta, GAUSA
xianek   WarsawPoland
xtheblackknightx  Vancouver, WAUSA(1998) Purchased in 1998 while in Germany. Early sample features installed including the "Lost Plastic" and jackpot DMD feature lights. Collector Condition.
xvincent76  DijonFrance
xxxfacerak1   PrahaCzech Republic
collector fromcountrynotes
yaya34   MontpellierFrance
yea pinball  RigaLatvia
yellowflate  CagliariItalyAugust, 1993 / 4 Players Production: 12,716 units (confirmed)
yo   RessaixBelgium
yoga50  AnversBelgium5000 € 10/10
yogin   örebroSweden
yolo  RessaixBelgium
yunkjard  LuzernSwitzerlandwith activ Subwoofer and GiantDOTS DMD
collector fromcountrynotes
zacky99   Dietmanns, gmündAustria
zaftax  DromeFranceentièrement refait + vernis + full leds
zaftax DromeFrance2è indiana ! leds GI / inserts , décals de caisse décoloré a changer (set de decals en stock) , beau flip
zarnet   BundabergAustraliaGood condition, bought after an restoration, new cabinet decals lifting slightly need to glue down.
ze   MalveiraPortugal
zeiram1963   Tempe, AZUSA
zhollo   Sopron/füzesabonyAustriaworking 100 %, fully cleaned. new playfield, new decals, new plastics, new legs...
zigzagzag   StavangerNorwayPlayfield swapped for a better one. Boards recapped. Pin2dmd installed.
zion300   StrassbourgFrancei will work on it this month
zsozso   GyõrHungary
zsvennyz   KristiansandNorway
zsvennyz   KristiansandNorwayGold metal on cabinet, 24k real golded ramps, and mode`d for 2000$
zsvennyz  KristiansandNorway
zsvennyz   KristiansandNorway
zuhi   DebrecenHungary___ NOT FOR SALE NOW ___

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